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Samsung The Frame 65 Inch Lifestyle TV with Walnut Frame & Studio Stand $2099.50 Delivered @ Samsung Enhanced Partner Program


Just happened to found this sweet offer in Samsung stores through Westpac rewards.

The Frame 65 inch Lifestyle TV (2017) from Samsung with 50% off in RRP with free Walnut Customisable Frame for 65" The Frame Lifestyle TV and Studio Stand

TV Link

Total Cost before discount is $5297 including stand and frame

Note an account from the following corporate partners is required:

Mod: Do not comment asking for access or to purchase the item off another member, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have access and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such.

Update: Studio Stand out of stock, therefore deal isn't valid anymore.
Update: Stock is back

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  • Can you buy just the TV? Was looking at this specific TV or the Q6/7F

    • Yeah that will be ideal

    • It works out buying Q6 (65) from GoodGuys is cheaper.
      Samsung Westpac store - $3500
      GoodGuys - $3000

  • is this TV comparable to … say the X90F or the NU8000?

    • +1

      Cnet says similar to mu8000 so assuming nu8000 is just the later model of that, it should be similar.

    • The Frame 2018 got 7.7 @ rtings.com while Sony X85F got 7.6, X90F got 8.3

      This is The Frame 2017, so maybe slightly worse than X85F.

  • +2

    Anyway to access pricing without Westpac rewards?

  • -3

    I think this is only for Westpac EMPLOYEES… and not for credit card rewards..
    Is there any Westpac employees here on Ozbargain such as the OP, that can help us get one???

    • +3

      You don't need to be an employee, it works fine via my Westpac app. This pricing should be open to any Samsung enchanced program member.

      • +5

        I also noticed OP had placed all the corporate partners on the post, and I managed to pick one up with my university email account. SCORED!!!

    • +8

      What a ridiculous comment, you expect someone to share their account for you to be able to access the deal?

      Some bargains are for members of services, a deal doesn't need to be public to be a bargain.

        • +3

          This isn't internal though, this is a partnership that companies have with Samsung to get good pricing. As you can see in the OP, there's heaps of partner companies involved which would cover quite a few people on here.

      • +4

        Although you and even myself cannot access this deal, I think hundreds of thousands of others can. And if even some pe6 can save some money, isn't that good enough? Isn't that in Ozbargain spirit? No need to always be selfish and thinking about yourself. It's Christmas soon. Stop being a Grinch!

  • +3

    I can access it.
    I have the ability to purchase.
    Just a Westpac customer. I am not an employee.
    Very tempted to buy and replace my Sony 65"

    • +1

      So how can Westpac customers access it?

      • +2

        If you have the Westpac app, login and go to Rewards & Offers and it will be down the bottom of the current offers

        • +1

          Thanks mate, works. Only need a bank account that I haven't touched in ages lol.

      • +1

        Phone app, rewards & offers then click the samsung official store thing that says up to 30% RRP off. It's got the TV listed for 50% off like this post.

        Tried direct link doesn't work, have to use the phone app.

    • Anyone a NAB customer and can find a similar hack/way to access the deal? Also Telstra? I work at a corporate partner but only have access to emails at work (can't sign up). Also had a education email but expired last year. Dammit it seems this deal is not meant for me :(

  • Is it just the 65 in this deal? I cant access the deal yet but will endeavor if the 55 is also half price.

    • +1

      The 55 and 43 aren't listed in the store when I sign in using the education option. The frames for them are, and are slightly discounted.

      • +1

        Thanks puffinfresh.

  • +8

    I have this TV and I love it. I paid $3540 (less $500 from Harvey Norman Amex offers from memory) with a frame, delivery and installation this time last year. No regrets.

    It looks amazing wall-mounted and I get a lot of comments about art mode, like "where's your tv?".

    • +1

      Do you agree with the review comments posted by xuqi below?
      The advertising etc. issues do sound frustrating….

      • There is zero advertising

    • Does this come with a free wall mount in the box???

  • -5

    Tempted to buy via my government account but seems too much for a 2017 model

  • +10


    Reading the reviews put me off the idea of buying this. Great idea but the idea of more hardware spying on usage, showing ads, proriety box and cable is a -ve.

