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25% off - All Travel SIM Cards - Europe, USA, NZ, Japan, China & More - from $18.75 AUD w/ Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney


Hi OzBargain,

I’m Aidan from SimsDirect, welcome!

A big thank you to everyone who purchased and supported us in our Japan SIM deal last week and hello to anyone who hasn’t met me or the team before.

SimsDirect is all about helping Aussie travelers connect while overseas, we offer prepaid travel SIMs for over 100 destinations worldwide. So if you or someone you know is traveling in 2019 this is a great time to snag a discounted prepaid travel SIM for your next trip!

We are currently offering 25% OFF - All Travel SIMs until Monday 11.59PM for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Thought we would jump on the hype and see how it goes!

I’d like to start the deal with a quick story about us but if you don’t have time to read or you have read it from our previous posts. It’s all good, just scroll down to ‘The Deal’ :)

I started SimsDirect with my best mate in February this year and can confidently say it has been an absolutely crazy ride for the two of us. We have had an explosive year of growth and the amount of support and positive feedback we received from Aussie travelers has been awesome.

In the past 7 months, we have moved into an office, brought on our first employee and learned a lot about growing and managing a business. It has been extremely fulfilling to build SimsDirect from scratch and an incredible feeling to be able to help thousands of Aussies travel connected overseas.

However, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. Mac and I are both in our mid-twenties and we have never owned and operated a business before, so unsurprisingly, we’ve made plenty of mistakes and had our fair share of difficulties to overcome. We don’t always get it right, but the one thing that's pushed us through is looking after our customers and appreciating every bit of support we receive. We wouldn’t be here without the love and support of not just Ozbargain, but every customer we’ve been fortunate enough to help.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, we want to see how far we can take SimsDirect! It’s going to be a long journey but we are going to take a crack at becoming Australia’s leading Travel SIM brand and to help as many Aussie travelers as we can. We aren’t going to be able to do this without your feedback and support so please let us know your feedback in the comments and leave an upvote if you see value in what we are trying to do!

Thank you for reading,
-Aidan and SimsDirect Team

The Deal

25% OFF - All Travel SIM Cards

Ends Monday 11:59 PM

Forget the hassle of buying a SIM when you land and snag a discounted SIM before you fly :)

Use discount code: BLACK25

Our Best Sellers
SIM Card Data Calls & Text Discounted Price
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB(4G/3G) 3000 calls & texts (Europe Only) $41.25 AUD
USA 30 Day Travel SIM Card 5GB (4G) Unlimited Calls and Text (Oz Included) $41.25 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Big) 10GB (4G) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $36.75 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Small) 2.5GB (4G) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $21.75 AUD
Japan 8 Day Travel SIM 5GB (4G) Data-Only $26.25 AUD
China 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G) Data-Only $33.75 AUD
China 15 Day Travel SIM Card 2GB (4G) Data-Only $26.25 AUD
Asia 15 Day Travel SIM Card (78 Countries) 4GB (4G) Data-Only $41.25 AUD
Explorer 365 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Data-Only $63.75 AUD
South East Asia 8 Day Travel SIM (8 countries incl Bali, Thailand) 3GB (4G) Data-Only $18.75 AUD
USA & Canada Travel SIM Card 3GB (4G) Data-Only $33.75 AUD

Free Shipping included with all orders
Express option available

Benefits of our SIMs
  • SIMs are all plug & play with no ID registration required, simply insert and off you go!
  • One off payment, no extra costs & no roaming fees, get exactly what you pay for
  • All operate on local networks granting you speeds and coverage that locals get
  • All China SIM cards have an inbuilt VPN to bypass Chinese firewall (via HK) - free to use all western apps/websites ie. Facebook, Google, etc.

What's included with your order:

  • SIM Tray Opener Tool
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read below)
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Aussie Live Support via Facebook and Email

Phone Compatibility

All SIMs require an unlocked device to work.


Very easy activation:

  1. Land overseas and insert the SIM into your phone
  2. Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  3. Restart your phone

Some SIMs will require you to dial or text a number to complete activation, read product details for more info.


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3PM.

Please take into consideration that this is Black Friday and there may be some delays with Australia Post due to high volume of packages being sent this week.

  • FREE Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (Signature Required)
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.


You can checkout securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and ZipPay


Kris, Mac and I are active on Facebook and you can live chat with us via Facebook Chat.

Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected]

Money Back Guarantee:

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with all products. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.

Please read further details about my Money Back Guarantee here.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


If you wish to help out then you can contribute in a few ways:

  • Jump onto our OzB company page and hit that sexy subscribe button to get notified when we post deals. You can also leave me a sneaky Facebook like ;)

  • Share this deal with any friends or family you know are traveling soon by using the share icons below

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  • Fire away with any questions about products and I'll be here to help :)


    • Hey Aidan. Couple of my mates got 12GB Thre Europe sims for $24 from Simcorner using their BLACKFRIDAY promocode as they are having a 40% off storewide sale. Do you guys do price beat?

      • +2 votes

        Hi Santoser30,

        We don't offer a price beat unfortunately, it just wouldn't be worthwhile to offer our product at that price.

