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[VIC] 50% off The Age Essential Weekend Package ($3.95 a Week) for Six Months

  • 50% off for your first 6 months
  • Weekend papers delivered
  • Unlimited digital access across devices
  • The Age iPad app with daily crosswords,

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    It's a good deal if you read the papers.

    The dream is a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, eating some brioche and drinking a coffee whilst browsing through the paper. The reality was us rushing kids to/from basketball/netball/dance between washing clothes, cleaning, and cooking with just perhaps the occasional moment to collapse on the couch whimpering. We ended up with a jenga stack of newspapers - still wrapped in plastic - that just seemed a waste. We found someone with puppies who used to take some of them, but basically we decided to end the subscription (even though we were still on a 'grandfathered' deal that cost about this amount but included Thursday & Friday papers). I have been contacted by them about four times since over two weeks asking if I wanted to sign up again, offering 50% off on digital only but nah.

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      Democracy relies on an informed citizenry.

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        the citizenry doesn't read from paper any more.

    • hear! hear!

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