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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console - Black $449.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


May not be as cheap as this deal, but combine it with Cashrewards or Shopback for 10% cashback to bring it down to a similar final price.

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  • Do I get this or PS4 500G for $279 with some spare change to buy a few games an another controller.

    Is it really worth the extra?

    • Do you have a 4k telly ?

      Other wise the PRO will run games at a higher stable fps

    • only if you have a 4K tv, then get the pro.

    • I guess it depends what you value more. Uptick in visuals, or more content+controllers. Is your TV good enough for you to notice a difference?

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      I'm guessing this is the first generation of Pro and the first generation of playstations are always big and hot and loud and often die after 3 years.

      I'd lean toward the $279 or wait for a PS4 Pro Slim.

      • There will be a pro slim? I thought PS4 was near end of its lifecycle?

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          Who knows.

          I'm a bit out of the loop now but I recall the PS4 was designed with very generic hardware (no custom subsystems etc) so that it could dispense with the need for (or enable much smoother) generational changeovers. You could argue that the Pro is the PS5 and it is possible they will continue simply adding more power to various iterations of PS4. Probably they will release a "PS5" at some point with "backward compatibility", at that point the lines blur between being a genuine new generation versus a new iteration of a PS4 with a nicer name applied.

          Nevertheless a Slim model seems almost inevitable.

      • I got first gen Pro free from sony never had any issues on it being loud and thats when its in 4k res… Bad information.

      • There won't be a pro slim since it is most likely that a new console will be announced in the next 12months. Should be the new version I would say as the black Friday sales were the new consoles on Amazon.

      • This is what I'm thinking. For $350 I could get a few games and another controller.

        • If you prefer to spend less on console, make sure you get PS4 Slim. Both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro have wireless AC support. That's important (unless you intend to use ethernet port all the time).

          PS4 Pro is less compelling compared to XB1X because most games still generally achieve 1080p on PS4/Slim (whereas a lot of games are already 960p or below for XB1/S). Also, most PS4 Pro enhanced titles are more 1440p (2K) native with dynamic resolution or checker-ed board to 4K.

      • They're already up to the third hardware revision of pro, which, while quieter, runs slightly hotter than the original:

    • In addition to owning a 4k tv as others have mentioned (pro only outputs upscaled 2k =/= native 4k for games fyi), it depends if you plan to make it your primary gaming machine.

      If you plan to get it just for exclusives and you are not too concerned with a small step up in graphics, better go with the PS4 slim.

  • $399 Boxing Day Deal with 10% Cashback and all the Amazon price error promo credits will make it less than $300 lol

    • Please explain?

    • you work amazon? or is it just an imaginary crystal ball?

      • Remember the Nintendo 2DS/3DS XL crystal balls, you need to be quick and patient to wait, but again depends if you need it now or not. I am pretty sure we will see $399 deals for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on Boxing day, might require a bit of hacking like discounted 10% ebay GCs, 10% cashback and TRS but $300 out of pocket is my target price

    • Don't spread lies and rumours about things gamers have wet dreams about

  • Get a girlfriend before Christmas or get a Playstation 4 Pro….Decision decision..

  • Cmon Amazon it’s simple - under $400 or no deal. Almost there buddy…

  • is it worth waiting for boxing day sale?

  • Finally upgraded to the Pro a few weeks ago (Spiderman bundle)..and I’ve gotta say, I’m super happy that I delayed the upgrade. I’ve heard people talking about comically loud ‘jet engine’ Pros since launch, but with this new model, God of War and Red Dead run silently. Silently!!

    • Really never had a problem with my pro, my xbox one s sits on top of it too lol. My ps3 I got free with my sony 40" sounded like a hair dryer when it got hot !

    • The later 2 models of pro(latest being the 7200 model) are quieter than the original, run a little hotter though.
      I got the 7200 from JBs on black Friday, the optical drive when installing a game is the loudest part.

  • Anyone have any experience with amazon stock? Says white pro is currently unavailable, wondering if they are likely to get more before the christmas sale is over?

  • Any good Xbox One X deals?

  • PRO is only worth if you have a 4K TV. I got a 4K QLED but I sold my PS4 to get the Xbox One S. Its GUI is much better, live, store, is much better, plus, with Xbox One S you can enjoy 4K without having to leave your arm and leg as payment. I am playing Gears of War 4 on it and h*ly s**t

    I might get a PS4 during the Boxing Day just to have access to the exclusive one, Xbox will be my main console for games.

  • $469 now.. deal is invalid now

  • I got this and the model is the brand new 72xx series

  • It seems there is no deal for this on boxing day.