This was posted 3 years 2 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card US $73.69 (~AU $102.98) Delivered @ Joybuy


Price in title inclusive of GST.

SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card Transfer speeds of up to 100 MB / s

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    Wow just got one a few weeks ago for $180. How do we know these are genuine boss?

    • Was reading the reviews. Alot of reviews say it's genuine but do we trust the reviews? We need someone to comment here that bought from Joybuy previously.

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        Joybuy are the english storefront of which is Nasdaq listed. They're a good store. I've bought SDXC cards (also at an "unbelievable" price), phones and routers from them.

        • Thanks for that.

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          Amazon and Ebay are listed companies too - but they don't actually "sell" products directly: Other businesses sell through them that can't be 100% guaranteed.

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            @bchliu: Amazon sell a lot of products direct. Clearly you have never been to the Amazon website nor purchased from them.

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          That doesn't mean, they don't sell fake products. Even chemist warehouse got their milk powder switched to fake ones by other people when they started selling in China. And what about warranty. Sandisk offering warranty on these Chinese region products?

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            @ko0l: Do a check on it when it arrives, if it's not genuine show proof and do a PayPal claim for your money back.

            As for warranty, it's still a good deal without it. Warranty on a product that costs $100 isn't worth $80, unless you're a salesperson at JB HiFi after more commission.

          • @ko0l: SanDisk has worldwide warranty. I have used it and can attest to this.

            That was before the WD merger but I don't think that changes anything.

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          NASDAQ?What does that proves? The integrity? The CEO of is a rapist, what would you expect from a company leads by a rapist? LOL

      • Alot of reviews say it's genuine but do we trust the reviews?

        We need reviewers of the reviews.

    • It must be genuine, the office Joybuy store only sell genuine one. It has more than 300 million user in China. And I got my 512g Lexar microSDXC from Joybuy for only $90 about one week ago. However, it only about one thousand stock and Joybuy sold them within 10 seconds.

      • I will gladly pay under 100 for 512gb, this is what im waiting for.

      • Oh wow would love a 512g, how would my luck be getting the same now? Any chance you have a link?

      • I can't even determine if you're taking the piss or not..

    • the price is to good to be true. trust your instinct but no one else!

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    400gig on a microSD… When did that happen?!!

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      Yesterday at 2:42AM

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      At least 11 months ago Ouch for those bought one back then.
      Anyone here is hoping for Amazon to match the price? OW doesn't seem to stock 400gb cards.

      • 160 now on Amazon so they are clearly heading in the right direction :)

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      Still have memories of my first memory card - 10MB.

      We’ve come a long way…

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        I don't really remember but 4-5 songs and a couple of images were enough, sometimes had to delete few songs to download ringtones!

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        No one will ever need more storage!

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        My first computer had a 40meg hard drive!

        When digital cameras got big, rule of thumb was $1/MB for memory cards.


        • I remember paying $200 for 256MB SD card while on holiday in Japan.

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          Wait until you're my age,

          My first computer (Commodore 64) had a tape drive, after some struggle saving as a teenager, I managed to score a 5 1/4"FDD upgrade, single sided only ;) pirated everything I could get my hands on after that. Hell, my next computer was an Amiga 1000 which came with a 720KB 3.5" FDD and I programmed extensively using Amiga Basic written by none other than Microsoft :) and to access the internet (outside of Universities) was a dial in STD phone call from North Qld, to the then only commercial ISP, IBM in Sydney ! 300bps analog modem physically coupled to the phone handset, the 1200bps plug into the wall upgrade was a boon. I was glad to leave Assembler on my C64 behind ! Went to Uni, CompSci, used Pascal… none of that shit's useful anymore. Been thinking of doing some Python via a MOOC :)

          Hell, my first mobile phone was an analogue Voxon, $1000 from Chandlers :) txt messaging was rolled out AFTER I got my phone and initially you couldn't txt inter network (only Optus and Telstra back then), only intra network… my BIL was on Optus, I was on Telstra.

          god I am old… look at that blather of remembrance.

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            @ruprectaus: Amiga with a 40MB external HD. $10 a MB (from memory).
            40mb = $400. It was big and heavy.

  • Its showing me USD$66.99 equivalent to AUD$93.61..and says sales ends in 4hrs 20min.
    Has it gone more cheaper?

    Any deals in 256gb? I think my Samsung galaxy note 8 will not take more than 250gb card.

  • 400gb ? Would this even work in a 3DS ?

