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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Dual Sim N9600 $1028 + Delivery @ MyMobile (Pricematch @ Officeworks $976.60)


Given that Officeworks is no longer price-matching Becextech and Toby's Deals for the Note 9. This is a good deal, you might have difficulties with price matching as technically it is a different model, HK stock vs AU stock but Officeworks Pitt St Sydney pricematched it after rejecting the BecexTech deal. Apparently there was a company wide notice telling them to not price match Becextech as they are selling either "fraudulent" - Officeworks Hornsby Sydney or "Refurbished" - Officeworks Pitt St Sydney. Not as good as before but still over a third of the price reduced. I might upload receipt later if wanted, as I purchased today with no problems.

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  • rippa deal! I'll try my luck. Copy of the receipt would be nice though.

  • Wouldnt surprise me if any shop thats cheap is going to be on the banned list

  • Does OW price match grey imports though? model numbers are different - N9600 v N960….

    • Technically they shouldn't have, but they the model number was clearly displayed for them to see and it says on Mymobiles website that it was a HK stock.

  • No more headphones deal though 🙁

  • No go @ Officeworks Chirnside Park (VIC). If you could post the receipt, would be great, I will then try with another Officeworks.

    I wonder if there's a dual sim 512GB version…

  • I'm going to go in in the morning, I've been waiting for a deal like this. Could you please post a receipt though?

  • Would there be any limitations on the device being imported stock?


    About what they should of been on release. Will wait for $600.

  • Brisbane ow said nope.

  • Receipt please!

  • I was told because its a grey import and only offers 1 year warranty it can't be matched.

  • Can a TRS be claimed while travelling and bringing back the phone?

    • Depending on total value of phone and if you are travelling alone.
      "If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring up to AUD 900 worth of goods into Australia duty-free, or AUD 450 if you are younger than 18. Families travelling together can pool this allowance (a couple with one child can bring in a total of AUD 900 + AUD 900 + AUD 450 = AUD 2250 worth of goods into Australia without paying duty or GST). This is called your passenger concession." - http://trs.border.gov.au/

  • I showed my local office works the TobyDeals and they matched it no problem. Ended up picking it up for $950 for the Note 9 in Midnight Black 128GB

  • Can somebody please please upload office work RECEIPT ??? I tried my local office work Werribee n they said it's hong kong model so can't.

    • I tried with tobby deals. They said it got investigated and can't price match tobby deals anymore. Please somebody upload the receipt.

      • what would the receipt do?

        i checked out a few stores and they all suggested that because it was a different model number they could not price match. they were happy to do so on the AU stock/model.

  • 2 stores in Victoria no deal. They said the model is different, as theirs is SM N960, while others are just N960FD… uhhh yeah, the SM is Samsung and that's what you guys put in front. Deceptive bastards!!