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$10 off Next Shop @ eBay


Receive this email from eBay today. So you may want to check your email if you are TARGETTED.
$10 Off*
It’s been so long since you shopped with us.
Explore eBay again with $10 off*
*Single use only. Min spend $20. Excludes postage. Expires 05 December 2018.

Just bought a Xiaomi portable battery. Paid $13.50 after $10 off with delivery.

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    Love how eBay reward customers who don't buy often, how about the ones that buy all the time

    • +6

      they get increased minimum spends and decreasing discount percentage codes.

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      Love how eBay reward customers who don't buy often, how about the ones that buy all the time

      Why would they need to encourage you any more though when you're already buying through them?

      This is to encourage people who don't buy with them with a little freebie in the hope that next time they go and buy something they'll do it on eBay.

    • Couldn't agree more :P

    • +2

      Turning an inactive customer into an active customer can be presented to bosses and shareholders as growth to the number of active customers.
      Loyal customers - no voucher for you, come back 1 year.

    • I was just about to ask why I never get targetted???? I don't buy often enough though, and they were all low value items..

      • Sorry mate, you are still buying on feeBay too often. I didn't get it either, but my avatar says it all.

  • One of my account had $20 spend with no minimum. Thank you eBay.

    • +1

      "One of my account". Do you have many accounts?

    • I had a $10 one last week and forgot to use it. i only have two accounts that get the vouchers. all my selling ones get nothing.

      • My selling account (actually its my only account) gets vouchers, but as kickbacks for selling, not "please come back to buy stuff"

  • How long have your accounts been inactive?
    I'm still waiting for a voucher for those small non-essential items..

  • yes, getting this all the times if you don't spend it.
    ebay gently reminded me 5 times :( in last few months

  • I dont buy often and still dont get it

  • thanks op got the same item for $13.5

  • I shop and sell all the time on eBay and I got this $10 voucher.

  • A little off-topic - if you wish to cash the credit, just buy anything with it and request to cancel the order. Profit!

  • I had this pop up but lost it. Can it somehow be checked in your account?

    • Yes. The voucher redemption code appears in your account too.

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