This was posted 3 years 2 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + Spider-Man $449 @ JB Hi-Fi


Staff was putting this out before JB hifi closed earlier. The controllers will be 49.first time posting, please be kind :)

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  • $20 cheaper then BigW, come on AMazon, what have you got to offer !!!!!

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      I'm thinking a $399 lightning deal will be Amazon's response. I have a ps4 and considering the upgrade to pro if it's anything less than $400.

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        $379 Amazon had the console in July… Good possibility. Or even a $399 or $419 bundled with RDR !!!

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        Yeah 449 too much especially when there's superior hardware in the console wars out there (X1X). Not an overly impressive deal from JB for a Black Friday….

        • lol. Love your 'down votes' people for speaking the truth…Hope those 3 people feel a little bit bigger after clicking that button. Truth is, this same deal (bar the cheapo Spiderman game), was $380 a full 365+ days ago. So yes, its a rather underwhilming deal….

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            @ro0sta: I think the downvotes were because you're trying to turn this into a consoles war. Just enjoy the good deal

            • @Asterix1: But thats my very point…and I've only stated the obvious.
              *Not a deal if this was advertsed at 380 after cashback over 12 mths ago, now #70 more expensive. Looks like a possible 2019 upgrade for the true OzBs. I will continue to enjoy the One X

        • people with mastercard cashback bough for 480 in store with a 100 cashback redemption on statement before xmas 2017

          i also find it interesting a year later and the supposed awesome deals on this model are sill rather subpar and cost more than what was posted on 12 months ago. At least its an improvement to earlier in the year haha

          also believe 4k gaming is true 4k gaming vs a watered down version on ps4 pro. Imortant to some im sure so your point about the hardware on its closest competitors is accurate - well thats if you dont have a game PC!!

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    common amazon pull up

  • whats the ps4 hot offer 4?

    • 500gb console

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        thats hot offer 1

        • Lol. Dunno how I read thatas a 4 earlier

          • @Danstar: Got it. It's ps4 1TB with Spiderman for $399.

    • Looks like some game/ accessory bundle :/

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    Arghhh… the tight ass in me says "get the 500GB standard one and whack a bigger hard drive in it, or just get a 1TB model for slightly more" … but the "I must have the best that's available"-ass in me says "you must pay extra for the pro model". Decisions decisions… :(

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      When you find the answer can you let me know please? I’m having the same dilemma

      • Easy. Superior hardware isn't upgradable in the regular model so go for the pro? 1tb gives you more storage options also….

    • Get the 500 gb and put a hybrid drive in

      • I'd opt for full SSD so it's more desirable in use in a desktop PC L, laptop, or external drives down the track if or when you upgrade the PS4 storage (a 2nd time) or sell the console and wish to keep the better drive.

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      If you don't have one, get the Pro for sure. As for the hdd, I have 500gb and its pitifully small, but an external usb3 drive did the trick. I read a few guides online that showed the speed difference between internal vs usb3 hdd was minimal so I took the chance when a cheap external turned up on OB. Never looked back…but now keep staring the Pro and wondering if I should make the jump or wait to next-gen.

    • I'm going with option 1. I don't really need it. So if I use and abuse the 500GB base model enough, I'll upgrade in a year's time when the next deals roll around.

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      Get the pro.

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      Simple answer is… r u gonna play legit good / high graphics game like battlefield 5 … on a high end TV? or just button mash FIFA like me? I wouldn't sweat $150 extra for what the pro really offers… IF WE WERE comparing Xboxes… definatelly yes.

    • when it comes between ps4 slim and ps4 pro, its not about the storage, its about the graphics which obviously pro does better. Otherwise consider Xbox One X which beats PS4 Pro in terms of specs and going for just $20 more.

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    better than bigw, this is the best ps4 deal atm, im gonna check make sure its the 7200+
    how much are they doing red dead for? every place has it for 79 harvey norman 69

    • Why the 7200+?

    • no not hard drive, i mean the CUH7200+ model numbers

      • how to find out?

      • details say CUH-7102BB01. unlikely to be 7200 for Aus right now as there was no PS4 Pro RDR2 bundle, likely still getting rid of older stock

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          One OZBer below reported JB Springvale indicated they have 7206 on the box.
          Go to JB early and check.

          • @netsurfer: another guy got 7210 from ebgames. so worth checking., if bigw one is the new 7200 version ill get that instead

        • I checked Target yesterday and they had CUH-7202B. So it's likely that JB just haven't updated their product listing in a while.

        • A mate just purchased one from the local JB and the guy told him it was a 7202B on the box. He'll be confirming this afternoon.

