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[OzBargain 12] Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam $59.99 Delivered ($71.99 w/ 32GB Card, $82.49 64GB) @ Baiklov Amazon AU


The Blueskysea dashcam is back for OzBargain's 12th birthday. Should be 160 in stock but I've PMed people who missed out on the last deal so if you want this you need to be quick. Remember you must buy from AUBaiklov and Fulfilled by Amazon. This will be sent from Amazon's Australian warehouse.

The code works for

I'd say you're fine with 32GB unless you tend to have a lot of exciting road incidents. 3 minute videos are 268MB (32GB/268MB=119 videos) and after the card is full it will just overwrite the oldest video. Make sure you select FREE Standard Delivery as it defaults to Expedited Delivery. All ship out of the Amazon Australia Warehouse.

The Cam

I'll repeat from last time(s):

I'm an avid dashcam video watcher. The quality of the videos on Roadcam vary quite a bit however whenever I see a good quality video I note down the dashcam. Unfortunately, YouTube compresses their videos so it's difficult to ascertain if the details are lost by the camera or in the uploaded video. This was the post that sold me on the B1W. The difficult lighting conditions were handled quite well by the B1W although without seeing the raw video hard to tell a comparison of licence plates.


However, I've taken some test videos and uploaded them uncompressed-ish (I think) so you can have a look.

Using the Cam/App

You connect to the cam via Wi-Fi which has the default password of 1234567890. May be worth changing if you don't want to risk others connecting to your cam. You can also turn the wi-fi off permanently by holding down the cam's button. The app itself lets you choose a bunch of options such as stopping the voice notifications. Blinking green light means recording, solid green means on but not recording and I'm guessing different lights for wi-fi off.

So if you see something interesting on the road, you press the button on the side of the camera. By default, the camera records in 1 minute increments. I've changed mine to 3 but I'm not sure that's really useful. In the app, there is a list of videos on the cam called normal which is the loop of videos and Emergency Video which are the videos it takes when you press the button.

The camera comes with a mounting kit. Basically a bunch of 3M double sided stickers with plastic things you can loop the wire in. So you stick them out of sight at the edge of your windshield.


  • 1080p resolution at 30fps with a bit rate of 12Mbps.
  • Sony IMX323 sensor.
  • Novatek GM8135S processor
  • No screen or GPS (settings adjusted with app).
  • Uses capacitors instead of Lithium Ion batteries making it better for hot climates (hello Australian summer). Works up to 70c.
  • Need to settle a road argument? Connect to the wi-fi and you can play the videos in seconds on your phone.
  • Parking Mode (Triggered by G-sensor. When an impact is detected by the G-sensor, the camera starts video recording 30 seconds automatically. The hardwire kit needed for Parking Mode is not included in standard package, buyer needs to buy it separately. $26.99 at the same store)
  • Use this as a rear camera. You can power it with a powerbank so you don't need to hardwire. You can power the cam with a USB cable (and power source).

If you are looking for an affordable, discreet, Wifi enabled camera with good video quality, the Blueskysea B1W is a great choice. Since the camera does not have a screen you will need a smartphone to setup the camera using the available app.Overall one of the best bang for your buck cameras for 2018. Better video quality than the previous budget camera, the A118C. Only unknown is long term reliability. - Dashcam Talk -

Another YouTube Review

I believe the Blueskysea B1W is the compromise between the cheap webcams (e.g. Xiaomi 70min/mai $40-$55and the more expensive quality ones (Viofo A119 Pro ~$133)). Ranked #1 in cheap dashcams on Dashcamtalk (Discussion Thread)

Price Elsewhere

Pricing has been getting more competitive:

$71.49 on eBay shipped from China inc GST.

$60.25 on AliExpress with 26-51 days shipping inc GST

Order should look like this:

Order Summary
Items: $79.99
Delivery: $5.99
Order Total: $85.98
Promotion(s) Applied: -$25.99
Order Total: $59.99

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    I'm an avid dashcam video watcher

    Same, especially the Russian ones.

  • Got one. Thanks again Neil.

  • +1

    don't forget your toothbrush …i mean cashrewards!

    • It may not work because the code isn't listed.

  • Is it better than xiaomi one?

    • +1

      No lithium battery (capacitor-based), so is more likely to survive summer temperatures. Not a substantial difference in recording quality but the Xiaomi has a built-in display (while you'll have to rely on the app and WiFi for this).

      • +2

        Only the 70MAI Pro has the display.
        The non pro version doesn't have the display?

        The 70MAI non-pro version is around $70 shipped from China?
        I think the 70MAI pro version is around $90 shipped.

