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Samsung EVO Plus 256GB US $47.29 (~AUD $65.74) Delivered @ Joybuy


Hey guys, first post ! I just bought a 256gb Samsung EVO Plus for $59.76 + GST so I thought I'd share with you.
Please advise if I missed anything :)

Mod Note: Price in title inclusive of GST.

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  • Lots of unresolved angry customers from their previous deal.

    They shipped a tablet using a carrier that’s doesnt send batteries.
    Customers weren’t notified. And waited a 3 weeks
    When customers contacted Joybuy, they advised what’s going on
    And told to wait another 30-40 days

    I’m still waiting on my refund

    • I'm sad to hear. I've ordered a couple of 256GB when they were $78 each and they arrived after 3 weeks. The good thing is they are real Samsung cards (87mb/s writing on my macbook pro)

      • I ordered the same Samsung cards 4 weeks ago. Still waiting for it.
        It hasn't left the Chinese warehouse from the tracking info.

        • I ordered two through the tech.mall eBay deal on here too. They sent one of them a few weeks after claiming it got lost in the mail. Then promised to send the second one but it never arrived. They now aren’t responding to communication from me or eBay. I’m in the process of getting reimbursed through eBay.

          Check the negative feedbacks for these sellers on eBay. It seems to be a common problem for some sellers with these cards. Good deal if they arrive, are genuine and work though.

    • Yes, I can confirm this. I am one of the victim from Joybuy just exactly how lakers1222 have described, my tablet is no where to be seen after 3+ weeks and it is painful every time I contact them to be told it’s on the way, please keep waiting for a few more weeks blablabla…. And all of a sudden, tracking details for my tablet is unavailable online.
      I’m planning to ask for the refund too. This is the first time I bought from Joybuy and also my last time.

  • They were AU$51.xx just a few weeks back.No deal.

  • Yeah, i was so disappointed. Still waiting for my tablet to be delivered. I'm planning to get a refund.

  • Got one from the last deal in exactly two weeks.