Apple iPhone XR 256GB: Unlimited Calls & Text + 200GB / 4GB Roaming Data 24 Months Plan $106.25/Month @ Optus


RRP for the phone is $1479. If you wanted to sell it on eBay you may still get over $1400 and combined with a $1 weekend selling promo you would bank around $1350 making this plan $50 a month.

Optus is also offering free mobile streaming for 24 months on;
Optus Sport (free subscription)
National Geographic (free subscription)
Music Streaming (google play, iHeart Radio, Spotify)
Mobile TV streaming FREE data for Netflix, FETCH, STAN, conditions apply*
* Streaming apps subject to change and subscriptions required. Stream video up to 1.5Mpbs. Charges apply for content such as downloads & ads. Fair Go Policy applies. The Mobile TV Streaming option is available month to month & does not form part of your plan.

**Make sure you choose the option to OWN THE PHONE as leasing is the same price.

If you sold the phone for $1300 (around $1250 after fees/postage) then it is $54 a month
If you sold the phone for $1200 (around $1150 after fees/postage) then it is $58 a month

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    Highly doubt anyone will pay $1400 for it from a private ebay seller rather than one from stores for $79 more.

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      Perhaps, even if you sold it at $1300 and get back around $1250 (after postage/paypal), the plan would still only be $54 p/m. Makes it a very competitive plan for the $$. Just don't know how good/bad the network is.

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    If you wanted to sell it on eBay you may still get over $1400

    Doubt it lol

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      And be stung with more than 10% in fees and your money locked up for a month if buyer is nice. If they're not then you can kiss your phone goodbye.

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    Optus is really stepping up their plan offering


    Ellen gave every audience a Brand New iPhone XR:


    Great value!


    I’ve recently ported out of Telstra to Optus to get the JB HIFI $200 bonus on a new Telstra 12 month sim plan after 30 days… it’s been terrible. Slow speeds around the city, 1 x bar reception in my house. YMMV but test an Optus sim before you lock In for 24 x month contract.

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    Halve the XR capacity (128Gb)+ halve the data (100Gb) + halve the monthly payment (~$53)…
    …then take my money. LOL


    Pretty decent, if you can sell it for a good price. However, if planning on selling, the iPhone XS 64gb is also available for $106.25, and it retails on apple for $1629.


    It is expensive for what it is still


    Telsta are giving 90gig and pom to new customers for $79 a month but they only give their loyal customer 90gigs for $89, as soon as my contract runs out I'm leaving, (profanity) telsta their a bunch of arseholes

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    A tip for anyone selling the phone and keeping the sim, wait until there's a 10%-15% sitewide code, which at this time of the year is plenty. Then you'll be able to list very near or even above RRP. List on Sunday, make sure you thumbnail has the discount code and price so it's easily visible, it's well worth the effort.

    I recently sold the XS 64GB for a friend via the Optus deal for $1649, buyer paid $1484 and could pick their own colour. Had an express post satchel around so included in the free shipping, plus a signature on delivery label some $3 or so.

    Making it $39.50/month for 200GB.


    Remember, this is supposed to be the cheaper iPhone..


    Selected Optus Business Centre is giving away free Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Pad when you take up this new plan, offer available new services only, plus additional discounts available if you signing up for more than 1 services, anywhere up to 6 months free on the plan.
    please pm for details.

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