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[NSW] Hisense 55" 4K Smart TV Series 6 - 55P6 $638.40 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


I initially ordered the Sony 55inch from Amazon on BLack Friday for $809 but decided to cancel the order (since my order has not shipped yet) and got this TV instead. Good for people who can click and collect at their nearest Bing Lee store to save $40 on delivery.

$798 Original Price with current 20% discount with coupon code PACKED until 26.11.18

$638.40 after discount + $40 delivery
$608.40 after discount and using ebay gift card ($600 gift card) with 5% discount + delivery

Ebay gift card deal as per below link. Received my gift card in my email within 5 mins of ordering.

NOTE: Delivery Excludes Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

Original PACKED 20% off items on Bing Lee eBay Deal Post

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  • Why is everyone marking as expired

    • says 0 available

    • 0 available, and ship Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

      • Just checked it and showing there is stock and I am able to add it in cart with no problems.

        • I have no idea about it. Maybe it depends on your location, excluding those places as I mentioned.

          • @Mr Guitar: Maybe location based, Sydney here and showing plenty of stock.

            • @devilin101: Thank you for confirmation. Unfortunately I can't get this deal as I'm in Melbourne. Hisense TV really lives up to its price!

        • Looks like none in stock to me…

        • 0 available / 2 sold

    • Did not get much feedback when posted here

    • Any reviews or feedback on it? Thanks

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    Need some P8 deals!

  • Good deal. Be aware that Hisense TVs do not work well with universal remotes such as the Logitech Harmony.

    • I didn't have any issue setting mine up, it's working as intended. Not to say an issue doesn't exist of course.

    • Do you have HDMI switching issues? How many devices do you have connected to the TV?

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    65P6 for $956 is a pretty good deal as well.

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    Series 7 has local dimming.

  • Pity not attainable in WA

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    Oops should have got the Sony.

  • This is better than Sony in quality? How

    • I don't think it's better. Just a little cheaper. I'd stick with the Sony for not much more personally.

    • Sony QC and specs would be better, I had dead green pixel soon after.

      But for the price it is a good overall.

  • Can anyone provide feedback for the sound on this? I don't expect it to be fantastic, but i do expect it to be good.

    I am hesitant to buy this price range for TVs because of the terrible sound on my Kogan 55' 4k TV, It has a gorgeous screen, but the speakers are so tinny it's painful.

    • +1

      Go to it local shop to have a look.
      That's the best way to find it out.
      In general, Hisense has decent quality compare to Aldi or Logan.
      P7 is the series proved by ozbargainers.

  • I think the sound is pretty good. It's a fairly chunky panel which I think allows for a larger and less tinny speaker.

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    Would this be an improvement from a Panasonic ST60?

    I don't know much about TVs but someone told me these 4k TVs won't be much of an improvement on plasmas and that I should get QLED or OLED?

    any advice would help.

    I would be primarily using it for a PS4 Pro.

    • +2

      Mate you're used to nice deep blacks, VT60 here… There is no way this will look better.

      Higher res sure but overall PQ will be junk in comparison to your ST60.

      It's for a PS4 so prob doesn't matter. Wouldn't watch movies on it.

      When my plasma dies something like the Panasonic TH-65EZ950U or Sony A1 would be excellent, although Sony burnt me years ago so I swapped for VT60

      • Yeah I'm purely wanting this for a PS4 Pro or any 4k tv so want to make sure it's what I'm after. No point buying if what I have current is just as good or better.

        So you think this tv is what I'm after or should I want for a better deal. Just read a comment on another thread that I should get a 4k tv with Local dimmIng?

        • Hard to say, I would hazard a guess that in the sub $1000 bracket for PS4 it really makes no difference. They'll all be very similar.

          Just pick one with lowest input lag.

  • Tcl p6us is similar to this one. Which one is better.

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    For anyone in QLD, videopro_online Ebay have this for $708 C&C - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hisense-55-55P6-Series-6-UHD-Sma...

  • Need a deal on the P7 75"

  • Just wondering if I can get some price reduced in JB by showing this offer ? Any thoughts ? I have JB coupons which I have to use there.

    • I just got JB to do just that in Melbourne. Took a photo of the above on my phone - showed it to the sales guy and he asked his manager and said sure no problem

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