This was posted 3 years 2 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Crucial MX500 2TB SSD $322.15 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Cheapest ever by some way.
Even beats the pricing error MX300 2tb from Amazon UK

Cheers to dowey for pointing out AU availability with cashback on top

With the 8% CR this is around 23 dollars discount making it under $300AUD
IF you haven't reached the $50 cap already on Shopback - cashback is 10% there

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $322.15 Delivered for prime members @ Amazon AU, which you can then combine with 10% cashback.

    • Well spotted, will update!

    • Think it's only 8% now

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        10% on shopback

        • shopback transaction still not showing

          • @DisabledUser254352: my $50 shopback has been credited to my account. Got the email today.

            • @FarQ: mine was $29, you order something else as well?

  • Going all SSD baby…

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    Shopback is still 10%.

  • Ugh… and I thought I did well getting it for $360! Do I get another??

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      You did do well, don't stress about it. Even if you had saved that $37.85, you'd have probably wasted it on KFC deals and eneloops anyway.

      • +7


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        Got eBay to price guarantee. Crisis averted lol

        • Had no idea that was even a thing. Glad it worked out.

  • Got 1, thanks!!!

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    Nice thanks.

    seems to review quite well, and 5 year warranty too.

  • Thanks, Nice find :)

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    ahhh it's too cheap

    the savings…THEY BURN!

  • Cheers mate!

    Bought two of them for my workstation.

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    'IF you haven't reached the $50 cap already on Shopback - cashback is 10% there'

    I thought shopback cap was per transaction?

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    cheers… just ozbargained myself 2 of these babies… not sure where i am going to use them tho… haha

    • I'd recommend data storage.

      • +3

        or rectal dilation

        • +1

          also forgot that i had an amex offer for, spend $100+ and get $15 back… combine that with shopback, ozbargain win! haha

        • you would probably want to start with a NVMe

  • +10

    ordered and i don't know why.

  • +4

    Bought it for a NAS system which I still haven't bought :-/

  • Product ships in Amazon Certified Frustration Free Packaging (may differ from retail packaging depicted in product collateral)

    does this means it was a returned item ?

    • +1

      No. Some tech products are just distributed in 'bulk packs' and in this case, Amazon uses their own packaging. This happens with other components like HDDs, CPUs and motherboards too. HDDs you buy from computer part stores are probably the best example as they're sold without typical retail packaging too.

      It's easy to verify whether you've got a new product by checking SMART data when you get it anyway.

  • .
    Thanks for that I even trialed Prime, Amazon a little confusing whether the price is US$ or AU$ (not certain until final checkout)
    my old back up PC the Win 7 mb is playing up (randomly shuts down with no load) time to build a new system so the Prime shipping could be useful :)

    • OzzyB2013, Amazon Prime, as long as its $49 Au at checkout for international orders on the Australian website, its Free Delivery. And it is Australian Dollars… Don't Worry. Amazon looks after all GST and postage Costs. Only Problem I have had so far, is I have had to return a broken Item, and it has to be returned to the US. Postage was $35, and Slow But Amazon automatically refunded all postage Cost and Refunded Item costs upon return. So I now only Buy stuff that is hard to break in postage.. It was a Fragile glass Tea pot.

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    had 2 MX500 in my pcs/laptops, they doing very well.

  • My order got cancelled, whats going on. Anyone else had their order cancelled?

    • They charged me for it this morning, but so I'm expecting it to ship soon

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        my 2 shipped yesterday.

    • Mine looks to got cancelled too without notification..

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    I got a shipping notification yesterday.

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    Mine got delivered today!

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    Got mine last week, already migrated all doco to this , fantastic price!

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