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ACER Predator X34P Monitor $1124.10 from Wireless1 eBay


Hey guys just got an email that Wireless1 had reduced the price of the X34P by $150. Better than the current HN deal :)

Original POUNCE 10% off sitewide eBay Deal Post

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  • I've bought two of these and had to return both. The quality control is shit for such an expensive monitor.

    Monitor 1: yellow back light bleed in the corners, even visible in a fully lit room. Monitor sagged to the right and wasn't level.

    Monitor 2: minimal back light bleed and no sag BUT one side of the screen was covered in a slight yellow tint.

    Buyer beware.

    • Yep seems to be a often reported issue. Did you end up with a good one?

      • Nope because I had to argue with two different retailers to get a refund as they didn't think it was much of an issue. Can't be bothered trying again.

    • I bought the a 27" Acer Predator a few years back like this. It is definitely the IPS panel lottery.

      First one had a stuck green pixel dead center
      Second one had bad backlight bleed.
      Third one was perfect.

      I went to PCCaseGear because they are local to me and I knew they were cool with returns. Might be best to buy from a local retailer with a good return policy for these types of panels.

      • Yep. Harvey Norman were surprisingly hard arse about a refund due to the yellow tint. I had to push them and mention the ACL posted on the wall behind me before they caved. This was surprising to me because I've had such a good experience with them in the past when returning appliances. That was part of the reason I bought from them! Lesson learnt. No more computer gear from Harvey Norman.