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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 64GB 8" LTE US $204 (~AU $288) & 10" US $264 (~AU $374) @ Joybuy (New Account and PayPal)


Joybuy has the Mi pad 4 LTE listed for $194USD + GST and the Mi pad 4 plus listed for $249USD + GST.

In order to get the best price you need to sign up with a new email to get the $5USD/7AUD coupon, and pay with paypal (they are doing a $5USD off $40+ spend promotion right now for the first 10,000 orders) to get a further $10USD/$14AUD discount on the total price. (Math works out a bit differently when it gets down to decimals as the first $5 coupon is applied before GST and the paypal discount after)

These prices are comparable/better than the Chinese RRP for these devices.

The LTE bands are fully compatible with Vodafone but misses B28 for Optus and Telstra.

Other FAQ
-you can't use these for calls
-it is wildvine level 3 right now so no HD streaming via Netflix
-the 8 inch model has no fingerprint sensor but the 10 inch model does.
-8 inch model is around 20cm by 12cm (a bit thinner than A5 paper size and same height) and the 10 inch is around 25 by 15.
-both versions have same resolution (1920 by 1200) so the PPI for the 8 inch is actually higher (but unless you really peep you can't tell)

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2018.

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  • Mi and Vodafone, perfect match

  • Thanks, I think to get the 10" for my parent to use as a Super oversized phone, mind putting in the link?

    • It's the same page/URL. You have to pick it from the 'Colour' option (The third one from the left I believe; it will say 10 inch 4+64 LTE version)

      This will not work as a phone though.

  • Noob question, i've never use mipad before, are they any good? Can we make phone call with it or just data only? Is this a Chinese version or global version with Google play store and does it have any unwanted chinese apps preinstalled?

    • Data only.

      There is no global rom for this but the MIUI team has released a google play loader

      There is probably some bloatware, not sure how much though.

      Overall the mipad 4 is a very good tablet and probably the best midrange android tablet at the moment.

      Techtablets is my go to for China tab reviews and he covers the 8 inch version in depth here.

  • Can we use this as phone?

  • Can it work with stylus/pen.. I need tablet for note taking and converting to word document

  • Looks like 10 inch is sold out.

  • Thanks OP!. Bought an 8 inch

  • Bought the 8 with LTE, hopefully will get the 2.10% cash back at Cash Rewards. Don't know if I'll ever use LTE, but it was only an extra $10.

    I found the sign up process difficult. I'm guessing they only accept a specific whitelist of email domains as most of my addresses never got the activation email, had to use gmail in the end.

  • Thanks OP, bought the 8" LTE!

  • would mipad work with Optus?

  • will there be Global Version of Mi Pad4?

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 8 inch LTE version @ USD $202.89

  • Thanks, been holding out on a deal for this and seems this is the best I'll get in the next month.

    8" LTE came to USD202.89 = 278.56 on 28 Degrees before Cashrewards.

  • Paid the same for the wifi only version of the 8", great price.

    For anyone that had the original 2012 Nexus 7, the dimensions and weight is almost identical and obviously (6 years on) this is better in every way. Having used other relatively recent tablets.

    My only gripes are the aluminium body is extremely slippery, I can't recommend a case of any kind enough. There's no widevine L1 DRM for HD Netflix support and (not relevant to this product) is that the wifi model didn't come with GPS.

    Between the great battery life (7 hours gaming), snappy performance, really good speakers, updates, headphone jack and decent screen to body ratio, it's hard not to recommend.

    • This was exactly what I was thinking as an upgrade from my nexus 7. Curiously, are you running any custom roms or anything? I jumped onto xda and there is quite a community for this device.

  • Looking at getting a tablet to chuck in the bag with me and not care to much about when travelling. Would this be better then the base iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 for $450 each respectively?
    I've come across this and the Huawei Mediapad as alternate options. I heard this tablet is unable to watch Netflix in HD?

    • I see it says no streaming in HD. So what if you downloaded a show from Netflix would it still be in SD or would it be HD?

      • It would be SD but given the lower resolution, you won't be able to notice much difference imo.

  • I'll have to say. There's currently no way I can see that you can stop the data automatically from being used up beyond your monthly limit on your plan if you are post paid. Setting up something like this is trivial on stuff like phones, but it seems to be an afterthought here. You can only completely disable data on a per app basis or limit data use to only update apps that are under a certain limit in MB.

  • grabbed one of these this morning for usd253 (aud approx aud350), and then expecting the 11% cashback from shopback also. used the 5usd website voucher, then payed with paypal for a further 5usd discount.
    this really qualifies as a fair dinkum bargain.
    google play can be installed, you have memory expansion, sim capable enough for my basic needs as ill happily shove an el-cheapo kogan/voda sim in(note all the LTE discussions) and im not concerned with ultra crystal pictures streaming etc, so it going to work great for me for general use, some uni work, sitting about browsing using my apps etc
    had plenty of xiaomi products in past, can not see this being a risk.
    reviews are sensational, certainly appears you getting what you pay for plus more, less the brand costs of apple, samsung etc

  • Picked one up, along with a case and screen protector and about $100 US worth of Xiaomi Smart home gear :P

    I think it will make a good replacement for an iPad Mini 2 for my child.
    Mainly for some video/music but with the odd game.
    Recently got a lifetime Plex pass so adding a 128GB SD card to this will be great for some offline video and music entertainment when traveling, certainly better a slow 16GB ipad with a 4:3 screen :)
    LTE is just the icing on the cake…!