        Would love to have you apart of the family but not going to stop you from going elsewhere.


  • worked great for me in Japan earlier this year.

  • Hi, is there anything for Israel, Jordan and Egypt?

    • Hi Blaz-e,

      We don't have anything that will cover all those countries.

      Our Europe SIM will cover Isreal and our Middle East SIM will cover Egypt, but nothing for Jordan unfortunately!

      You might have to use a combination of local SIMs and ours (if you think its worthwhile) to cover your whole trip.

      I hope this helps!


  • Do you have a sim for the Pacific? Specifically New Caledonia, Vanuatu and French Polynesia? Thanks.

    • Hi justdigi,

      Unfortunately not, we started this February and have been sourcing products as we go. Unfortunately, we don't get much demand for these countries so we don't have anything for them. I can't imagine us having SIM cards for these countries until later in the future once we have covered some more popular destinations.

      Sorry justdigi! Can't help you this time.


  • The Asia travel sim for $55, dosent work in Thailand?

    Need something for 13 days for Indonesia/Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia

    The $55 dosent list Thailand and the $25 is only 8 days.

  • Ordered an NZ one. Thanks!

    • Hi mxlmxmxl,

      Legend! Appreciate the order :)

      Reach out if you need anything from me!


      • Wanted to order one for USA too, but need AT&T really.

        • Totally understand!

          AT&T is definitely more superior for coverage and oceanic device support. Hopefully, we can get some AT&T SIM Cards soon!


  • Hi! when does the 15 day Japan sim restock? Thanks!

  • Any chance of being able to do larger data amounts for China?

    • Hey lolcoaster,

      Unfortunately we don't have anything with larger data amounts. The reason is because local SIMs from China are generally 'region' locked which offers more data allowance for cheap, but is limited to certain provinces. The products we have are from China Unicom (HK) and they work across all of China (including Macau, Taiwan, HK). So the product itself doesn't offer as much data in the exchange for more convenience.

      Hope that makes sense!

      Sorry I can't help you out this time lolcoaster.


  • Do you have any sims for the UAE? I can't seem to find it on your website.

    • Hey eldor!

      Unfortunately we don't carry anything for the UAE at this current time; trying to source as we speak!


  • Do the europe & uk sims work in Honolulu? Thanks

    • +1 vote

      Hey Tone!

      It does work in Honolulu, however it will be 3G speeds there!

      If you're only travelling to Hawaii, I'd recommend to grab our 5GB USA SIM card :)


  • How's the reception on the Asia sim card in the mountain regions of Nepal?

    • +1 vote

      hi elNiggle,

      Haha, what a fantastic question! I don't have any personal experience with the SIM in the mountain regions of Nepal (although, it's definitely on the checklist!)

      All I can guarantee is that you should get 4G coverage across most of Nepal. The more remote you go the more likely you are to not have reception (just like here in Oz).

      Perhaps you can be a guinea pig for me and give it a crack? If it doesn't work out I'll offer a full refund 😉

      PM me if you are interested, I'm happy to give it a shot.


  • When do these cards expire? I am travelling in July next year.

    • Hi Jamba,

      What SIM card are you referring to?


      Edit: Most of our SIMs have a long expiry (at least 31/12/2019)

      • I was referring to :

        South East Asia 8 Day Travel SIM (8 countries incl Bali, Thailand)(simsdirect.com.au)

        • +2 votes


          In that case, it's 30/06/2019 so just short!

          We will have new stock coming soon, it will have a longer expiry date than our current stock so I can reach out when we get new stock.

          I'll be happy to honour the Black Friday discount also.

          Hope that works for you!


  • When do the South East Asia (specifically for Thailand) sims expire?

    • Hi lizzle,

      30/06/2019 is when they expire.

      So you can keep it inactive until the 29th. As long as you activate before the 30th you will be all good!


  • Do you have a SIM for Canada and the USA with more than 10gb with calls/texts?

    • +1 vote

      Hi Bahgain,

      Nothing greater than 3GB unfortunately. We are always looking for products for Canada so maybe in the future we will find something more appealing!


  • Your Asia description includes "India (not all provinces)" - could you please list which provinces are/are not covered?

    • Hi josho9,

      Thought I'd added that already!

      In India it won't work in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Jammu and Kashmir.

      I'll add this to the site now, thanks for pointing that out 👍


  • Just bough 4 JP sims. Cheers.

  • Hi. Which sim card should i get for Japan, USA, Mexico and Panama?

    • Hi camtg,

      You would have to get a few different SIM Cards for your trip, and unfortunately, I can't cover Panama for you.

      Japan and USA I would recommend our best sellers (listed in post).

      How long are you in USA and Mexico?


      • Thanks for replying. Only 3 days in USA and about 5 days in Mexico.

        • In that case, I would recommend this one

          Because you will only have data it would be worthwhile grabbing some Viber Out credit for calling local restaurants/hotels etc. And using Data Apps like whatsapp/facebook to keep in touch with family.

          Let me know if you have any questions! 🤙


  • hi what kind of validity this sims have? by when this needs to be used.

