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Free Science of Gardening Foundation Unit at University of Tasmania Online


KPZ001 Science of Gardening - Foundation Unit
Normally $1,169.00 (CSP Student Contribution) / $2,200.00 (Full Fee Paying - Domestic)

All Domestic students will receive a full scholarship for the cost of the unit when they enrol in the Diploma of Sustainable Living (you can withdraw from the Diploma after completing the Science of Gardening unit).

Students will also receive a UTAS email address.

Study Dates:
Enrolments close 30th of November. The next session of the unit runs from 03 December 2018 until 24 February 2019. There will be a study break from 24-Dec until 30-Dec. Please note the unit is self-paced, so information will still be available if you wish to go over it during the break.

eCAF form and fees:
"You may notice in the University of Tasmania Course and Unit Handbook that the costs of units are explicitly stated. Please be assured that this cost is covered by your HECS Scholarship for the Science of Gardening unit in 2018-19".

"A requirement for all students receiving a HECS Scholarship for this unit is compulsory completion of the eCAF".

If you need any extra info, UTAS are responding to questions on this facebook post

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  • +4 votes

    Started this last time it was on here, was it was surprisingly technical so I never finished to not blemish my already questionable academic record.


      Is there a $44 student fee?

      (Someone at uTas said there is…
      "but you can put it on HECS [debt]")

      PS You'll get access to Kanopy
      (Any1 know: Usage restrictions?)

      "Like NetFlix" but Free, for, eg:

      "The Great Courses" [not yet incl'g] "NUCLEAR PHYSICS explained"
      by Larry Weinstein. If u're into NUCLEAR ENERGY for AU, view it)

      CBC doco's

      some movies

      (You can see/search Kanopy's catalog
      before gaining access to streaming.)

      "What? No FitBit for my Apple Tree?"


      Let's hope their Internet feed
      doesn't get cut like last time ;~)


        If it's the Student Services and Amenities Fee, it should be waived for the unit:

        Students will also receive a waiver for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

        (From the 'Fees and Scholarships' section at the link)

  • +2 votes

    And with your utas.edu.au address you will have access to Office 365 (5 installs IIRC) and 1 TB OneDrive storage for a couple of years. And you can get a student card (if you can be bothered) and avail yourself to student discount offers.


      I have 5TB of OneDrive storage with my utas account.
      You can also get a free copy of Windows 10 Education with the utas email.


      IMO, Office 365 is no great advantage.

      I preder to Buy software, not Rent it.

      ("You don't Buy beer, you Rent it" :who?)


    can i enroll this course and get concession on opal?


    So, how does one go about enrolling for this? It's been a while since I've actually done any uni work :)

    • +4 votes

      You click the "Go to Deal" button under the thumbnail and then click the big red "Apply Now" button. Click the "New Applicants" button and fill in your personal info.

    • +2 votes

      Failed already ;-)

  • +2 votes

    Can I use this as a credit for a different university where I have a few elective subjects?

    • +5 votes

      Hi, this is your university asking why you posted to Ozbargain instead of us.

      • +10 votes

        Cause I trust ozbargainer's more than the 17 year old girl painting her nails, at the University Student Association Office


          If you're talking to Ruby-Joe 'Starshine' Smith about enrolments you're in the wrong place. However, I'm wondering the same thing as I have one free elective left. This would be a pretty good way to fill it.


            @Kajain: Depends what university, some require you to apply for credit at the time of first enrolment. Give it a crack though.


              @shtgnjns: Depends on the university whether they acknowledge that UTAS is of a similar quality and workload as the university you are trying to get credit at. With unis that have a lot of movement between them, they identify 'equivalent' units, while sometimes you get miscellaneous credits which act as electives. Between some universities though, they scale down the value of the other universities units. As an example, I did a semester overseas, where I did four units, but Monash Uni determined they were only worth three of their units, which was bullshit but no recourse apparently.


              @shtgnjns: What? When you know the Least about the system?!?


    My last student ID (with a fake name) from these guys ends in January, so I might need to grab another one, let's hope this will be enough. Cheers!

  • +1 vote

    UTas now give a free subscription to The Mercury and associated newspapers to all students as well.

    • +1 vote

      If this includes The Australian, Courier Mail etc, will have to register for that with the UTAS account I have from a previous course

      Edit: it very well seems that it does, very pleased with this!


      Electronic or Paper edition(s)…?

  • +1 vote

    and you can use your UTAS email for unidays membership


    So how do I actually join?
    All I see is fees and an email form if you are an international student.
    Do I have to apply through phone or email?


    Does this come with a free iPad?

    • +1 vote

      A $5 shovel, in choice of color, if you don't have one.
      Shipping is a killer, however.

      OK OK So, I'm kidding…


    Thanks for posting Katie!
    I thought HECS was a loan that you repaid when you started earning an income above a certain threshold. But then last time I had anything to do with HECS it was protesting it's introduction. Anyone know off hand if you repaid a HECS debt the first year of it's existence (yep, I'm that old, lol) are you eligble for a HECS scholarship? Thanks.


      Enrolled in a Health Tech module with HECS scholarship. That came with free Fitbit😉
      Had previous HECS debt paid off. Had no issues.

    • +1 vote

      HECS was a loan

      Higher Education Contribution Scheme is not a loan. HECS-Higher Education Loan Program is a loan scheme (that you have to repaid through the tax system). This course provides a HECS Scholarship, which repays the entire HECS fee incurred from your enrolment.

      You will be eligible for HECS Scholarship if you meet the eligibility requirements. Prior repayment of HECS is not part of the requirements.

      Three different things going on here. A fee, a loan and a fee waiver.

  • -1 vote

    Your link doesn't work


    Did anyone enrol in this? I did, got accepted etc, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enrol in that unit. Help please :)


      I couldn't understand how to enrol in the
      unit & gave up.
      If UTAS makes it that hard to understand enrollment, I don't think I'd like studying there. (I've lectured at Uni.)


        I - for one - am Not terribly impressed with the web app's that make-up the enrollment system, here.

        Who (outside uTas) is the one to send Complaints to, eg, on that?

        PS If there's to be an IQ test given to get in, it should have been disclosed… ;-)


    How come No One seems to know about Kanopy ("like NetFlix, but Free" ie for Doco's, CBC, some of TheGreatCourses.com.au's courses…

    I'd like them (ie, Kanopy) to add the Excellent: "Nuclear Physics explained" …so folks can learn more about Nuclear Energy (incl'g Liquid-Fuel Molten Salt Reactors (MSR)).

    Folks in Easrern states (esp'ly Qld) seem to have No Idea (Qld is shown in Black on EletricityMap.org = app "EletricityMap" due to all the Toxic Coal they insist on burning there, NSW is similar… & Vic isn't much better.

    Qld's Coal miners are STILL getting Black Lung disease! "KNOW New Nukes, Qld!"


      Strangely this deal is about a course in gardening!


        Others have noted "perks" that come with being a student… (See early Comments, to this Deal).

        Kanopy is such a perk.

        I was commenting on UTAS staff's tendency not to know of Kanopy, when asking how to access it (after all of the enrollment tasks were completed)…

        …giving anyone with similar interests a heads-up on a gap (AFAIK) in Kanopy's coverage of TheGreatCourses.com.au courses, in an Important area.

        (If you don't get why it could be Important, check-out COP24, now in progress… and maybe Climate Change, as applicable. ;-)

        I hope that helps…

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