  • Will wait for Amazon's deal before deciding

    • when is that coming do you think?

      • Based on their match of Big W, may not be until after 9am tomorrow. I'm hoping earlier though.

  • Wonder what offer #4 is?

  • 12.01am if we're lucky.

    throw in a 1TB SSD on ur PRO and ull be laughing!!

  • Waiting for amazon too!

  • Save 5% more with Egift cards too

  • Will this also show up online?

    • its already showing up

      • Yeah can confirm adding both to my cart puts the game to $0.00

  • Deals are OK but maybe Amazon might offer something slightly better and there's 1-2 other retailer options about. Let's hope EB games bring something decent to the table. If you can't wait till Xmas grab either of these but honestly neither are MUST BUY like their XBOX ONE X RDR2 launch bundle.

  • As Asterix1 has posted above - this is live online now if you add the 2 to your cart the total is $449

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    but i rather pick it up in person tomorrow and get to check the model number..

    • I just called the guys at Jb hifi springvale and he said hes got the 7206 on the boxes

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    • Just checked Melbourne CBD, 7200+ models

  • Will the new model number be listed on the box somewhere if so where would it be?

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    just a heads up these deals for some reason are already live on jb including the $49 controllers not sure why but it seems like only the black ps4 consoles are allowing you to add spiderman for free the white and royale bomber bundle are showing $40 extra for spiderman

    • Awesome. I might go check if EB will price match the controllers tonight.

      • just buy from jb lol

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          But I want the blue camo one lol, exclusive to eb apparently.
          And I also want to trade in my busted ass original controller.

  • Just got excited and bought a PS4 Pro off eBay… peaked moments too soon…

  • Everyone talking about amazon, where do u look for best PS4 deals on Amazon website. Never used it before

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      Just wait for someone to post it here hahaha

  • This article suggests that you should at least wait to see what Amazon has to offer.

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    Does anyone recommend waiting before/after Christmas possibly better games or cheaper price?

  • Do you think if Amazon comes out with a better deal then JB would price match?

    I'd prefer to pick up in store and confirm the build number (7200). (Also I have JB voucher to use)

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    I want the slim model 500gb with Spiderman for 249 I think it's possible Amazon C'mon don't let me down

    • spoke to amazon they said their should be console deals starting tonight so lets hope

      • What time

        • 11:59pm :\

  • Looking to buy into the ps4 pro market (haven't upgraded to any recent console and am still on the ps3). Is it worth it? I've heard the fan is a bit out there and what not… not sure if that's still a problem though… any tips/advice?

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      Apparently the new 7200 model is a lot quieter

      • Interesting… will look out for it!

        I'm tossing up between this and the switch… haven't bought a console in a while but I'm itching for both!!

    • only reason im buying is is for red dead 2 and uncharted 4 and the upcoming the last of us 2, other than that pc is the way.

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    glad i got a ps4pro a year ago for $370… these prices are disappointing.

    • I know! A year on from Mastercard rebate offer and the deal is… WORSE?!

  • Remember that Amazon also does cashback so even if they match it will be cheaper.

    • What does that essentially mean if you don't mind me asking?1?1

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        cashback from like cashrewards. essentially you'll get around 8% back.

    • no guarantee that Amazon will sell you the CUH-7202B model

  • I was hoping for cheaper but eh I guess I'll grab it

  • Bought it exactly a year ago at costco for $399. Surprisingly it's holding its value

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    here is the link on JB site to this deal

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    should be at least $400

    • Agreed. Look at the X1X deals with 5 or 9 games posted on here… Much more attractive!

    • Think you mean at most.

  • no love for xbox controllers

  • PS4 white slim 500gb with Spiderman not $299 " only black " unless I'm doing something wrong?

  • i think AMAZON is gonna blow this and other ps4 pro wanna-be offers, out of the park!

    those who procrastinated last time, jump in early this time!

    • do you reckon they'll be out of stock early tommorrow morning as I don't really feel like waiting til midnight lol

      • You never know if the deals are crazy good they might be out of stock before midday tomorrow

        • Ok so there'll most likely still be stock at around 6am tommorrow. Sweet might head off for some shut eye then

      • Will be by followed by Xmas sale. Dont worry much

    • Too much expection on Amazon. Hope we won't be disappointed.

  • This deal is better than Sony's deal.

    • Perhaps if you don't mind using discounted jb gift cards and picking up in person. Sony had it for 436 after code and cashback.

      • It's $426 with 5% gift cards, and the controllers are cheaper here as well

        And you could get it tomorrow. Whereas orders are taking a while to be dispatched.

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