Does Anyone Work in BMW/Mini Cooper Bundoora? Need Some Car Advice

Hi, does anyone works in BMW/Mini Cooper Bundoora? Need to get some advice/help regarding a Mini Cooper. I am going to buy a Mini Cooper which was a repairable written off and now fixed and registered.Thanks

  1. Is doing just a road worthy enough?
  2. Or do I have to do a pre purchase inspection from Mini Cooper Bundoora which cost $495?

Thanks for help


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    I am going to buy a mini cooper which was a repairable written off and now fixed and registered.

    You're crazy

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    There are no questions to ask. Plenty of minis that are not repairable write offs. Look elsewhere.


    just make sure the price near half the average market else walkaway

    you need roadworthy to get it registered in your name anyway

    i doubt that 500 inspection will inspect anything useful like whether x-ray structural repairs to standard or even engine compression test.

    most likely bogus 99999 points inspection like tire pressure runs low, tire treads 50% left , battery health - strong , brake pads running thin , washer fluids - empty , bushes getting hard , and some other shit like that.


      Thanks alot. Appreciate your help.
      I was under the impression that check from minicooper company covers everything.

      Plus once its written off, does not vicroad check everything to make sure the car is ok before they give re registration?


    Yes, as spackbace kindly put it, you're crazy.

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    It's like buying lemon advertised as a lemon that was once lemonade, and expecting anything something other than citrus.

    (I'm having lemonade hence train of thought).


    Mini coopers are not known for their quality or their ease of repair, good luck


    It depends if the car is currently registered. Do a VINN search on VicRoads and it will tell you the status. If it's registered they should have a copy of the VIV they used to register it along with receipts of the repairs and what was needed to be done. If that is the case all is needed is a standard transfer and road worthy check.

    Agreed with above that the $500 inspection would be rather spent on your trusted mechanic to come check out the car and run compression tests etc…

    You would probably want to keep this car forever and assuming your getting it for a fraction of the market value. As the history of the car will scare almost all buyers away (as indicated above).

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    I am a MINI owner. Don't do it. Even if it is cheap, don't do it. Even if you really want to, don't do it. I have bought a repairable write-off before and it was a sack of shit which gave me no end of problems until I flogged it on cheap. And that was a Commodore, so relatively cheap to repair those things that were repairable. A MINI is an awesome car, but knowing the repair bills when something will go wrong, you will regret it.


    machan don't be foolish. walk away


    Unless you have a few thousand dollars spare for regular repairs, do not buy this car. No inspection will prevent the number of repairs you'll be facing.


    I’ll step out of the box here and ask what was the damage that caused it to be a repairable write off? If it was hail damage, then there is unlikely to be any further mechanical troubles and you might get a bargain. If it has been in a crash - run away. If it was a mechanical write off (Ie engine, gearbox etc) - run away.

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