  • Hi Aidan. My family and I will be travelling to Europe next month, but we'll be away for more than 30 days. Can the European SIMS be recharged or extended for a longer period?

    • Hi CosX,

      Unfortunately, they can't be topped up, they are UK manufactured SIM cards and require you to be in the UK or have a UK credit card to top up. So we just say they arent rechargeable and it's best to buy a few of them and just swap them out as you go. Perfect timing to grab a few 😜


  • Hi mate,

    Not travelling till mid Apr-2019 to Europe for 2 months. When will the 30-day sim start? The moment when I put it in my phone?

    I can see a 30-day or 365-day plan, nothing in between?

    • Hi SmartCover,

      The 30 days starts as soon as it connects to a local network. So basically as soon as you insert it in any of the 71 countries.

      Nothing in between unfortunately, the only thing I can offer is to grab a few of the 30 day ones and swap it as you go.


      • Thanks Aidan,

        So I can activate it in mid-April and this will work for 30-days straight correct?

        • Spot on!

          • @SimsDirect: where can i find exactly when does the sim expires? is there a link on the site?

            Just want a peace of mind as me and my parents are all going to europe April - June next year and im looking to get quite a few 30-days and a couple of 365-days.

            • @SmartCover: Hi Smart,

              Perfectly understandable, if your parents are anything like mine they need some assurances!

              I don't have anything to link you, I can only give you my word that it will work. The SIMs don't come with any type of expiry if they were to expire it would be if ThreeUK were to discontinue their products. I can't imagine that happening any time soon!

              If something was to go wrong I'll always be here to help.


  • Hi Aidan (SimsDirect),

    I am planning to go to New Zealand July 2019. When do the New Zealand sims have to activated by? This information would be great if it was included in the initial post :)

    Thanks for your time

    ps: have used simsdirect before :)

  • Perfect, Asia trip in Jan saves me heaps of time and money! :)

  • FYI - This store do 30 - 45% off sales.

    If you don't plan to travel soon - might be worth waiting

    • Hi render,

      Those were deals from early this year. Unfortunately, we won't be offering anything like that again. We were very lean back then (packing orders from my apartment! haha) and could afford cutting our margins so low. Nowadays we have a few more mouths to feed so we won't be posting anything under 25% unless its a big event.


  • Hi Aidan
    If I buy the Asia sim, can I use 7 days in hk and the rest in japan under one sim? Thx

  • Off on a RTW trip next year, I don't think there is a SIM that will cover all countries (Japan 5, Norway 12, France 8, England 10, USA 10). What would be the cheapest combination of cards to get?

    • Hi knobbs,

      Damn, what a trip!

      The best bet would be to get a Japan 8 Day SIM for your Japan stay. Then the 30 day Europe SIM for Norway, France, and England.

      USA I would recommend our 5GB SIM.

      You have a bit of a handful of SIM cards there but that's the best option I can offer you.

      Let me know if you have any questions 😀


  • Hi OP, I'm thinking of getting the NZ one. Is tethering enabled for it?

    • Hi tentsubore,

      You can hotspot and tether with that SIM no worries.

      Let me know if you have any other questions :)


  • Hey mate is cuba covered at all? Also the bahamas carribean etc cheers

  • Yew perfect timing, china in one week.

    Hey OP, should be fine to get the SIM by Thursday with express shipping right (located in Sydney)?

    • Hey Willie!

      Yew, glad we could help out 😎

      Most definitely! (as long as Auspost don't lose your SIM) should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest!


  • I'm guessing these are '3' SIMS. O2 SIMS offer much larger data plans (20GB versus 12GB). Is there any plans to increase the data size, given the costs are the same? I'm not travelling until May, so happy to wait for more data.

    • Hi WhyPayRetail,

      Spot on, correct. They are ThreeUK SIM cards.

      Unfortunately, we don't offer anything from O2, it's a great product but we havn't decided to bring it on just yet.

      Definitely stick around, we will have more Europe SKU's coming soon :)


  • Hey guys - great deal - wouldn't be OZB if I didn't ask though…

    "is there a better deal for 3 x Europe 30 days sims please?"

    Cheers, Matt

    • Hey Matt!

      It wouldn't be OZB if you didn't ask for a better deal 😎

      Unfortunately I can't offer a bigger discount than the 25% we have offered!


  • I am going to Europe after my USA trip with a stop-over in Singapore, simcorner is able to do their 12GB Three Europe Sim card for $24 and the asia 8 day sim for $15 using their 40% off storewide promocode BLACKFRIDAY. Can you guys beat that with your price beat guarantee?

    • +1 vote

      Hi tclips24,

      I can't match that price unfortunately, that is extremely cheap, it wouldn't be worthwhile for us to offer the product that low. I would not blame you for getting your SIM from them :)

      Sorry I can't help you out this time tclips24!


    • Appreciate the heads up - would have loved to support OP but the deal was so much cheaper - thanks tclips24

  • Hello,

    Ill be in singapore for a week and then sri lanka for 2 weeks over christmas/new years. What Data options do you have for my 3 week travel across the 2 countries