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Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition $448.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest it's ever been on Amazon. Last lowest price was $494.10

Not a bad price if you like the look of the console. Assuming you can get a normal switch for ~$350, and the game itself at around $60-70, you're essentially paying ~$30 extra for the limited edition console.

Don't forgot to use Cashrewards/Shopback.

Just a note that this comes with a download of super smash rather than a physical copy.

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    I wish EB would match the Special edition pricing of Amazon, feeling like I am better off cancelling and ordering via Amazon

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    I just bought the normal switch from Amazon on Black Friday. Should I return it and get this one?

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        When did this mentality of, I've bought something, was happy with it, used it for a while now something else has come out that looks prettier can I return it for a full refund come from?… Frustrates me and I'm not even a retailer…

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          Yeah I agree, and honestly even the concept of being able to return something that isn't outright faulty is a pretty bizarre to me.

          When I was growing up, I was taught and/or picked up a belief of "once you've taken off the shrink wrap or opened the box, you've bought it" and I just assumed no store would ever accept a return of a box that had been opened, and one would be foolish to even try to pull something like that off.

          I didn't even discover that many stores will accept returns of used items that customers just decided they "didn't want" until pretty recently, and it weirded me out a little to discover that some people do this on the regular.

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          lol, you guys have scared them off.


      I'd say only if you really like/want the limited edition console. Otherwise having the normal switch for $329 + the game would still be under $400 altogether and be functionally the same.

      I can understand the feeling though, I'm currently in an internal struggle over whether to get the Pikachu edition console or save ~$100 by just buying a standard switch + the game (have no interest in the poke ball anyway).


        you could probably use that $100 to buy a pro controller that can be used across all other games. but, the Pikachu edition has special backplate and sick joy con colour. btw, will amazon give me full refund if I have opened and used my console?


        Id go neon standard and buy another game or two with the $100


        I’d love to get the Pikachu edition including the Pokeball for my son for Christmas. Can’t justify the price though.


    Damn, really wishing I didn't preorder this from JB way back. In the past this sort of thing from Nintendo has been somewhat limited. Lesson learnt for next time.

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    Just bought one from Harvey Norman with price match, by using my AMEX card, there is a further $50 discount. Maybe claim GST and take it an international trip.


    Bought it myself. Was lucky enough to get in with an 8% Shopback.
    Kept putting off buying a switch, but in the end succumbed to this deal.
    Cheers Shekster

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