    "It sucks so much that you cannot under any circumstances disable the advertisements that display in the main ui. Any time you do anything on this TV you will be force-fed an ad. Disgusting."

    "Software - - Advertisements hijack your TV. The main menu that allows you to select between sources and all of the smart apps will start to advertise content to you. - Updates will continue even after you turn them off. - More than half of on-board storage is used up by apps that cannot be deleted. - The apps that cannot be deleted collect data from your device and send it out via wifi (most likely to sell it). I verified this by monitoring my device traffic at the router. - The apps you can delete will automatically reinstall themselves no matter what. - comments about customer support are not allowed in Samsung reviews - The user interface on many of the apps is annoying. Streaming apps will auto-play selected content while browsing (cannot be turned off), lists and categories of movies can be difficult to navigate, and simple tasks like adding a selected title to your favorites will require between 5-10 button presses on the included remote. - The art mode has ridiculously limited format options for the artwork and no slideshow mode. - The art store is rather expensive for digital art.

    Hardware - - The television is a very expensive paperweight without the One Connect box (included). It will not function at all without it. All you will see is an image on the screen telling you to connect your One Connect box until it is connected. No way around it, period. All of the HDMI and audio connections live in that box along with the "brain". - The connection to that box is a proprietary cable. - At the time of writing this, there are no aftermarket manufacturers of this cable. - The current price for this cable is prices are not allowed in Samsung reviews and could be compared to round trip airfare from Denver to NYC. - Cable is VERY fragile - Cable rarely lasts 6 months according to 100% 1 star rating of product on the Samsung website. - It appears that Samsung changes the connection at the TV every year. That means that the availability of this cable is low, limited, and likely short-lived. Again, and I can't stress this enough, the TV will not function at all without this super-rare, proprietary $$$ glass-like wire that has a shelf life of less than 6 months. - The art mode does not pass as anything other than a TV or digital picture frame. The videos where people are surprised that the painting was a TV are laughable."

    • +10

      Advertising is cancer.

      This TV sounds awful.

    • That sounds horrible

    • +13

      I've never seen an advert on mine. Perhaps it's a US thing? The One Connect box means I don't need to get behind the TV to plug things in, and while the cable will be damaged if bent, you only need to be careful when installing it. I can't see how it could suddenly die after 6 months.

      • Thanks mate! :)

      • No, idea I read this on the Australian website link I posted, from someone posting their review 6 days ago.

        • Read underneath:

          Originally posted on samsung.com/us

    • +3

      I’ve had the 43” version of this since July, and never seen an ad. My friend has had the 55” for almost a year and also never seen an ad in it. I don’t actually have an aerial connection to this TV so rely on purely the apps through the TV and an Apple TV I have connected to it. I had it installed flush mounted on the wall in the kitchen/dining room and got the sparky to punch a hole through the wall where the other side is my pantry. The One Connect box sits there, hooked up to an Apple TV. There are no cables trailing from the TV from the front.

      Everyone that comes over always comments on it as I use it like a large digital photo frame where I change the photo every few days. We have a 1yo so I just put up the latest cute photo.

      Wife happiness factor extremely high!

  • +1

    This isn’t OLED/QLED, correct?

    • -2

      It’s 4k uhd

    • +2

      Correct it's merely LED

      • +3

        merely LED

        What an age we live in

        • I chuckled. Thanks for the laugh mate

      • All Samsung TV’s are LCD’s.

  • This is terrible, I work for one of the corporate partners but I only have access to the secure email when I'm at work. I wish there was another way of verification (maybe retrospective?)

    Hope it's still on when I get to work tomorrow morning as this is perfect for what I'm looking for…

    Anyone a Samsung rep who can help me out? Don't mind verifying details tomorrow when I get into work but I'm scared it will run out by then.

  • +2

    Better get qled any qled.

  • +4

    How hard is to buy some Timber from Bunnings and Slap around a normal 4K TV? Then use Fire Stick & its Gallery app? Just thinking…

    • +1

      Name checks out

    • +1

      Good luck getting the IR remote to work through wood and somehow rigging up an ambient light sensor.

