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20% off 62 Stores @ eBay


Starts 10am Nov 29 through to Dec 8. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Thanks to BlazinPast for the search link here.

Allphones Online
Amber Technology
Appliance Giant
Apus Auction Express
Beta Media
Clearance Palace
Click Depot
Console mate
Crazy Victor
Custom Home Theater Solutions
Cut Price Gadgets Australia
Dell Australia
Eastlakes Electronics
eglobal digital cameras Australia
Flora Livings
GraysOnline Australia
Instyle HIFi
Iworld Australia
KG Electronic
My Phonez
Nice Lena
NO Frills
OLC Direct
Oz Electronics Inc
Oz Supply Centre
Shopping Express Outlet
Sony Australia
Sunny Computers
Tech Expertise
Tech Mall
Tempered Glass King
Treasure PC
Videopro Australia
Xero TV

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      Thanks as always :)

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      Great work again!

    • Is it possible to get these to work for mobile on iOS?

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        Does the mobile link work? Maybe try using a different browser app? On android, it automatically converts it to a mobile link and works.

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  • @scab will help you blow that last one ;-P

  • +14

    Markup to m-m-markdown
    Ebay sales is a joke in yo town.

    • +3

      Agree. What is the point of sale when the prices are marked up… Need genuine deal

    • +2

      Fight the power

    • The correct term is JACK

      • +1

        I love a good jack

        • Edit: never mind

    • +3

      +1 for public enemy reference.

      • Don't believe the eBay hype?

  • did ebay get the ozb bday wrong?

    • +20

      You again…give it a rest.

      • +1

        There really is no cure.

  • +1

    Mr. Jack Price

  • I don't think there is a min. $ buy to get the 20%

  • +21

    Of course appliance central is part of this sale. They jacked their prices massively last week after leaving them alone for over a month. I had a few tvs in my watch list and saw them go up last Saturday. I just knew this 20% off was coming. They do this every 20% off sale.

    • +1

      Hah same situation here, cheers

    • +2

      I've been watching OLED TV prices since I missed the Black Friday sales. Appliance Central have been the absolute worst with price fluctuations. Last week they had the 65FZ950 at $3440. Then it went up to $3990. Then down to $3699. Now it's at $4490. Shopping is sometimes free. Sometimes $40. Sometimes $90. I wouldn't be confident that anything I put in my cart would be the same price by the time I complete the order.

  • Dash cam under $70, any recommendations?

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      • +2

        Thanks, useful info

    • $60 this morning and $50 last night.

      • Link?

  • -1

    Anyone kind enough for the search link?

  • Future going to jack there cpu prices or are they already?

    • Future or Futu?

  • +5

    Dang, was hoping for Binglee and TGG

    • Same!

  • No Frills included, but not Ryda? How long have they been doing this?

    • Pretty sure No Frills is Ryda

      • Exactly. For a long time they've both participated in these deals.

  • Any stores that sell washing machines? Mine is dead as of today!

    • +2

      i bought my siemens washing machine from here, worked out cheaper that appliance online.also had a cashback promo as well

      • Thank you!

      • What is the cashback promo? I don't see it

  • +1

    This is the New Ebay RRP

    • +8

      No its PJRP - which is 10-20% above RRP.

  • +1

    Would be nice if eBay did a sitewide 12% off for OzBargain so I could buy some more stuff I dont really need thats sitting in my cart..

    • +9

      yeah im sure they will but with a $2mil min purchase

      • +1

        and a $10 max discount

  • +4

    Haven't bought anything off Ebay for a while Amazon has been great don't think even 20% off selected stores will temp me back.

  • +1

    Last 20% off, ShaverShop wasn't marked up. I checked their website, exactly the same price. It was 20% off that, plus 5-10% if you had any gift cards which is pretty awesome. I missed buying something, i guess i'll be waiting a while now lol

  • Help me find a good deal on an iPad mini 4….from anywhere…

    • +7

      Try typing iPad mini 4 into the search bar.

      • have done, nothing great going on.

  • Search link anyone?

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks TA. Looking for a deal on a 256GB SD card in the sale tomorrow

  • +1

    Any stores have Huawei mate 20 pro for sale? Checked and allphones don't… Search link pls! xoxo

  • Time to bite the bullet on Roborock S50 ?

  • +2
  • Looking for GraysOnline, I know you'll be somewhere

  • +1

    No Nintendo switch… How come…

  • +1

    Jack and Bill went up the hill

    • To fetch a pale of water,

      Jack came down,

      Because Tightarse was around,

      And he didn't think he really oughta.

