expired EZCAP-USB-2.0-DVB-T-TV-Stick-(EZTV646) - $15.98 +$5.98 shipping


My first posting, not sure how good this product is …

This ezcap USB DVB-T Stick makes it possible for you to watch, through your computers, the entertainment and updates from the TV programs of ATSC-covered regions. It comes with a small portable ATSC antenna. Featuring a digital video record function, it can record digital TV programs to disk and play them back to your PC screen in full original digital quality.

With this USB TV dongle, TV programs find its way to your computer in the best sound and reception qualities for your accessibility at any time and in any place via its ATSC receiver.

•With USB DVB-T Stick:
Watch DVB-T digital TV on your PC or laptop, in a window or full screen.
Record DVB-T digital TV to your PCs hard disk, Playback your TV recordings at any time onto your PC screen.

•Enhanced DVB-T Stick reception.
Inside the USB DVB-T Stick is the latest, highly sensitive, DVB-T Stick for the best TV reception.

•Digital Video Recorder.
Record digital TV programs to disk, and play them back to your PC screen in full original digital quality.

•Includes TV Player Schedules.
Scheduler allows you to schedule your digital TV recordings on a daily, weekly or once only schedule.
USB DVB-T Stick also is compatible with the digital TV listing, the online Electronic Program Guide.

Please note, mini portable antenna is included, but for the best reception outdoor antenna is recommended.

• EZTV646 USB DVB-T tuner with FM
• Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Standard
• Watch DVB-T digital TV on your PC or laptop, in a window or full screen
• Record DVB-T digital TV to your PCs hard disk, Playback your TV recordings at any time onto your PC screen
• Receiving Frequency range: TV 48.25-863.25 MHz
• Bandwidth 6/7/8 MHz (auto-select)
• Max No. Section filtering: 32PIDs
• Stream capture PES & TS
• Video Formats: MPEG-II Main Profile & Main Level
• Audio Formats: MPEG-II Audio Layer I & II
• Recording format MPEG2/WAV for TV
• Includes EPG compatibility
• Includes software to convert captured video to portable formats like iPod, PSP etc
• Power consumption 1.5W
• Dimensions: 90x28x15mm (LxWxD)
• Weight about 21gm
• Antenna Cable Length 1.2m
•System requirements:
• P4 1.7GHz CPU or above
• 256MB RAM
• VGA card with 32MB memory
• One available USB 2.0 port
• Compatible Windows-sound card
• Microsoft windows XP/Vista/Seven

Package Includes:
• 1 x USB DVB-T Stick
• 1 x Portable antenna with 1.2m cable
• 1 x Suction and magnetic antenna base
• 1 x User manual
• 1 x Remote control
• 1 x CD with driver and Windows DVR software (NewSoft Presto! PVR and Blaze Video Magic 3.0) and BlazeDTV6.0

• 6 months

• Dispatch or pickup in 1-3 working days.
• Call before pickup essential ( 02-9748 0600 )

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    normally its the software thats rubbish in these cheaper tuners, just get some good software and it will probably be alright! GREAT price regardless.


      Windows 7 media centre then no problem, otherwise totally agree…


        MediaPortal is an ok alternative software for single tuner viewing if using xp.
        Look forward to low price stb with twin tuners that are 3D capable and with good detailed epgs that work in Oz.
        Meanwhile usb twin tuners are useful to watch one channel while recording another.


      I know this software, because it came with my last two tv sticks. It's okay most of the time. Several years ago it would crash on occasion. Incidentally, most of these sticks seem to work fine with media centre, and do not necessarily require the Blaze software.

      These tv sticks do have reception issues sometimes, though. My last one used to work great, then after about a year channels started dropping out, until only really SBS and ABC worked. My new one is unable to pick up channel 9 or channel 10 (I have a professionally installed antenna, my tv's work fine, and the installer says signal strength is good at my place).

      This price seems about 20% lower than typical ebay prices.

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    Too bad it doesn't pick up any signals in Canberra :(

    • postage ($5.98)
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    I bought a similar unit to this a while back and even though it was cheap it was a waste of money. The problem with these cheap tuners is that they struggle with reception. I live within 4kms of the centre of Sydney and even with a professionally installed digital antennae I was only able to get half the stations. Maybe this one is better, but I highly doubt it!


    im not sure thought i would post as it seemed cheap …


    They are ok, in most areas they will need a larger antenna.
    We got 2 similar to this a few years ago for our laptops when travelling and they work the same as when new.
    It all has to do with the gain strength of the unit and i doubt you will find one with similar gain strength as your regular tv anywhere.
    For $16 + post this is a good deal.


    Yep reception on these is not good. I have to move my laptop to different places to get reception on certain channels. Included software does the job but crashes sometimes.


    Anyone got one of these working with linux?


    Add Shipping to title…


    Also available at DealExtreme for $20.38 delivered (see forum posts for extra info). OzStock are good to deal with though and would deliver faster (as well as being Aust based).


    Be aware that it will only tune Standard Definition Channels - NOT Hi Def!


    Sorry Guys, Apparently it WILL tune HD Channels - despite being told by Ozstock Staff (this a'noon) that it wouldn't. They've just sent an apology for giving me the wrong advice on the phone.
    Needless to say, I've just ordered one.


    roguenut, do a "google" on it. I found a site that mentioned Linux drivers on the CD that comes with it when searching earlier today. - I think it was this model, but, can't be sure. I'm hoping to get this thing working on my Mac. At $20 delivered, I figure it's worth the gamble.- if not, eBay here it comes!


    here's the link - linux drivers are on the CD — apparently.


    Anybody know if you can get it working on a Mac, &, if so, how?

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