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[QLD] 10 for $10 Menu Lunch and Dinner, 7 Days a Week @ Southern Cross Sports Club - Upper Mount Gravatt


Seems like a decent price for pub food especially for dinner.

Hard to find a decent feed these days for $10.00. I've been here a few times - food is decent and so are the portions.

Good for a hot date or other special occasions on a budget ;)

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    10 Meals for Lunch seems like a lot to eat, even if it is a bargain… lol


    What's da schnitty like bois?


      Does the job!


    Normal price for many years😱

    Membership is the real deal here - $5 for 5 years membership. (mine expires 2050 - cost $5) with 3 free meals at the 3 associated clubs in your birthday month👍


      Where is the statement of 'membership with 3 free meals at the 3 associated clubs in your birthday month.'
      I cannot find it on the website


        Have to contact one of the 3 clubs for details.
        I've got 3 meals for birthday month for years.
        Membership is now $5 for life (2050).

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          Thanks a lot for quick reply.

          So for safe, I would better go to one of the 3 clubs physically in person to join?
          Because I cannot find anywhere for 2050 either.

          oh, I did a Google search, saw someone else shared the same information/experience (birthday month free meal)


    Do they deliver to NSW?