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Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush $139.60 (RRP $349) Delivered @ Shaver Shop on eBay


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  • i have the 9000, best toothbrush ever!

  • Amazing price for retail. Clinician pricing for personal use is not heaps less.

  • It looks like my triumph 5000? Is it worth the upgrade?

    • night and day, wife accidentally used mine and got me to upgrade her 5000 it was so good.
      way more powerful, and charge last longer on lithium ion

  • Good deal. Recently paid $148 at amazon before CR.

  • Having used both Oral B and Philips, I won't be buying Oral B again. Battery life is rubbish compared to Philips and doesn't brush as well. Good price nonetheless.

    • Yes, I've had both - the Philips is far better.

    • I agree, sonicares are just nicer to use. They're quieter and the vibrating action is more relaxing then oral B's harsh oscillating action. The only downside is the brush heads are much more expensive.

      • You can actually feel the difference in quality as well. Oral B feels like plastic toy.

      • Where do u usually buy sonicare brush heads? I found only myer sells them and maybe shaver shop? They are rarely discounted i think. Seems oral b brush heads are available in more places like chemist warehouse and discounted most of the time

        • You can find generic brand heads off ebay or Amazon quite easily. I bought a 10 pack last year for about $40 and honestly it feels almost identical. Just make sure to find a product with good reviews as some generics are total duds

    • What do you mean about the battery life? Per charge or lifetime? I have the cheapest one you can get but it sits on it's wireless charger all the time when not in use so I've never noticed how long a single charge lasts. Doesn't matter if the lifetime isn't great because it was cheap but with these more expensive models it'd be a deal breaker.

    • They're like $400, aren't they?

    • I'm going to offer an alternative pov. I've been using Philips for 5 years, got two top of the range DiamondClean, both broke after a little over 2 years of use.

      The DiamondClean looks very nice, but it's too smooth to grip when wet. The power button and the handle have a gap between them so water gets inside the handle, and because of this, the power button sometimes acts on its own and would randomly turn the toothbrush on or off. Also, the connector end of the handle (that connects the handle and the brush head) has a thin layer of rubber-y material that dissolves over time and makes it hard to clean. The DiamondClean also has pretty mediocre battery life despite what they say on their website, mine lasts less than one week (twice a day usage).

      During Black Friday my second Philips got broken so I ordered the Oral B 9000 (from Shaver Shop also, but I'm not associated with them at all). I've been using this for a few days now and so far I love it. Due to the difference in vibration and the brush head, the Oral B is less messy to use - the Philips tend to be more "splash-y". The handle is easier to grip thanks to the rubber-y sides. The brush head has a small whole at the front so you can actually rinse the inside. The buttons are fully sealed so I know they're waterproof and water won't go inside of the handle. It has a better battery indicator, and you can see the selected mode more easily. And last but not least, the varies brush heads just look nicer / cooler than the Sonicare ones. :P

      To be honest I don't understand why the top range Sonicare costs so much (more than 2x the Oral B pretty much), and yet as an electric toothbrush, isn't waterproof (I'm sure the internal is, but the handle definitely isn't).

      I know it's still early days for me with the Oral B, but so far I couldn't be happier.

  • Reckon all the Bluetooth features are just gimmicky. 700 should be just enuf- 2 minute timer with 30 second interval, battery status and pressure indicator and ni-mh batt I think. Any reason for the 000 models?


      Even their nimh batteries suck now.

    • The features you mentioned and 3D cleaning (which the 700 has) are the only really important features for most people. I have the 3000 which also has 3 cleaning modes (the other 2 of which I never use) and Bluetooth, which I also never use.

      • Exactly my point. Did a bit of research, think Oral-B updating all the models again. X000 will be superseded.

  • +4 votes

    Good price but be aware the Sakura Limited edition carry case is quite "feminine" as it was designed as a Mother's Day special

    • Why do we need to reinforce these dangerous gender stereotypes? Since when do you need to be female or a mother to be celebrated on mothers day? /PC

      I think I might put a sticker on the box or something…

  • These RRP for electric toothbrushes and electric shavers are always so inflated to make it look like you're getting a good deal.

    This is a good deal though might I add

  • I got one of these ages ago from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/264591
    And battery still lasts 3-4 weeks used twice daily on highest power level.

    And has wireless charging….

