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Kogan 55" Smart HDR 4K LED TV Series 8 MU8010 $539 + Free Shipping @ Kogan


Saw this on channel 9 today show this morning. On kogans website it is $559 + shipping which ended up being $665 total for me but if you click through the deal it's cheaper & free shipping.

Can also check out other deals at www.kogan9.com

Kogan 58" Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 LU8010) $619 + free shipping (was $699 +shipping)

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    We have a Kogan "Smart" TV and I have to admit I am incredible disappointed with the quality. It's very laggy, glitchy and overall just a punish to use, our other kogan TV on the other hand is great!


      It's just the smart features that are laggy? the panel itself is fine? or is it laggy with inputs like HDMI?


        The TV boots up to a home screen, from there you need to select "TV" so even if you want to watch the chromecast or any hdmi input you need to give it a while before you can move the cursor to select the tv option. It's that bad I don't use any of the "smart" functions.

        Picture quality is great though


      our samsung UX is laggy, i hate smart TVs. So many glitches

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      All TV's have this problem unless there is some decent internal hardware running the show. Even my Samsung. Make it smart using a chromecast, Android box or nvidia shield.

      You can also use an aftermarket tuner.

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      Hey all, I have 2 different kogan 4k TVs. One is a series 8 'Smart'. And one is the 9 series. SMARTER,

      I highly recommend spending the extra and getting the Smarter ones, even as apposed to adding an additional smart tv box (mibox/roku et el) . They run Proper androidTV, mine is on oreo. Smart apps work great, 4k 'hdr' netflix easy, hevc decoding in plex easy. Youtube at 4k chromecast from my phone is easy. Can pair a controller via Bluetooth and even use Steam streaming without a steamlink. I have openvpn setup on it to give us access to Netflix/hulu or any sports streaming apps.

      I used to use long hdmi/usb cable for all this (minus the 4k) and never even need to now.

      The remote control is also much nicer than the cheap air mouse they throw in with the series 8'Smart' tvs.

      This is still a decent price for the screen only I suppose, but I would put zero value on the smart aspect of it. My other TV is now used solely as a computer screen, and can still be annoying sometimes when the android 5.0 system its running is slow and crashey

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    Looks like a good price. Really wish they had a physical store to see the quality before purchase. Our last Kogan smart tv is ok picture quality but terribly laggy


    I bought this a couple of months ago for my mum, it ended up being very bad quality picture (colours washed out), and poor sound (could barely hear on full volume). After much discussion with Kogan, and intervention of Fair Trading, they agreed to pay for it's return and issued a refund. 'Apparently' it had a fault :/

    Avoid if you can…get what you pay for I guess :/


      Speakers are crap in TV's these days due to the screen being more important. E.G no space to put them. That's why I recommend to get a sound bar.


    Why do we never see any 'official' reviews from home cinema websites or newspapers? Surely it would be great customer service, even if it meant they had to buy one rather than be supplied one?