  • +4

    Sorry, newbie here.
    I’m keen to finally get an Apple Watch (4). Can anyone think if any of these stores listed would even sell Apple Watches? 20% off would seem too good to be true.

    • …not..actually sure how this would possibly get downvoted.. cool. People suck, huh :)

      • +1

        I got you bro, back up :)

      • Some people get shirty if you ask for them to find you deals. I know you weren’t, valid question.

        • Ha, thanks man! Yeah, genuinely wasn’t being lazy - just thought that regulars here may be much more familiar with some of these stores and what they sell. Searching through 60-odd individual stores would take ages!

          • +2

            @Juan93: To help with that, BlazinPast has gone and done the hard yards for you. Right up the top of the deal you'll find a search link, that link will search just the stores listed in the deal.


            • @Velocita: Ahh. GOT IT 🤣 So dumb. I don’t normally have any problems with tech. Just didn’t know you could do a combined stores search on eBay. Awesome. Thanks again!

        • Some people get shirty

          They should be shirtfronted.

    • They can it'll just be priced above RRP, aka price jacking which is quite common in these sales when retailers arent really able to sell it at 20% off presumably to thin margins or supply/demand

  • Help a fellow ozbargainer with decently priced DDR4 2666 or higher ram. Already bought the ryzen 3 2200g and gaming mobile on newegg using the recent sales.

    • Why didn't you get it from Newegg?

      • No, I should have. I ended up ordering the mobo and CPU though. I left it too late. :(

        • Cheapest is $191

  • Any remarkable watch deals that people are aware of?

  • Went through all 20 stores…nothing worth getting anaynire..

  • Apple watch 4 for cheap $631 delivered. eBay stayed that they didn’t allow their sellers to modify their prices less than 24 hours prior to a sale right?

  • +1

    TWO 20% going on at same time? Why not just combine?

    • Different end dates.

    • becuase they'd have to jack it 35%+ everyone would finally notice the shilling

  • +1

    damn those 2080ti 2400$ lolol

  • Why do they have to jack up prices? Isn't this an ebay discount? Ebay are the ones giving out the discount aren't they?

    • From what I recall, there was a seller that explained it here once.

      Ebay takes the hit on site wide sales. Where as, specific shop sales, like this one, the discount is split between the 2, not sure on the ratio though.

  • Quick advice/question on whats better value. Ryzen 2700 for $348 or 2700x for $436. Missed out on the cyber monday Amazon deal :(

  • Looking at the price of the iphone xs and all the prices are inflated more than the RRP. So there is hardly any discount.

    • I got a 64GB for $1439 (not as good as mobileciti 12% off deal yesterday for $1424) but at least it didnt sell out in 2mins… Wife's Xmas present sorted. RRP is $1799 LOL. Extremely expensive but at least to her credit she took care of her current iphone 6 for 4 years.

      • Now that you've said that, she's guaranteed to drop it within a week. Guaranteed.

  • Just bought some sandisk extreme pro 128gb sd cards for $59 each from Apus Auction Express. As far as I could see, that's a damn good price. Could be relevant for anyone who picked up the canon 6d's on cyber monday ;)

  • There was a Thinkpad X1 Extreme listed by grays. I was ready to buy its gone…

    I checked sold/ completed listings though and I couldn't see it?

    Not sure if grays delisted

  • +1

    Tried to buy something from ApplianceCentral - PRIZER code says 'cannot be applied to your order' at checkout… Booo

    • +1

      Figured it out. My eBay profile wasn't set to Australia so didn't work. All fixed. Hope it helps someone else

      • Where did you change it? I'm getting the same error but all my addresses (registration, delivery a dispatch) are all set to Australia. I know I initially set up my ebay account when I lived in the UK 10+ years ago so I'm guessing some deep dark setting is still set to UK

  • Great work, thanks OP

    Philips HR2358 Pasta Maker is still looking like good value from KG Electronics, especially with $50 cash back from Philips

    (If DIY pasta's your thing!)

  • -1 UA75NU8000WXXY $2600 Delivered before gift cards and cashback! No other store will come close to this price. Get in before its sold out.

  • was looking at a 2TB Samsung Evo 970… but prices are $30 above those on staticice (after 20% off)

  • Nokia 8 TA-1012 (6gb/128gb Single Sim) for $305 on eglobal ebay after coupon. I missed the previous Nokia 8 deals but this seems pretty good :) edit: $299 on dwi ebay

  • i've just been a victim of price jacking. item raised $200 whilst i was buying gift cards. now $1800 (was $1600).

    now i buy nothing!

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