expired 25% off - Europe/UK Travel SIM Card w/ 12GB Data for 71 Countries - 3000 Talk/Text - $41.25 + Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney


Hi OzBargain,

I’m Aidan from SimsDirect.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased and supported us in our Black Friday Deal a few weeks back and hello to anyone who hasn’t met me or the team before.

I’d like to start the deal with a quick story about us but if you don’t have time to read, or you've read this before. It’s all good, just scroll down to ‘The Deal’ :)

I started SimsDirect with my best mate in February this year and can confidently say it has been an absolutely crazy ride for the two of us. We have had an explosive year of growth and the amount of support and positive feedback we received from Aussie travellers has been awesome.

In the past 7 months, we have moved into an office, brought on our first employee and learned a lot about growing and managing a business. It has been extremely fulfilling to build SimsDirect from scratch and an incredible feeling to be able to help thousands of Aussies travel connected overseas.

However, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. Mac and I are both in our mid-twenties and we have never owned and operated a business before, so unsurprisingly, we’ve made plenty of mistakes and had our fair share of difficulties to overcome. We don’t always get it right, but the one thing that's pushed us through is looking after our customers and appreciating every bit of support we receive. We wouldn’t be here without the love and support of not just Ozbargain, but every customer we’ve been fortunate enough to help.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, we want to see how far we can take SimsDirect! It’s going to be a long journey but we are going to take a crack at becoming Australia’s leading Travel SIM brand and to help as many Aussie travellers as we can. We aren’t going to be able to do this without your feedback and support so please let us know your feedback in the comments and leave an upvote if you see value in what we are trying to do!

Thank you for reading,
-Aidan and SimsDirect Team

The Deal

We are offering 200 discount codes for our best selling ThreeUK Europe Travel SIM exclusively to Ozbargain for the next 72 hours.

Forget the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and snag a discounted SIM before you fly :)

Use discount code: THREEOZB25

  • Travel connected with 12GB of data usable in 71 countries worldwide
  • Conveniently save time and money while you travel
  • No need to buy a local SIM at airports
  • Plug and Play, get connected as soon as you land with a simple activation process
  • No registration/Identification requirements

Product Details

  • 12GB of data
  • 30 days duration
  • 4G/3G speeds
  • 3000 minutes of calls to UK/Europe numbers
  • 3000 texts to UK/Europe numbers
  • Sim Size: 3 in 1 SIM (fits nano, micro & standard)
  • This is a ThreeUK SIM card that operates on local networks throughout the world
  • Usable in mobile phones only
  • Hotspot/tethering included

Things to know

  • Bundle expires 30 days after activation
  • SIM has no expiry so you can hold onto it as long as needed
  • Hotspot/Tethering is allowed inside UK/Europe only
  • This SIM can only be topped up in the UK or with a UK credit card
  • If you need a longer duration (and aren't going to the UK) you need to get multiple SIMs and swap them out as you go
  • Speed can vary depending on the local network operators (UK is guaranteed 4G, however, other destinations may be 3G only)

What's included with your order:

  • SIM tray opener tool
  • 100% Money back guarantee (read below)
  • Free standard shipping
  • Aussie live support via Facebook and email

Where does it work?

You can learn more on ThreeUK's Website

Or find countries here:

Europe More EU Other Countries South America
England Hungary Australia Brazil
Ireland Iceland Hong Kong Chile
Northern Ireland Isle of Man Indonesia Colombia
Wales Italy Israel Costa Rica
Scotland Jersey Macau El Salvador
Åland Islands Latvia Madeira French West Indies
Austria Liechtenstein New Zealand French Guiana
Azores Lithuania Reunion Guadeloupe
Balearic Islands Luxembourg Saint Barthelemy Guatemala
Belgium Malta Saint Martin Nicaragua
Bulgaria Martinique Singapore Panama
Canary Islands Netherlands Sri Lanka Peru
Croatia Norway United States Puerto Rico
Cyprus Poland US Virgin Islands Uruguay
Czech Republic Portugal Vietnam
Denmark Romania
Estonia San Marino
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Gibraltar Spain
Germany Sweden
Greece Switzerland
Guernsey Vatican City

Phone Compatibility

As long as your device is unlocked from your carrier it will work with this SIM card.


