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$25 off $69 Spend @ Youfoodz (e.g. 9 Best of 2018 Meals for $46.55 Delivered)


Youfoodz have a black friday special going until monday, $25 off $69 spend for new and existing users.

With the $7.95 2018 meals, makes it 9 meals for $46.55 effectively ($5.17 per meal)

As always, enjoy!

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  • Unfortunately the "Best of 2018 Meals" don't include the best and most favorite meals. But still $25 off $69 is good.

  • Yep chicken & sweet potato mash is pretty good but the rest of the favs are not some of my regular orders sadly.

  • Did my first order last week from the $30 off deal - loved it enough for a second that I received today.

  • Thanks mate, ordered again. The cheap meals arent anything to write home about but theres a few nice options there.

  • What are the nicer ones?

  • I just got my order from the $30 off deal yesterday, 10 meals and they expire on 1st December so I don't have much time left to finish them. Do people freeze these??

    • Ignore. Oops wrong company :/

    • You can freeze them, but they're designed to be kept in the fridge. They're a short use-by as they're made fresh and not frozen.


      You can freeze some (depends on the meal), but the min. order is only $49 (before discounts usually) so people just usually buy what they'll eat in 7-9 days. They often have different expiries per meal though, so check (I often get some that don't expire for 12 days depending on the meal). So you can plan to use the ones that expire first earlier.

      • ahhh thanks, will check every single meal to see if they have different expiry dates :D

  • How big are these meals? Im kinda fat

    • I'm 76kg, 5'7" guy, I need to eat 2 (I eat big lunch) for lunch and 1 for dinner ( add rice to it) to fill me up. Hope this kinda helps!

    • 2 of them would be normal for men types.
      My gf and mum think 1 is enough.

    • I am 5"10, 69 kgs and I am approx around the 20% fat range. 1 meal is not enough, I am still hungry. They are quite small in portion but not small enough to say it's a rip. But 9.95 per meal is not worth it, $5 to $6 range is the sweet spot.

    • I’m cutting/losing fat and they’re good for that as the portion sizes are small. I thought I’d be really hungry but it worked out to be more filling than my normal meal prep (likely more meat) - I’m 56 kg woman… overall, it was a nice change from eating the same food each day at least

    • I'm 130kg, 6'7" guy. I've had 2-3 for dinner and sometimes still feel hungry! I swear the first time I saw the size I was like well I need 6 of these a day at least…. But they still seem good value for what they are

      • have you thought of going to the gym and eating less for your own health benefit?

    1. Meals are not big
    2. Delivery to WA is not free :(((
    3. I don't buy unless it costs $5-$6 a meal

    Now I said them all, if you are here to only comment one of these, you can skip the post happily :)

  • Thanks! Ordered one each of the $7.95 meals and the 3 clean for $25 for variety

  • Thanks for this. Great deal :)

  • The meals are not too small actually, if you want a healthy portion this is the right amount. You just have to drink a lot of water..(easier to be said than done)

    • Absolutely agree and if people are still hungry it want to be healthy just microwave some extra frozen greens at the same time

      • yes also depending on what you are after (losing weight, healthy lifestyle) and your activity you can easily add some healthy snacks eg greens fruit coffee or boild eggs, sometimes a bit of naughtier food I guess. I see the sale price compeletely worth the portion

  • 50% off snacks…. hurry up!!!! I want it back! These brownies are delicious :(

  • Anyone know if it is possible to get Youfoodz to deliver just on a Saturday or Sunday?

    • For my last order they delivered it on a Saturday. Put your suburb/post code in the 'Delivery Areas' section on this link and it will give you a three-dates option for delivery: https://youfoodz.com/pages/delivery-areas

      PS: Just make sure to pay attention to the two columns as the days on the right (by midnight) are when you need to place your order in order to get the delivery on the dates on the left.

  • $20 delivery to my address in WA! Ummmm no thanks!

  • Thanks OP. I was waiting for this deal. :)

  • first time trying with this so ordered. thanks !
    free delivery for me

  • Just put through an order tonight for delivery for Thursday. Hopefully the code will still work tomorrow so I can put in another order for delivery on 5th December hahaha

    Can't go wrong with $5.17 a meal

  • Just wanted to note that I just got my order from the last promotion where i purchased the bundle. It was missing in the order, but upon reaching out to YF, they've given me a code so that i can add the items separately in my next order, and it'll take the price back down to $5. too bad the code doesn't stack so either i pay more, or i lose out…

    • That's the problem with their codes for single meals. You can't stack them with the codes we get with the deals posted here. They only work if you're buying stuff in full price and wanna get extra meal for free. Who would choose that over, for example, $25 off $69 spent?

  • Looks like this ended at midnight, code's not working for me.

  • Code is still working for me now

  • Code just worked for me then.