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10% off Myer eGift Cards via AGL Rewards


Got email from AGL about Myer 10% eGift Card. There is a limit of 10 cards = $1000.

Though the website says 5% when you checkout via Prezzee it comes up with 10% discount.

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    Myer giftcards - I too like to live dangerously

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      I remember DSE debacle few years ago!

    • In grave danger, you are. Yes.

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        Not. Yet.

        • This quote also seems familiar. Any common example?

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      Good if you plan to use them immediately, but definitely don't stock up

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      My hope is that when(not if) Myer goes into administration, they want to keep the brand value enough that they will honour gift cards, unlike DSE. There's no certainty that will happen, but I have more faith in Myer doing that then I ever did with DSE.

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        Gift cards are a liability to companies. You need legislation to tie giftcards to company sales which is unlikely.

        I much prefer that it's treated as a cash loan to the company owed to card holder.

  • How do I log in to purchase?

    • I think you need to be AGL Customer. Not sure if there is a way around it…

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      Perhaps befriends with 👆👆👆

  • thx got one

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    They take Amex as well even though it says it doesn't!!! Gave it a crack and got transaction confirmation!

    • Did you go for the max 10 cards :)

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        You know it :)

        • It seems the restriction is only per order, not on how many orders :)

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    Agree with others - Got to be quick to use, can you purchase and get the code immediately to use in store? That’s the question I have

    • my one came instant via email.

      • Hey, when buying multiple cards, do you get 1 gift card with total amount or multiple? I'm thinking of getting 5. How did it work for you?

  • Does anyone have issues accessing AGL rewards here? I don't have the AGL rewards tab under my account.

    • I found it under more rewards after I logged into my account.

    • I don't have the rewards tab either… Can't find anything related to the AGL rewards after I log in.

    • You might have the same problem as me if you have both electricity and gas with AGL. For some reason their system can't cope and the Rewards aren't not accessible. I've been waiting for them to fix it for more than a year…

      • Yeah I have both electricity and gas with AGL…. I tried to call them up too to ask why I can't access the rewards. Still no answer…

      • But I only have electricity, still same issue.

  • would be useful if they had 10% off Apple as well. anyone know if its possible to just walk in and ask for 10% off?

    i think the next best option is the 5% off jb gift cards, or getting officeworks to match a jb 10% off sale, for 15% off, and then having 5% off officeworks gift cards somehow.

    at least officeworks isn't going under anytime soon.

    • +1

      It is possible, because I talked to one of the staff members a while ago to buy a macbook, and in the end they agreed to do a 10 off. This depends on the manager though, so you might need to negotiate with them.

      Jb and The Good Guys are constantly having sales so I think they will have at least another sale by Christmas. When there is a sale, you can always price match it at myer.

    • Would like to price match at Myer for a Macbook Pro on sale at HN and then use the 10% off gift cards.
      Has anyone managed to achieve a price match and use gift cards at Myer?
      If possible, Macbook Pro 13" (2017) 256GB comes down to $1781

  • Why are you all so confident myer is going under soon?

    • Because unlike their main competitor who are opening new stores, Myer are doing the opposite by closing stores.

      • That doesn't seem like a fool proof measure of the entire business going under…

        • I never said it was. But considering all the drama Myer’s been in over the past year, that only adds to everyone’s speculation

        • +1

          problem is, businesses just fold overnight. you can wake up to an announcement on TV that it is 'under administration', then you might need to rush to spend the gift cards or find there is nothing you want to buy.

          i wouldn't trust myer (especially) to do the right thing anyway.

          DSE seemed to fold like this, i only bought gift cards fairly soon before purchasing.

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    i hope myer sorts its life out. i do enjoy going into their stores, they present so well and have a wide variety of stock, especially the flagship store in the city at christmas time

    future generations who will purely shop online will miss out on 'fun' of shopping in a large department store

    • retail is dead. it died a long time ago. you just can't have the internet and physical stores co-existing without one being worse off than the other.

      the consumer is now educated and price is king. with good photos and detailed (real) reviews long gone is the salesperson dribble to try and win you over.

      • Not entirely dead, just need to shift focus to online and have many concept/mini stores around for pickups and run special promo. Evolving, won’t be completely dead for sure.

  • Be aware there is a limit of six gift vouchers if paying via MYER online. No limit in-store.

  • looks like Myer has checkout issues online… cant get through!

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