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Blufree FM Transmitter is the easier way to upgrade your car radio and enhance your journey without taking apart your car, which is built to carry crystal audio sound to car radio that with no audio-in capability.

How Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter works?
1.The FM Transmitter is connected to car stereo over an empty channel for the least interference. Press and hold the phone button to enter FM mode and them adjust the frequency.
2.Cell phone is paired with the FM Transmitter via Bluetooth connection for hands free phone call and mobile music, even for GPS audio navigation.
3.MP3 Music play from memory TF/SD Card or USB flash drive.

Multifunctional FM Transmitter Bluetooth for Car, a convenient accessory to make your driving more interested!

Bluetooth receiver function: hands free phone calling and MP3 music streaming.

MP3 Music for Car with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound:
A. Bluetooth enabled devices (cell phone, tablet…)
B. USB flash drive
C. Memory TF/SD Card (64G)

Dual USB ports car charger which total output 3.1A total: Fast charge your phone and other devices at the same time.

Voltage Detection: The car voltage is showed on the digital display for monitoring easily

Memory Function: Fast Bluetooth pairing. Once paired, the FM transmitter will automatically reconnect with the last paired smart device when turned on next time.

Universal Compatibility: Bluetooth Transmitter works well with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, iPod, tablet and etc.

Excellent service with 90-days money back guarantee.

Package Included:
1Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Dual USB Charge Ports
User Manual

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    Doesn't work.
    Edit: Code BLUEFREE works for 20%.

    OK just realised this is for tomorrow. I should learn to read.

  • Please don't tick the "Freebie" checkbox when your products cost money to purchase. Thanks


    I bought a Roidmi 3S and it's basically unusable because the volume is way too low and the car radio volume would have to turned up to a ridiculous amount (and asking for trouble if switching to another station or mode).

    Will this be any different?


      Never had this issue with mine. Are you on right frequency + Bluetooth volume up?


        Yep. Pair, max phone volume. Even launching the music player through the Roidmi app launcher to boost the volume slightly still very quiet.
        Other Bluetooth headphones and stuff all ok too of course. I mean maybe it's just the car radio lol


          Try changing frequency, maybe that one has interference. Otherwise not sure, I found the roidmi one was louder than any actual radio station


            @dyl: Yeah I tried other frequencies but seemed the same. Also tried volume booster apps but it just distorted. The odd thing maybe is the pairing tone seems to be a reasonable volume on its own.



    Code not working btw if I read it does say tomorrow lol


      Why do you need 24V? I'm pretty sure that cigarette lighter sockets are always 12V, even in trucks with 24V battery systems.

      Easy to check with a multimeter, but be careful not to short the socket during the measurement. Get the negative (chassis) connection elsewhere, like there is usually some unpainted steelwork under the dash.

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        Trucks have 2 batteries resulting in 24v


          I've done a bit of research.

          Some trucks with two batteries have 12V sockets, some 24V, some have both, some have a switch to select. Only way to be sure is to test with a multimeter. Here's a good forum on the topic: http://www.trucknetuk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=14960

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            @Russ: Majority I've seen are 24v if they're not modified in anyway (ie voltage dropper or wired directly to one of the two batteries). This is typical for light trucks/buses.

            Isn't usually an issue, almost all accessories support both 12/24V… Just slightly concerning when the seller doesn't directly advertise if their device does or doesn't.

            Note: 12/24V is supported according to GearBest listing


          Usually the new battery will be closer to 24V, and it will be reduced to about 12V after a period of use. If it is lower than 12V, be wary of whether to replace the battery.However, the voltage of the truck is generally higher than that of a small car.


            @Blufree: None of this is true…

            Car batteries are 12-14v, trucks simply use two and are 24-28v…

            I'm just asking if the device you're selling is 12/24v or just 12.


    Purchased today

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