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Melbourne to ChongQing, China $293 Return on Tianjin Airlines (March-May)


Really cheap during the easter holidays

10-19 $293
10-23 $293
13-19 $293
13-23 $293

19 - 27 $346
21 - 27 $293
21 - 25 $293
28 - June 9 $293

Tianjin airline belongs to Hainan airline

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  • one-way or return ?

  • Very good price! Anything for Sydney?

  • Can you post more details like luggage allowance, headline terms and conditions etc?

    • Bags:

      Two pieces (with the weight of each piece of baggage no more than 23kg/50 lb. and the sum of three sides no more than 158cm/62in.)

      Not sure what t&c's you need. Buy ticket then fly.

      • -4

        Would rather go to Guantanamo Bay

  • -3

    I can Chong on at home for free

  • -2

    Really cheap but Chongqing is a shithole.

    Although the amazing Dazu caves are not far away (and off the western tourists radar)

  • -7

    If you say ChongQing in reverse in online games, the Chinese government will refuse your entry into the country.

    Source: current Dota 2 drama.

    • +2

      Ah right. Been a repeat racist has consequences I see.

      • Repeat?

        • -1

          Ah right. Been a repeat racist has consequences I see.

          • @PlagueistheCheap: I'm confused, who is the repeat racist in this scenario

  • How far is that from Canton/Guangzhoz?

    • +1

      Do you mean Guangzhou? It is a little bit far

      • The Canto fair :-)

    • 8 hours on high speed rail. It is only 1hr to Chengdu though.

      • Chengdu and Chongqing are very similar cities. I recommend Xi'An if you want to visit other cities nearby.

        • They are not similar at all.

          Xian is not exactly 'nearby'.

          In fact it took me a month to get between the two backpacking 5 years ago.

        • 5-6 hrs by fast train to Xi'an

        • Chengdu was nice. The qing cheng mountain trip was fascinating.

          • +1

            @arctan: From Chengdu, head up to Kangding and through Western Sichuan. Perhaps the most fascinating part of China Ilve been to (and I've been to nearlly every province over 5 backpacking trips).

          • @arctan: If you want to see a real mountain, Emei is not far from Chengdu.

  • My view is everyone should visit China regularly because what is interesting is how fast things change. As much as it can be a frustrating place it is such a dynamic country.

    China today, is nothing like the China of my first visit 10 years ago. Few countries yiu can say that about to the same extent as China.

    • The pace is unbelievable. Revisiting places I'd seen ten years earlier was sadly disappointing, often unrecognisable.
      Can you imagine what sort of generation gap there must be?
      To young people, their parents grew up in an alien world.

    • +1

      Yes, but getting a visa is ball breaking and expensive

    • I’m also slightly worried by the comment under it offering to buy my organ.

  • Air pollution?

  • A great price, but not sure what would I want to do in ChongQing, let alone in China. With that much of air pollution, I think I'd rather stay away from that country.

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