expired Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/128GB Dual Sim (Black) + Bonus Black Flip Cover $456 Delivered @ eGlobal Central (HK)


After the Xiaomi MC Aliexpress deal failed on me back in September. Took forever to settle the case with Aliexpress! Very annoyed about the 3 months delays!

Now, I have finally pulled the trigger on this bargain! With a bonus black flip cover.

Other colours or bonus with TG option available. Here is the search link:

Postage is $15, which is included in the title price. $447 before postage. Holiday code gives you $6 off.

$15- Economy Express Shipping -6-8 working days delivery
$24 - Insured Economy Express Shipping - 6-8 working days delivery, insurance 100% covered
$40 - Priority Express Shipping - 3-5 working days delivery
$49 - Insured Priority Express Shipping 3-5 working days delivery, insurance 100% covered

Previous threads suggested the $15 came within 3-5 business days.

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    Dupe of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/413971 ?

    Edit: It's $3 cheaper, but not sure if exchange rate related only

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    Sd855 is out already…


      Please name a phone that is on the market right now with snapdragon 855?


        The global version of Xiaomi mi mix 3 should be snapdragon 855. It should be out anyday now.

        I will only go for the latest CPU if I don't have to pay for it.


          So what you're saying is that there's no phone on the market right now with a snapdragon 855? I mean if you're going to wait, why not wait for the 865? It'll be out "any day now".

          Personally, I'd take any phone (unless it was a cheapo feature phone) if I don't have to pay for it.

          Sarcasm aside, the 855 was just announced last week. It's not going to hit the retail shelves for a few months. Your options are going to be limited if you're just after the SoC as there's going to be limited models available. Rubbishing this deal because it has a 2018 SoC is a bit weak, especially when it's this cheap. Having said that though, the 64GB variant of the F1 has been <$400.


            @serrin: I am not saying I am going to wait. $456 is a good price for an 845 phone with 128GB phone.

            You can get cheaper is you get from ebay local seller with ebay discount+gift card discount.


    I clicked on the link and got put on a queue to view the website…?

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    Such a shame this doesn't have b28, I live rural and it's essential


      shame it hasn't got nfc …..

      got the Nokia 7 plus at JB for $529, has band 28, nfc, and it did OTA to Android Pie already , it's also android one, time for my Xiaomi spare phones to be on Ebay .. never going back to phone with no band 28 and NFC.


    Why are there multiple listings of the same phone with different prices?


    Wondering if this will drop over xmas..need to upgrade my LG G4


    Do they deliver to parcel locker with any of the delivery options?

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