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Nikon D750 $1959.20 (+$200 Cashback via Redemption) @ JB Hi-Fi ($1861.24 with Wicked Wednesday Code)


Awesome deal on non-grey Nikon D750. $1959, 20% off RRP, for Wicked Wednesday is already a great price but $200 sweetener from Nikon AU is one of the lowest prices it's ever been. I myself am very tempted!

Also on Amazon for $1926 before $200 reward from Nikon or CR/SB but only 1 available.

Link to Nikon Cashback Redemption

Original Wicked Wednesday Deal

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    Nice find! The wicked Wednesday code also stacks to get it down to $1861, $1661 after Cashback :)


    D500 is also a crazy price @ ~$1853 after all discounts =O

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    Very nice camera but Nikon has very boring color algorithms. Even with the sigma lenses I don't get that "pop" i was expecting. Obviously you can mod the RAW files to get the colors you like but straight from the camera with 35/50/135 Sigma Art isn't that sharp or contrasty as Fuji? I recently bought a X-E3 which is yet to be delivered.

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      Personally, I do not like the Fake Color generated by Fuji cameras (I owned a X100F). The fancy color scheme is nice at the first glance, then you would realize that it is just a boosted saturation plus color deviation… Raw is boring but it records the balanced and calibrated light/color, so you have more flexibility with the photos.


    About to pull the trigger on a Fuji X-T20 within the next week. D750 is one of the other cameras I've been considering, went with the Fuji because I want the higher tech mirrorless, I feel DSLR is on it's way out.

    Anyone got any reasons to make me reconsider the Nikon last minute? I’m mainly shooting indoor sports. Currently use a micro four thirds and I almost never take off my 42.5mm F1.7, so I’d be using an 85mm F1.8 on the Nikon or 56mm on the Fuji.

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      Better high ISO noise performance perhaps on the D750


      I got the d750. I feel like d750 can't be a "go to" camera. I also ordered Fuji X-E3 a week ago. If you search for both on flickr or insta you will find photos from fuji to be more attractive for all sort of use. These stupid DSLR bodies are heavy and carrying them with 2 to 3 lenses can become a PIA. You can buy F/1.4 lens for indoor or night time for your fuji set up and i think fuji makes best lens!


        Thanks for making me more confident in my Fuji decision :)

        What I really like about the Nikon is the lens selection/price, can get a Tamron 70-200 F2.8 for ~$1000. Closest tele zoom for Fuji is 50-140 F2.8 for $1600, but it won't get as shallow DoF and nearly same size as a full frame 70-200! I think the Fuji still worth it overall though.

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          Tamron 70-200 is sharp bit then Tamron G2 versions are more sharper. Look as a new photographer you dont want big bodies and bazooka lenses. You need to develop a habbit of taking your gear to places and to weekends on dinner, lunch or shopping. Once you develop that hobby then you move on to things like d750. D750 has its perks but would it help you develop a new habby? I don't think so.


      I wouldn't use the 56mm Fuji for sports, it's a beautiful lense but the AF is too slow for that environment


        Thanks, is it slower than the 42.5 F1.7 though? It's grappling I shoot, a lot of the time the subject is static and the 42.5 F1.7 does just fine. I have been considering the F2 as I know it has better AF, but I know I'll inevitably want that F1.2 as well haha. Hard to tell without testing this things out…


          Haven't used the 42.4 F1.7 so I can't comment. If you can live without the bokeh everything about the F2 is much better from my research. Denae and Andrew on youtube (the channel) recently did a comparison of all the new F2's against the F1.4/1.2 that I recommend you watch!


            @cheapsuit: Oh nice, I know the channel I'll take a look. I'm thinking now I'll get the 50mm F2, if I want lower aperture I’ll probably get a manual lens. There’s a few other primes I’m looking at though, e.g. 35mm F2 or F1.4, would be good to see a comparison.


              @bleeder: 35mm F2 is a great lense is on my wishlist! I opted for the 23mm F2 first because I prefer to shoot wider for my travel/street photography


                @cheapsuit: How did you like 23 F/2 for low light photography of people?


                  @twoperspectives: I've only had a few occasions where I've tried and I think it works fine especially because you can pull the shadows pretty well with the RAW files. I have been pretty amazed how much light the sensor can pull from a low lit scene with my landscape shots (can push the ISO to 6400/12800 with acceptable grain). If you're coping with the F1.7 on MFT you'll do fine with F2 on APS-C.


    Thanks OP, great find, $1661.24 with the $200 Nikon cashback is an awesome deal. Just bought for astrophotography which I'm really into and have been waiting for a while for good price on this to upgrade my crappy old Canon, so thanks again.

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