        • Ah yes, forgot about the original! Thanks

        • i think they were 35 when posted here on sale

      • Some Yi dashcam has ADAS

  • +1

    You connect to the cam via Wi-Fi which has the default password of 1234567890

    that's the same combination on my luggage!


    • +7

      And my ATM pin!

  • "Working temperature: -20℃- +70℃ (-68℉-158℉)"
    Would this survive an Australian summer with a park car in the sun?

    I remember an older model with a capacitor battery being quite popular here. Any recommendations now?

    • +1

      This uses a capacitor so definitely suited to Australia.

  • Do you need an endurance SD card or a normal would be fine? (I live in queensland and you could cook a chook by leaving one in a car)

    • +1

      I'd always go for high-endurance since the dash cam is constantly writing video. Something like this. Rated for 5000 hours @ 26mbps and this cam writes at 12mbps, so ~11000 hours.

      • how many gb min do you recommend?

        • You'll get just under 6 hours of recording with a 32gb card before the camera starts overwriting the oldest video, so 32 should be plenty (plus, if there is an accident/something interesting, just press the button and it won't overwrite that file).

    • Nice, just in time for a chook dinner afterwork.

  • +2

    hmm seems like A119S is still better on picking up number plates than this one imo.

    • It is. But this is cheaper and better value.

  • Bagged one this time. Thanks for heads up neil

  • Ok, I got a new car so might as well purchase a DashCam. Has this dashcam got an ozbargain stamp of approval?? Happy to spend more if there's a better quality product out there.

    Just need one that is reliable, and using it for insurance claims if shit hits the ceiling. Don't care about watching dashcam footage etc.

    • yup lots of ozbargainers recommend this one as nothing comes close in this price point (except the xiao mi one).

      • +1

        I thought A119S is the ozbargain approved one

        • +1

          but its 150 bucks that's a different price point. the video quality is amazeballs i heard tho.

  • Needed one. Thanks.

    • +3

      Do you have lots of crashes?

      • +1

        Not really but I would like to be on safe side. After reading daily posts about accidents and importance of dashcam on OZbargain. :)

  • Cannot checkout. Stock exhausted??

  • +2

    Got an A119v2 for the front and one of these for the rear. Highly recommend

    • How do you install them in the rear?
      You had to cut some wires?

      • Some vehicles have an additional power outlet in the rear or boot.
        Otherwise you may need to safely piggy back off another power source.

      • Used a dash cam hardwire kit and ran the cables to the fuse box

  • what memory cards do these come with?

  • +2

    Out of stock for the base model already -_-

  • just the camera option is not available using the link?

  • I think it's sold out
    No longer listed

    • Just camera is sold out. Only ones with dashcam + cards left.

      • Oops, sorry that's what I meant

  • +2

    Waiting all week for the deal to be posted and stock exhausted already.

    You win some, you lose some :)

  • Ordered mine earlier this morning. Thanks for the pm.

  • sold out :( better to buy from AliExp. happy to wait…

  • +6

    All gone! As per last time, if you want this dash cam and missed out, then reply to this comment. I PMed everyone last time prior to posting this deal and I'll do it again if the seller can offer the deal again.

    • keen. thanks!

    • Yes please. Thank you

    • thanks

    • Yes please! I had one in my cart and was just looking for a few other things to get (to take advantage of free shipping)

    • +1


    • Keen also. Thanks.

    • Thanks, would love to get one

    • yes please, thanks

    • yes please i missed out, again

    • Missed out. Replying here for a future chance ;(

    • Yes please!

    • Yes please, Thanks

    • Yes please, missed again!

    • me too

    • Yes please!

    • yes please!

    • mee tooo

    • yes please!! thanks

    • Yes please

    • That'd be great! Thanks!

    • Thanks.

    • Yes please

    • Yes please!

    • Yes please. Thanks for your effort!

    • Thanks for the PM, but I missed out again =(
      PM again for next deal please

    • Keen. Thanks!

    • Yes please neil!

    • yes please thanks

    • Yes please if you could message me!

    • Yes please

    • Yes please!

    • I signed up to Ozbargain specifically to reply to you that I am very KEEN.

      We have issues in my country with people throwing rocks at cars from overpasses, these dash cams can help with both insurance and to help identify the criminals.

    • Am keen. Thanks neil!

    • Yes pls

    • Yes please.

    • Yes, please.

    • Yes please!

    • Yes pls

    • Keen if you can. Cheers.

    • Yes please!

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    • Keen, thanks.

    • Definitely keen!

    • KEEN, please, thanks!

    • Mee too

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    • I'm keen! thank you :)

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