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Jack Wolfskin Australia $50 off - No Minimum Spend - $10 Shipping on < $75 Orders


Attended an event earlier this year where $50 ‘gift cards’ were given out to participants. Rather than being gift cards this code simply gives $50 off and appears to have no minimum spend.

Needs to be spent at Jack Wolfskin Online

Great for a couple pairs of hiking socks!

Still have to pay shipping ($10 within Australia)

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Jack Wolfskin

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  • Thanks mate. Things are going quick!

  • Code doesn't appear to be working anymore

    • Just worked for me just then. Try a different browser?

  • Brilliant! Thanks OP. 2 pair of hiking socks and just paid postage :)

    • Which pairs did you choose?

  • Thanks OP! Better be quick before they fix it.

  • Missed the beanie!
    Worked great for me on a $49.95 Tee shirt. Just paid $10 shipping which seems to be the amount for an order less than $75.
    There's going to be some surprised faces at their office this morning ;0)
    Thanks very much OP.

  • Can we put mandatory $10 shipping in title?

  • +3

    Now to await the cancellations ;)

  • "Code is invalid"

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    This might seem like a great deal but all the products companies like this sell are always ludicrously marked up.

    Also, I don't want to read a blog just show me the fkn products.

    • +2

      First sign was handing out $50 coupons with no minimum spend.

      • As the old adage goes; If it's too good to be true it probably is

  • +6

    Nothing worth buying IMO. Huge mark ups.

  • My AVG reported this as a malware site.

    • +1


      Now THAT was an antivirus

    • +2

      AVG in 2018….bruh

      • +1

        He's probably using Windows XP though.

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    Thanks mate - $10 for a couple pairs of hiking socks is a steal.

  • Thanks. Will see if they honour the deal.
    Jack WOlfskin is a great brand but they operation i dont think is big enough in Australia to absorb the costs.

  • Pages Not loading. Boss called IT to shutdown the website?

    • Website is probably just getting smashed, Still working for me

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 sets of Hiking Socks worth $49.90 for a total of $10 Shipping!

  • Picked up a wolftowel normally $40 see if the order goes through hey

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    Just so you guys know I'm getting a warning from my security software that the Jack Wolfskin site has been reported for malware. Do with that what you will.

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      That's a good prompt for me to realise that anyone could post a fake bargain and phish all our banking passwords. What's the protection for that on OB? Anyone know?

      • I paid via Google Pay and also has PayPal as an option, so seems legit.

        • It's a valid question - is OB setup to protect us in any way or is the onus all on the individual? Are deal links scanned for legitimacy and viruses? I would imagine programmatically it could be done, maybe it is already and I didn't realise.

          • -1

            @swapsey: Yes Ozbargain are legally accountable for your purchase decisions and any losses incurred.

            • @julz: Read my comment again, no legal issues raised

      • how do they get your banking password?

        if they take straight up credit card, they could get those details but all they get from paypal is a user id & authorisation token

    • Same my Avast antivirus flagged it as a malware site.

    • My mobile avast reported as malware site, I'd say don't buy from here guys

  • ordered a T-shirt, good deal

  • +4

    Bit scummy to make use of this I think :( guess they can cancel orders if they wish.

  • +2

    Jack will be crying wolf soon.

  • Damn missed out :(

  • +3

    Looks like they have applied a minimum spend. If you order over $100, it still works, but not under $100. Fair enough.. pity it doesn't stack with their 30% off backpacks :(

  • +16

    Cmon guys.. making multiple orders really? Why can people never be happy with 1 I hope all duplicate orders get cancelled.

    • Yep. I agree….

  • Just tried it, doesn't work guys. Now there's a minimum spend. O well, 2 pairs of fancy socks would've been nice. Hope you early ozbargainers get yours!

  • Yay got two pairs of socks ordered. Let see if they cancel them.

  • +2

    These guys obviously never thought about ozb before dishing out these codes

    • They only do it once! haha

  • +1

    They charged us the full amount, ie the discount was missing when the payment was processed. Contacted them and they just refunded the discount amount, so look to be honoring.

  • Just contact them about the discount and they insist on the minimum spend of $99 despite that I ordered it before they added that condition. So I cancelled my order. Now waiting for them to refund my money. Good luck with yours.

  • +2

    My order is shipped. All good guys

    • Same

    • "Your order is on the way."

  • My first order shipped. Second (cheeky) order cancelled and (refunded i hope).

    • Got my shirt today. Definitely not worth $50 so happy with paying $10

  • +2

    Just had my order refunded. 6.40pm Qld. Refund confirmed by PayPal. Original order was within 40 minutes of deal being posted here.
    Got an email from Jack Wolfskin a couple of minutes beforehand saying "Part of your order has been refunded".
    No further explanation. Though fully understandable.
    Well done to those of you getting items shipped.

  • I ordered 2 pairs of socks and they were delivered yesterday by Parcel post.

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