  • Anyone have trouble when you had to put in shipping address? I fill out the details and it wont allow me to continue and click checkout.

    Edit. Resolved by putting in my address first in account settings. At the checkout and it comes to $302

    • Yeah a few dramas. And when paying via paypal it added another few digits near postcode. The 'address for delivery' against the order is dodgy too. It's missing the optional 'line 2' part. Hopefully it doesn't get lost in transit.

      I tried to contact them via chat but got no response.

  • Has anyone got their pad 4 yet ? i ordered the plus on the 10th.

  • I contacted Joybuy on the order. Totally incompetent. Shipped the item to their freight forwarder and it got returned to them due to the battery. Now waiting another 5 days for a new tracking number. I'm close to filing a chargeback!

  • Can't get anything out of them. They don't even know where it is. Will not buy from them again.

  • So are we filing a charge back guys?

    • I am. Web chat said they will resend it soon and it will arrive 30-40 days after that.

      I think they should be banned from Ozbargain.

      • Are you filing a chargeback from your credit card provider or Paypal? Scratch that. I've applied for a paypal chargeback. Joybuy didnt even promise an ETA date for reshipment.

        • My understanding is it’s better to apply for a chargeback through PayPal first. Usually Paypal will approve it in your favour. If Paypal doesn’t approve it, then do a credit card chargeback.

          If you do a credit card chargeback, it automatically voids any chance of getting a Paypal chargeback

          • @lakers1222: Yup done just that. Escalated to Paypal to make a decision first. Now the question is, do I buy from another vendor while waiting for Paypal to make a decision in 10 days? Surprisingly enough, the 400gb SD card ordered from this mob is in the country already so can't fault them there.

  • I ordered on the 11th and no luck, my last status in the shipping when you google translate it says

    Guangzhou, return to the right vote
    2018-11-28 21:16:00

    Think I will contact them for an answer, if they say it will be here next few days if its like 30+ or even 10+ I'll probably do a chargeback.

    Edit. They told me the story about the batter so it will be 30-40 days for delivery told them to cancel it and refund me.

    • Update on this story. They gave me a new tracking number which they claim is a reshipment. I have the PayPal claim outstanding which is due a decision on the 10th. Joybuy have a rubbish rule that says they don't refund until they have the goods back. So either way I'll probably get the funds back.

      • You will not be able to return the item if it ever enters Australia, as auspost will not ship anything with a li-ion battery.

        • I know, we are talking about the item which we all have no idea where it is now.

          • @NotAnAudiophile:

            a rubbish rule that says they don't refund until they have the goods back

            either way I'll probably get the funds back.

            I was suggesting you won't get the funds back 'either way', because it if it makes it to Australia you won't be able to return it, thus joybuy won't refund.

            • @xmail: Haha yes. I'd rather either get the item or the money back.

              • @NotAnAudiophile: They replied to my message on PayPal saying they have reshipped the item provided a tracking number, but honestly who knows if its even for my device when all it says departed china and that the arrival location is Australia. I honestly don't even want the device anymore, is it worth escalating to Paypal?

            • @xmail: Can't PayPal just refund you though and say tough luck to Joybuy?

      • I got a "reshipment" tracking number 6 days ago and there's still no activity on it. Has yours actually shipped?

  • JOYBUY must be banned.

  • I am in the same boat. Ordered a MiPad on 10th November, just had a chat with their customer service, it turns out Chinese custom blocked the package because it contains battery. Although they said it are trying another carrier, I don't think how it will pass Chinese custom this time.

  • Well, with Abit of arguing and cancellation of order then they send it on 30 Nov and is just get delivered today. They have to figure out the delivery method before selling something to Australia.
    This will be the last order from JOYBUY.

  • Mines been on this for a few days now no change
    2018-12-10 14:52
    Chullora, NSW, Item processed at facility

    This is on that 17track site.

    • Should just take however long things normally take from SYD to your place. The PCA Express tracking number is the AusPost tracking number as well, to use directly with them.
      Mine arrived yesterday and I'm happy with it, worth the wait. LTE works flawlessly, which was my main hope coming from the Lenovo P8 which is spectacularly bad at getting a signal.

  • got mine today :)

  • anyone still waiting ?
    I am, and I'm getting quiet annoyed with there "please wait a little longer" response. Last courier update was on the 1st when it left china.

    • I was apparently meant to have it delivered last Thursday but Auspost says its delayed. Contacted Auspost today and they've told me that they will make an investigation.

      edit. and strongly urge me to contact the seller

      • Mine was sitting in Chullora for more than a week, was meant to be delivered last Wednesday, arrived yesterday.

        Despite being shrink wrapped, with the Chinese ROM that got OTA updated to the latest Chinese version, it had a SIM card in it.

        I tried to unlock the bootloader but got a 360 hour delay timer. 15 days before I can unlock it!

    • Now my tracking number has changed? I'm thinking by the time I get the tablet the mi pad 5 will be out..

  • got a notification that apparently its coming today somehow, so ill see what happens. Not holding my breath though.

  • Did anyones mipad come with some simcard inside? It was sealed but has a 128k "WO" USim?

  • Finally after two months, my tablet will be delivered within the next hour or two. Yay.