expired $4.99 Domain Transfers to Namecheap in The Next 24 Hours (EXTENDED)


In response to GoDaddy's CEO Bob Parsons pathetic killing of elephants in a trip to Zimbabwe, Namecheap is offering a discount (actually a loss) on domain transfers in the next 24 hours.

Use coupon code BYEBYEGD to transfer domains to Namecheap for $4.99. (Extended until 11:59pm EST on 2/4/11.)

While I'm no animal rights liberationalist or whatever, I find this attempt at advertising in a video where the CEO is killing animals, absolutely pathetic. I guess they're trying to appeal to the "macho" guy? Didn't hot women work?

GoDaddy used to be well known for their edgy SuperBowl commercials, women and racecars, now what? Senseless killing of elephants.

Edit/update: it's included in the link, but thought I'd throw it on here too:
On top of domain transfer only costing $4.99, Namecheap will donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at http://www.savetheelephants.org/
Good cause!

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    Godaddy is the most frustrating domain company I have ever dealt with. Switched to namecheap a while back and have had no probs.

    Might be worth adding:

    On top of that, we'll donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at http://www.savetheelephants.org/


    I love NameCheap's new domain transfer process!

    Just transfered 5 domains, too bad namecheap doesn't support all the TLD's that GoDaddy supports.

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    Too bad they don't support .com.au or I'd be signing up for this.

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      For what it's worth, I believe domain name transfers for .com.au are free, and it is illegal to charge for them (though you can't transfer them in the first 90 days from registration, and transfers close to the expiry may attract a renewal fee).


        I believe transfer fees are simply the first years registration with the new company… weather its .com or .com.au

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    Good deal


    I'm moving mine over!

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    Yieww!! First time front page. Glad some people found it useful!
    Personally I've always had my domains with namecheap. I CANNOT STAND GoDaddy's advertising and crappy website. After the few times I've been there I slowly retreat back to my cave and wish I'd never gone there. It's like clicking through to a early '00s soft porn site.. well not quite, maybe a flashy geopages site.


    GoDaddy has a host of dodgy business practises.
    See http://nodaddy.com/
    All their "cheap" deals are bait and switch.

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      Really? I find that quite sad to hear.
      Tell you what, I'd pay for you to be put in an arena with an elephant. No weapons though, just your bare hands against the elephant :) winner take all!

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    hover.com will transfer an unlimited number of your domains, plus extend 1yr for only $25. A good deal if you have a few domains.

    Use offer code: "TWIT" for an additonal 10% discount.


    dam GoDaddy won't let me transfer my domains out because I made changes in the last 60 days.

    Now I'm going to have about $25 sitting in my namecheap account grr


    Anybody know how long it takes to complete the transfer? I've put in the EPP code and it says its "In progress".


      after you put in the EPP Code you will get 1 (possibly 2) emails to confirm you want to transfer the domain, one from GoDaddy and I think NameCheap might send one, after that you will need to wait "up to 5 days" for GoDaddy to release the domain name.

      Frankly I believe GoDaddy takes their time releasing it, but there's nothing you can do about that.


        I had to resubmit two of my domain transfers today, but without the cheaper discount price. This is because I didn't know you were supposed to remove the private domain registration otherwise GoDaddy would reject the transfer. Should have read the instructions first.


          I've had 4 transfers sitting there all this time because I need to wait 60 days from the last transfer. I asked on live chat they said as long as I pay for it, the transfer will stay in my account waiting for the EPP Code.

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