  • lol $799 for that stand ahhahaha typical Samsung greed

  • My Tafe email allowed me to access the Samsung Education Store which the TV is also available there. (:

  • Can't get it anymore because the stand is out of stock…

  • +1

    Stand is out of stock= no bonus frame, Tv still available for 2099$ ==> deal expired

  • -1

    After reading through this thread, one can easily decide Samsung is probably the most disgraceful and indifferent consumer electronics company.

    Well, if you disagree, read it through.

    Happy I didn't pull the trigger.

    • -1

      I mean read it through to page 6 - the latest comment. I probably never spend a dime on Samsung. I see this disgraceful behaviour throughout in a few products from Samsung by now. Btw, that Bixby is a total joke.

    • -1

      No, just reading that thread does not make one decide such a ridiculous statement. There are thousands of consumer electronics companies that are just as bad, if not worse.

      • You just don't know where the line is bro.

        • Do you have any idea how many electronics companies there are in China alone with questionable actions? I'm not saying Samsung are the best, but that thread is no different from hundreds of other threads that are unresolved. At least they have a community. Have you ever tried getting support for a Chuwi tablet? Your overzealous use of the terms disgraceful and indifferent are what is pertubing. You somehow feel a company should bend over backwards to the demands of a few. Anyways, no point discussing with a tunnel visioned pissant like you. Laters. Have a nice day.

    • +1

      However, in the spirit of fairness I should add that, it is still no doubt a bargain at this price. Regardless of the art work mode, It is a good TV by itself.

      I personally also love the design and quality. It's just that there is a couple of critical greedy decision making flaws that shows that despite the talent engineers the management is totally off.

      p.s. The original price is obviously a rip off.

  • +1

    Studio Stand coming back in stock soon!

    Not sure if it was there before, but above note is now on the landing page for the deal.

  • Out of stock mate.

    • $299 lol

      Is this a Harvey Norman monster cable?

  • +1

    Now that I've dug out all the goods and bads (especially the bads), for those who are interested.. it seems to be back in stock now.

  • So the TV by itself is $1378?

    • +1

      TV by itself is $2099. Frame and stand are a bonus (ie. free) if you add them all together. It says the price is allocated between each of the items for accounting purposes.

  • I work for one of these companies and had no idea about the company samsung store. Cheers op.

  • +1

    Just bought TV+Stand+frame all for $2099 delivered!

    Thanks OP this is an awesome find!

  • +3

    Damn! the whole idea of being on ozbargain was to save money. I just spend $2099. Why

  • Out out stock :(

  • Not sure why education store has been flagged as “excluded”; can confirm I was able to order successfully with uni email from the education store?!

    • The studio stand still says out of order for me ??

      • My post was a bit ambiguous; I meant I successfully put an order in prior to the stand being out of stock, so can confirm the education store is not excluded from the deal (it had been flagged as excluded in the OP).
        Hopefully it will be restocked for you soon?!

        • Thanks :)

  • Received the tv today, But no Studio Stand. Went online to check my order contents and it only shows TV now. no Studio Stand or extra frame

    • What about your invoice, wouldn't that show it?

      • Checked the invoice now, it all says TV only, No mention of studio stand or extra frame on invoice either

        • As in the invoice you got when you purchased it? would be a PDF which cannot be altered live

          • @annimali8559499: Yea, the one I gt in email just says TV, I did not check it on order day, I know it can't be altered. so $2099 did only get you a a tv

            • @letmesingh: oh that sucks, just double checked mine includes frame + Stand, perhaps contact samsung

            • @letmesingh: Did you definitely have all three items in your cart when your purchased it? The TV by itself was $2099 as an individual item, as well as being available in the bundle. Perhaps you added just the TV to your cart, rather than the bundle?

  • Does anyone have a copy of the promotion code that was being applied to orders for this offer?

    • No code. It was just a bundle that you added to shopping cart.
      I called Samsung up to see if the offer is available any more but they took it off so no more unfortunately.
      Let me know if someone finds out if this deal comes back.
      Definitely want one.

      • I'm pretty sure that when you landed in checkout when the offer was still alive, there was a promo code applied to apply all the discounts. It was done automatically, but I'm keen to see if it would work now if it was entered manually - I've got everything in my cart ready to test….

        • Keep me posted. Love to see if it works.

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