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      32 cluster size and you should be fine. 128GB should be plenty of storage for the 3DS though, 400GB is good for the Switch.

      • switch is only offline hacked for now, still got to wait for free games

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          What do you mean? Signature patches have existed for months. I already have 2TB of Switch games I can install.

          • @BradleyDS2: i space out for months … umm im a gbatemp and guy , where is the switch hack? "send link" also do i need to find a certain version or older used switch, or should buying any one .. i probs just get a neon color one to be safe

            also thank you so much, now i can buy a switch

            • +1

              @Most Wanted: ReiNX is an atmosphere fork with signature patches integrated, so you'll probably want it. Guide for it available here. It's free and open source.

              The current exploit is Fusee Gelee which works on most switches, but doesn't work on new ones. A new exploit hasn't been released yet for new ones, but is likely to be once the Mariko revision is released. Nobody knows when that will happen.

              • @BradleyDS2: well how do i tell what version is" "new" since 3ds was easy, you would open it open, turn it on and hope it was e.g version 11.2 if the max firmware that can be hacked is 11.4

                like i could buy a 3ds in the shops and it would still be "old" , does that apply to the switch

              • @BradleyDS2: Check which FW the new Switches started shipping out with, then ask in store if you can check the FW. If it's below the FW the new Switches started shipping out on you know it's an old model.

                If it's above, then it might be a new or old.

          • @BradleyDS2: 2TB? Are you collecting every region of every title plus all the eShop shovelware?!

            I have a backup for every cart I own (n=250) and it's barely over 1TB.

            • +1

              @OzDJ_: Nah, just collecting NA and EU versions, along with updates and DLC, there just happens to be a lot of Switch games out already.

              It's not like storage is an issue, I've got 40TB (along with another 40TB backed up, of course).

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    Estimated Delivery Time "30~40 days"

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    You can get 512gb for $11. Strange times.

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      100% fake.

    • wish is a terrible site..

  • Looks like still available just a bit more expensive… I'm still tempted as I desperately need more space on my Switch… looks to be about $118 or so shipped now… worth waiting??

    • I tried to create an account two hours ago - the verification email hasn't arrived, so I've been unable to purchase, even at the higher price.

      • i had no issue registering this morning myself, just not sure if i should hold off for a potentially better deal… second best i've found is $188 with the ebay 20% code that starts today, but that a fairly big jump

        • I eventually re-registered using a gmail address, and the verification email came immediately. I tried to re-send to the Hotmail address several times. It could be they needed time to change the price.

          • @barryquinn: i've tried to checkout twice now at the higher price and it just bombs out to a white screen… i give up… lol

          • @barryquinn: Hotmail has issues where it'll decide what you shouldn't receive, including some confirmation emails, and they won't even be available in spam.

    • I wanted to PM you about switch but you have messages disabled for your account. Can you recommend me some Switch games? Only one I have is Mario Odyssey. Thanks.

  • :( missed

  • +2

    Thanks, bought one,

    Have no issues with the recent purchases, including:
    1. a bunch of Usb C cables (untrackable mail that came within 30 days)
    2. Mi soocas toothbrush heads (same as above)
    3. Mi pad 4 plus (Ordered 7th of Nov, shipped to Brissy 15th Nov)

    Mi pad specifically states 8-12 days shipping tho.

    Note all from Joy Collection as a seller. Is there actually any other seller on that platform?

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      Is there actually any other seller on that platform?

      • Yes, there are. I found some sellers in accessory category, but most the sale products are from Joy Collection.

      • Bought the Sharp S2, few cables, a tempered glass for ipad. Except the glass was broken on arrival (maybe cause by deliver - and got full refund very fast), other stuffs work well.

  • I almost bought it and then thought, if it's too good to be true, it must be… I wonder if that is a mistake now..

    • +3

      Joy Collection is the seller, so it should be legit.

      When it arrives I'll test it, and if it's a fake I'll let you know so you don't regret missing out.

  • It's actually 69.99USD now with 7USD tax..~$105AUD

    Has Aussie dollar gone down?

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up. This deal was expired cause the price went up but price has gone back down now.

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    Comes up as $73.99 now, looks like a good price still :)

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    Card arrived. Simplified chinese packaging.

    scanned some qr code on the back after the scratchy thing, site seems legit (I can read chinese).

    using in my switch, 154gb in without issues.

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    Mine arrived yesterday heres a H2testw result using an el cheapo Lazer Brand USB3 card reader":

    Seems legit to me.

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