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Hash Brown Cheeseburger Super Stunner for $5.95 @ Hungry Jack's


Went to Hungry Jacks today and thought I'd do something stupid. They have this new stunner deal called the 'Hungry Jacks Hash Brown Cheeseburger Super Stunner'

For $5.95 it includes a Cheeseburger with a hash brown in it, a small coke, a small chips, three nuggets and a drumstick mini.

You're probably wondering why you're reading this…

I ordered it through the app and changed the drink to a 'Kit Kat Deluxe Thickshake + 80c' and the ice cream to a 'Storm M&M's + 50c'

You can also upgrade the chips but I didn't do that. After all of that my meal came to a grand total of 9419kj for $7.25.

Why is this a deal? The Storm M&M is $3.75 by itself and the thickshake is $3.95 by itself.

Just thought people would like to know about this little hack. Keep in mind it's only really worth it if you have another person or two to share with. I ordered this once and ONCE only… promptly went home then crashed for the next four hours from a food coma! Great value if you were already with someone who was going to order one of the products involved and wanted to pay full price.

TL;DR Some moron worked out a way to get expensive items from Hungry Jacks cheap with way too many kj's

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    You're probably wondering why you're reading this…

    Now I've read it I'm still wondering lol.

    After all of that my meal came to a grand total of 9419kj for $7.25*
    *Additional medical costs not included.

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      So an entire day’s food for $7. Sounds like a bargain.

      And it includes the major food groups of dairy, meat, fries and both types of ice cream.

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        3 serves of dairy? Hell, it must be good for you then!

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          Think of the farmers.


            @DisabledUser24188: Thinking of the farmers, I walked into a Woolies today (not one I frequent often) and was absolutely disgusted.
            People would rather reach all the way to the back of the shelf for a milk rather than pay 20c more for a "drought relief milk" that the 20c goes toward. There was most of the shelf reduced very heavily (53c for 2L).

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              @pennypincher98: forget the customers maybe coles and woolies should pay the farmers 20c more per carton for the next week or two…..and just wear the cost , while also advertising that they are doing it of course

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                @ugoagogo: Ok, this was in quite a well off area that could definitely have afforded the 20c - they could've offered $5 per bottle if necessary.
                I think the problem is city people (me being one of them) are so disjointed from the country. I'll admit - I only have seen remote Australia a few times, was lush green for some parts and then for others (literally right next door) it was dry as ever. Heartbreaking to see one can afford to keep their grass green and the other one can't. Such is the way of the country.

                More support is definitely needed and I know how much of a PR stunt this came across as but seriously - people are avoiding this milk like the plague.

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                  @pennypincher98: I don't buy the drought milk on principle. I cannot trust scumworth's at all to pass on the money. If it had a QR code or something I could scan to deposit the 20c from my bank account to a farmer I would.

                  Hell, I'd gladly pay another 10% on my vegetables. The prices we pay from the right suppliers for fruit and veg in this country are insanely cheap compared to processed food anyway


                    @kronicmacstigator: Ok that's fair enough. I completely get that. For me, I guess I may be a bit naive in certain aspects.

                    I think Coles/Woolies will pass it on - in fact haven't given that much thought about it.

                    It was almost just a PR stunt at the time like I said but hopefully something good will come out of it.

                    Farmers should definitely get paid more, but short of that happening customers should donate more. When you are basically in an oligopoly you have the power to be a dick.


                    @kronicmacstigator: You know that Woolworths had no relationship with milk farmers?
                    Woolworths bus milk from processors who gave the relationship.

                    But the money goes to farmers (if it didn't Woolworths would end up paying big fines for false advertising)

                    The milk processors will even "provide independently audited reports on a monthly basis to verify the extra funds are being distributed to impacted dairy farmers"




                forget the customers maybe coles and woolies should pay the farmers 20c more

                Woolworths doesn't pay farmers or buy milk from farmers

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              @pennypincher98: Each to their own. We are all cream of the crop in Australia - top 1% in the world - probably better.


                @spillmill: I won't make this depressing by telling about the amount of farmers we lost during the droughts.
                Coles has $3.30 for their 3L milk with 30c going to farmers - people are happy to pay that. Woolworths has a $2 and a $2.20 2L milk - no-one seems to be wanting to donate 20c??

                Those farmers had (and have) it real tough. Sure we are the cream of the crop but even the most entitled people can struggle.

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                  @pennypincher98: Not denying anyone's real pain, but seriously, how can you judge based on the milk someone chooses?

                  They may give to other charities (probably different, but still worthy causes) far above what anyone paying 20c extra for milk could ever total.

                  Edit: interestingly, I could only find $2 milk on one occasion at a woolworths in Brisbane recently.

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              and was absolutely disgusted.

              So to get this straight: you were disgusted by ordinary people reaching for cheaper milk.

              Rather than the corporation that takes 2.5 billion dollars in profit last I looked pretending to do something by adding 10c to their prices which created the problem to start with and then throwing their hands up and saying "Well, we tried". Instead of paying the farmers more.


              Are Woolworths running ad campaigns where they encourage other people to blame the consumers instead of the cause of the problem or something?

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                @Diji1: Cannot upvote this enough!

              • -3 votes

                @Diji1: Well as I said above when you are basically in an oligopoly you have the power to be a dick.
                It would be great if they did support the farmers more. But where else are the farmers going to go to sell their milk? Coles/Woolies seem to have their own farmers for everything in some kind of contract. Thus, they are guaranteed a buyer but because there's only really 2 buyers they can charge as little as they like and farmers pretty much have no option.