Very easy activation

  • Land in any of the listed countries and insert the SIM into your phone
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  • Restart your device


APN Settings

When you land and insert the SIM the APN settings will install automatically, however in case this doesnt happen simply use the following:

Go to your devices ‘network settings’

APN: three.co.uk
Username: three.co.uk


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be shipped via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3PM.

  • FREE Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (Signature Required)
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.


You can check out securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and ZipPay


Firw away with any questions in the comments below, I will be here to repsond to any questions :)

Kris, Mac and I are also active on Facebook and you can live chat with us via Facebook Chat.

Alternatively, you can email us at: hello@simsdirect.com.au

Money Back Guarantee:

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.

Please read further details about my Money Back Guarantee here.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


If you wish to help out then you can contribute in a few ways:

  • Jump onto our OzB company page and hit that sexy subscribe button to get notified when we post deals. You can also leave me a sneaky Facebook like ;)

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    Hi Aidan ,

    What sim would you suggest for travel through Vietnam ?

    • +1 vote

      Hey Chrisie!

      Our Asia SIM card will work in Vietnam, however it might be quite pricey if you're just doing Vietnam!

      So if you're purely travelling throughout Vietnam I would recommend to grab a SIM locally from either Viettel Mobile or Vinaphone, you would get much better value doing so!

      Hope that helps :)



    On your website, which is excellent btw, it has USA with only 5GB but your table above includes USA for the 12GB version?

    • +1 vote

      Hi freelife,

      We have a few different SIM Cards for the USA. The 5GB one on our site is for USA only and includes much better data speeds and unlimited calls/texts to local and Australian numbers. Its a completely different product and you can learn more here.

      The SIM we have on offer here is a Europe SIM that roams in the US, its a great amount of data but is limited to 3G speed in USA.

      Hope that clears things up!


      P.S Thanks for the kind words :)


        Yep cleared up :) I bought this same card from a competitor, won't mention them for your sake, for ~$6 less than your offer earlier this year. Love your website, customer approach and guarantee. Solid business and I hope you guys go far.

        • +1 vote

          Cheers freelife! We aren't perfect but we try our best. Appreciate the support :)

          Let me know if there's anything I can help with!



    Has anyone received their China sim? It was posted 26 Nov but I still haven't received it.


    Hi Aidan,
    We are planning a trip to Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I see all countries covered except Morocco, do you know if it would work there or would something else be better? Can we hot psot in these countries? e.g. Have my iPad connect through phone?

    Thank you.


      Hi ruddj,

      Correct, the SIM doesn't work in Morocco. I don't have any suggestions for you besides getting something local in Morocco. I also dont't really have any recommendations for SIM cards when you land in Morocco (I've never been!).

      I'm sorry I can't really help you out!

      If you think it's worthwhile my suggestion would be this SIM for your first 3 stops followed by a local SIM when you ar in Morocco (if you need it).

      Hotspotting is enabled in those countries, you can tether the connection from your phone to your iPad no worries.




        Thanks. I just placed an order and then noticed the Signature requirement. I gave my home address, would it instead be possible to use a AusPost Parcel Locker?


          Thanks for your order :)

          You can use a parcel locker if you like, generally, Australia Post will leave a note to collect if no one can sign for it.

          I do believe we have already shipped your order though!



    Any deals on explorer SIM card? https://simsdirect.com.au/products/uk-europe-71-countries-12...

    Also can you stock the 24gb version - it has 24 month expiry so should be a popular item


    Hey Aidan, great stuff, love your site and overall customer service. Any deals on USA Sim cards? I missed out on the black fri deal unfortunately!


      Hi henry,

      Thanks! Appreciate the kind words :)

      We will be offering the USA SIM tonight so just keep an eye out!



    I have an iPhone XS Max with Dual sim.

    Can I set this travel sim to handle all data usage and my Australian sim to handle receive calls. I plan to keep my Australian Sim so that I want to know when someone is trying to call me and not pick up. Then call them back on the travel sim.

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