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Nikon D5600 DSLR with 18-55mm VR Lens $644.68 ($544.68 after $100 Cash Back) - Australian Stock - Delivered @ No Frills eBay


Just noticed that No Frills eBay actually dropped the price on the D5600 a couple of days ago. This is an excellent price for this entry level DSLR, with access to a huge number of cheap lenses. $100 cash back is via redemption through Nikon.

Here’s how the D5600 specs compare to Nikon’s newest entry level DSLR, the D3500. It’s also a great tool to compare to any other cameras you may be interested in.

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    • D7000? The 5600 has a better sensor with better dynamic range, better colour depth, much better iso range, better low light iso, more resolution. That’s just image quality, not to mention the fact that the D7000 is nearly 9 years old and lacks modern basics like wifi and Bluetooth and a tonne of other features. No warranty on a D7000, and a lot of sellers don’t even disclose shutter counts. So, why do you recommend it over a new 5600? And not even sure why you’re mentioning expensive one inch sensor fixed lens cameras?

      • also, mentioning the expensive one inch sensor camera because it has an equally obfuscated manual exposure system as this D5600.

        the only real reason to carry around a camera 5x the volume of something like the RX100 anymore is to have full and immediate control of your camera system - right at your fingertips.

        the D5600 does not offer this.

        sure if you strap a 50 on and take all your photos at f1.8 its going to offer something the RX100 can't. But in any other scenario the difference in output between the two is going to be insignificant at best.

        • rx100 isn’t a dslr so it’s a very different experience looking at an lcd view finder with limited pixels vs dslr via the lens and unlimited pixels …..

          i have a 28-105 on on my d5500 …. it takes great pictures and is also a joy to use.
          i looked at mirror less cameras …..didn’t do much for me as i like the resolution you get via the lens of a dslr when framing .

          • @garage sale: the viewfinder in the D5xxx series offers 95% coverage and 80% magnification.

            the D7100 has 100% coverage at 94% magnification.

            its quite a dramatic difference when you look through both side by side.

            EDIT: sorry for the slight tangent, but its relevant to the point about ergonomics being more important than sensor performance.

    • Have the d5500, this is a real bargain. Haven't outgrown it yet and using a prime gets great pictures. D7xxx old series gets some 'prosumer' features but isn't a pro level camera, and how many pro's are there? They use d5's and the like. This will give you years of great learning experience and images. The only thing is it's not always on me and the best camera is the one you have in your hand when the shit is there, which is why I still have a Samsung s7, cheap and decent point and squirt always on hand.

  • They say "Authorised Retailer" in their ebay ad and have a picture with the $100 rebate but are not listed as a Nikon Australia Authorised Reseller?
    Happy if a store rep wishes to correct me with an official Nikon recognised status.

    On the Nikon Australia D5600 site - "Purchase the Nikon DSLR D5600 between 1st December 2018 – 31st January 2019 from an Authorised Australian Nikon Reseller to redeem a $100 cashback reward on your purchase"

    List of Nikon Authorised Resellers > https://mynikonlife.com.au/buy/nikon-australia-authorised-re...

    • Go to the Nikon cash back claim page, and in the ‘retailer name’ drop box you will see No Frills. The list of retailers is added manually by Nikon, you can’t just select anyone.

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    I bought this kit as a grey import via an ebay 20% off sale for around the $650 mark 10 months ago, so $550 after cashback for local stock is a bargain.

    Its a great entry level camera capable of some really nice results, even with the kit lens.

  • Thus is a good price. Go for this or go for a used D7200. Better image quality and it has two levers, one each for aperture and shutter speed, so it is faster to change exposure.


    • new means warranty and fresh genuine nikon battery ….

      all dslrs will take better pictures than a phone, especially in low light, and not everybody is i to chasing down used gear either due to their location , time, etc …..and potential problems with no warranty down the track.

      i’ve only ever claimed warranty once in 20 years on a camera, olympus poiint and shoot, but the repair bill was going to be close to new camera cost.

  • I've been looking at grabbing an entry level dslr for a while now and am about ready to take the plunge, my question though is the kit mentioned by the op a better option than this: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/nikon-d3500-dslr-camera-with...

    I want to get good value for money, but personal research can only get me so far in terms of working out what is going to be the best. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :)

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      Both kits have the same AF-P 18-55mm VR lens.

      The d3500 comes with an extra AF-P 70-300mm VR lens as well the 18-55mm. (Af-p 70-300mm ~$250 new on eBay).

      If you aren't into things that need that extra zoom you should get this D5600 deal. If you would like the zoom, then this deal + $250 comes in at $150 than the D3500 deal but you get camera with more features (touch screen, more autofocus points etc) though not noticeable better photo quality (same lens, similar sensor). Or you could get the D5600 deal, save the $100 and put it towards some second hand lens you wants.

      I'm not sure if that helps or hinders you.

  • d5600! Great camera. Bought one of these before my trip to Europe. It took some amazing images. The kit lens is reasonable but I'd suggest investing in some glass from the savings from this bargain - 35mm and the 70-300mm (keep in mind this is a crop body). If you are just getting into DSLR, I highly recommend for beginner/intermediate.

  • Thanks for the input folks! I think I'll go the d5600 for longevity in regards to my learning process.