                The farmers have no power over the supermarkets. The customers do though.

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                  @pennypincher98: i never buy store branded milk if i can help it. usually pura sometimes devondale. that is where else the farmers will sell their milk. if more people chose to do this the farmers could tell the duopoly to go shove it.

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                    @antikythera: Ok, but:
                    - This isn't about not buying store branded milk. This is about people perfectly fine with paying 30c extra at Coles but then not wanting to pay 20c at Woolies for milk. Regardless of where the funds are actually going (hopefully to the farmers otherwise that's fraud) people are paying it.
                    - The Woolies Home Brand milk was almost all gone - the drought relief one was almost all there still. People have no problems supporting Coles/Woolies but not the farmers?
                    - That's all great for farmers to sell their milk to Pura/Devondale but there is way more supply than they demand. Who has enough demand to give them (some) money for each and every bottle? Coles/Woolies. And so the cycle continues.

                    If home brand milk wasn't a thing, farmers would be better off because demand would shift to the other brands. But as long as it's cheap it'll have plenty of buyers.

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              @pennypincher98: The farmers are richer than most of us here. Milk is unhealthy to drink and they are very cruel to the calf's keeping them in a wooden box and making them anaemic and sick and then slaughtering them only few weeks of age is horrific. Dairy is very bad for the environment releasing a lot of CO2. If it were cabbage farmers or veg farmers who didn't export, I would help them but I would never help animal farms.


                @freemoneyhunter: Lol okay let's not ever have any dairy products ever again.

                Dairy is very bad for the environment releasing a lot of CO2.

                I'm assuming you aren't stupid but that's a very stupid point to make. Cows release methane gas. If I was being very blunt, killing cows actually decreases this problem rather than increasing it.

                If it were cabbage farmers or veg farmers who didn't export

                You do know how international trade works and the benefits right? Comments like this make me believe basic economics should be mandatory in school.

                Anyway I'm not going to argue with someone who literally posts on every fast food deal "this is unhealthy" - well no shit lol. If I buy fast food it's because I want food fast, not mucking around going to Woolies and buying stuff for a salad lol. Strange how you seem to be endorsing it here though

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      I would pay $5.95 NOT to eat this 'meal'. I value my Heath too much.

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    Ordered it for the laugh and to check it worked. Believe me, not doing that again in a hurry! Going to be eating salad for the next three days to offset it!

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    Block-quote 9419kj

    Oh lord.


    I shall do this tomorrow night!

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    I added an extra patty for the same deal but at the counter at extra cost

  • +4 votes

    Not all heroes wear muumuus.

    It's a shame I can't get a raincheck for parts of the meal. Not that I can't do it in one sitting. Just that I shouldn't.

  • +1 vote

    Stunning deal, thanks OP ;)


    I get the stunner upgraded to large with no ice in the drink and I swap the drumstick to the Sundae (free) then upgrade the sundae to large it’s 7.95.

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    I normally swap out the drink for a cappuccino (add $0.50) and a sundae rather than a drumstick. Pretty good meal for $6.45.

    Also sometimes get a freebie from the shake and win app that i get as well.

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    All this reading is clogging my arteries…….

    At least ill die happy

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    This deal gave me a heart attack.

  • +3 votes

    If you eat the hot food first then the ice cream is melting by the time you get to it. If you eat the ice cream first the hot food is room temperature by the time you're halfway through. It needs to be served in courses.


    Upvoted. Thanks OP for that detailed hack description

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    small thick cut chips

    So thin.

  • +1 vote

    dirty bulk meals

  • +1 vote

    You are a hero fighting back against them charging us extra for items like extra betroot which used to be free =P


    OMG, seriously that's like 5 days worth of calories, I'm trying to stick too. Can't imagine I can survive the week with just one meal! Lol
    But that's damn good price!


    Hmm, gotta try this



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    This is actually a meal deal not an actual burger.

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    Don't forget Shake to Win in the app ;)

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    Can you order this with the loaded extra 'Kit Kat Deluxe Thickshake + 80c' and the ice cream to a 'Storm M&M's + 50c' via counter than just app at $7.25?

    This way you can also add survey receipt with extra small chips and coke + shake sugar calories win


      I've upgraded the drumstick to a storm through a drive through multiple times without any hassle, just paying the extra 50 cents. Not sure about the drink, but I assume it'd also be fine.


      I imagine you could! I just didn't want to in case the manager caught on


        Attempt this today at the counter, the girl serve me okay with thickshake. but then another girl butt in tried to refuse thickshake replace soft drink and they don't have ice cream machine working, let alone showing the survey receipt. manager come over and say it is okay but mention ice cream machine not working. at the end give us survey receipt coke and chip for only this instance probably never.

        For those successful doing this over counter good on you! I would just say this loaded kj deserts tricks ideally purchase on APP ONLY rather than order at counter, sure will get hard time buy it. better shake your free chip + coke from app win

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    I got this tonight and that is a lot of sugar between the two desserts.

    A bit too much for me personally.

    Thanks OP.


    Too much food for one person, but not enough for two! Struggle is real.

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    So much milk talk above….and hardly any on the deal itself, as posted.


    Shared this with my wife. Then she shared hers with me. Did I do it right? $14.50, date night (lunch) sorted.


    Doctors hate me! I eat burgers at HJ nearly every day (I work there), and I'm losing weight!

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