    • They all have wireless charging…

    • I had oral-b 7000. Battery is awful. When new, you could feel losing its power after 2 charges, which meant you had to keep it on constant charge to have the speed. As if they didn't have technology to make it run at full speed till the battery goes dry. If you go away for several days, it would mean you had to bring charger too. Oral-b was bragging about faster speed, not that it matters much, since they are still fast, but the fact is don't advertise something that is like a high performance car, but to keep it running at top performance you have to have a petrol station following you all the time.

      Wireless charging is good, but not really a necessity. Nothing wrong with just plugging it in.

  • I currently have the Oral B Vitality. I think that was around $60 when I bought it. Other than the fancy bluetooth and extras like that… is the 9000 ACTUALLY a better toothbrush?

    • Vitality is a low end motor which does not clean as effectively, and doesn't have the pressure sensor which tells you when you're brushing too hard.

  • This vs normal toothbrush?

    • You could brush just as well with a manual tb as you would with an electric… but you probably won't.

      For some people, they literally can't reach areas with the size of a manual toothbrush head, and even if they could, they have no room to move the toothbrush around to clean the surface - the electric toothbrush has a smaller head and will do the cleaning movement for you.

      For this reason alone, I recommend electric toothbrushes to my patients, but I generally recommend the 3000 series (which is now EOL, so the Smart 4 is my next recommendation).

    • mercedes v bicycle?

  • For anyone who wants a similar model for cheaper, Aldi will be selling the Oral-B Pro 700, which has all the essential features of the 9000, for $59.99 on Wed 5 Dec.

  • I have the triumph 5000 with smartcare purchased circa 3 yrs ago? I use the smart guide device for timing and time, and now they just cop out with a phone holder? Doesn't feel much of an upgrade, although I do want a toothbrush with more oscillations/cleaning capability.

  • Serious question as I've never owned an electric toothbrush before… Is the Philips Sonicare really worth twice as much? I'm a "buy once, cry once" type of guy but $400+ for a toothbrush seems a bit crazy.

    • It's really just personal preference, oral b and sonicare each use a different cleaning action but both will clean your teeth well. That being said, the high end models from both brands are really not necessary, they just come with extra gimmicky features such as Bluetooth, phone charger, phone app, etc. The only must have features are a pressure sensor and 30sec timer. You can find a really good sonicare (or oral b) for about $60 on sale. Also, never pay rrp for electric toothbrushes as they are on sale like 40/52 weeks a year.

      • "40/52 weeks a year" haha. Thank for the insight mate, it's much appreciated. I'll wait until one of their non-flagships go on sale then :)

    • I've owned several Oral B and have been using a Philips Sonicare for the past year. The Sonicare definitely is more pleasant to use and feels less harsh because of the sonic vibration, rather than the oscillating brush heads on the Oral B. With that said, the brush heads for Philips cost way more than the Oral B ones.

      Either way, you'll get a good clean from both so I wouldn't worry about it unless you have extremely sensitive gums maybe? I'd never pay RRP for an electric toothbrush since there's so many sales and deals on. Same goes for other personal grooming items like shavers.

      • Thank you. Yeah, I hopped on the Philips Oneblade Pro bandwagon last week when Amazon AU had them for $65. It's very helpful to hear that the Sonicare feels more pleasant, I'll keep that in mind. I've got the Oneblade so perhaps I'll keep the toothbrush in Philips family too :)

  • bought. gee can feel this year xmas will be expensive one.

  • it's possible to switch with other colour in the store?

  • I can't post a separate deal since it gets marked as a duplicate but there are also good prices for oral irrigators:

    The portable Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser for $71.20 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus)
    The larger Waterpik WP100A system for $95.20 delivered
    The portable Waterpik WP450 system for $79.96 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus)

  • Bought one.
    Thanks OP

  • for people who bought genius 9000 sakura, shop will probably call you to choose diff colour as it is sold out.
    other colours available: black, white, whitepurple, rosegold

  • was thinking should I get it or not due to the colour. Now it's sold out :(

  • 9000 showing as out of stock now :/

  • has anyone received theirs? I have had no contact since purchasing on Ebay… i also purchased 2 packs of refills and also no contact :(

    • gee already used it for a week here, sydney post code 2000.

    • i ordered on the 2 December. Called HQ and they said they have had problems with the click and collect parcel pick up points. They ensured me i'll get it by xmas… Thanks for your responses :) merry xmas!

    • Yup turned up fairly quickly, took it into the store and changed the colour no problems.

  • Yeah, no problem here either