This was posted 3 years 1 month 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S9 $699, S9 Plus $839, Note 9 $999, Note 8 $679, S8 Plus $545, S8 $480 Shipped @ Phonebot


Hey guys if your like me holding off to the last min for Xmas shopping, then heres the last deal from us for 2018.
All orders placed by 4pm today will be dispatched via Aus post express post signature on delivery today, so please check auspost express delivery network to see if your parcel will be delivered in time.

Australian stock with TRS claimable tax invoice provided. Prices advertised include postage with signature on delivery. Items will be dispatched from our shop in Reservoir, Vic

Like New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB with 12 months warranty $999
Like New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB with 12 months warranty $679
Like New Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB with 12 months warranty $699
Like New Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB with 12 months warranty $829
Like New Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB with 12 months warranty $839
Like New Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB with 12 months warranty $729
Like New Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB with 12 months warranty $669
Like New Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus 64gb with 12 months warranty $545
A grade Samsung Galaxy s8 64gb with 12 months warranty $480

A Grade Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB with 6 months warranty $839
A Grade Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB with 6 months warranty $939

A Grade Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB with 6 months warranty $579
A Grade Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB with 6 months warranty $649
A Grade Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB with 6 months warranty $699

A Grade OPPO A3s 16GB with 6 months warranty $299
B Grade OPPO A77 64GB with 3 months warranty $249

Like New Huawei Mate 10 Pro Single Sim $549

All devices are ding and dent free and classified as "Like new" for having no or very minimal scratches. If you do end up with something you dont like, you can always return it back to us for a refund within 7 days by 6th Jan 19 (Extended for holiday season) and claim your postage back via paypal return postage refund scheme. Handsets come in white boxes with Samsung fast charger and Type C cable as standard. These tech gifts are perfect for friends and family and save you a couple hundred $$ compared to a brand new handset

Thanks to the community for helping us achieve our 2018 goals. Because of you all, i have a job :D
Really thankful to the mods as well in doing a fantastic job. Happy new yr and merry xmas guys. 2018 went way too fast

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  • How old are the Samsung S8/S8+, or how long have they been used for?

    • hey mate, its not possible to tell the mileage but i can vouch that batteries have been tested to be over 90%. If they falter, you can get it replaced by samsung (i personally got mine replaced; refurb s7)

      • so its possible they could be 6 months or 1 year old?

        • yes your right. Anywhere ranging from 2 days-12 months

    • I would prefer new S8+ like this for $642 after P5OFF.
      Genuine battery would cost $100+ anyway.

    • the first link is au stock for $1300 but the rest u shared are imports dual sim. The one listed here is au stock with local wty. I wish it was half price but this is what it is right now :)

      • the first link yoiu get $200 back as well., effectively bringing it down to $1100

        • yah its a jb hifi $200 gift card which you can perhaps resell for $150 or buy something else from jb. idk man it seems like a hassle to save that $200. Plus the deal is expired now. Are you interested in purchasing one from this deal or did you purchased it from last deal? just curious about the point your tryna make

          • @erroorfree: the point im "tryna" make is that im looking at buying new, and some of the pricematch OW deals are sub $1000

            FYI, im not being difficult for the sake of it

            • @Samsungnote10: ahh ok :)
              yah absolutely, the price is coming down every day and OW price match is a pretty sweet deal. Reading by the comments, its more of a hit and miss at times with OW.

              i didnt had a pleasant experience or luck back in the days when i tried price matching a galaxy s5 from OW. It might be different now

              • +1

                @erroorfree: yeah, not everyone in aus is on ozb, so you selling a $1500 phone refurb 2 months after release for $1000 with 1 year warranty, im sure many will think its a great deal, so good luck!

      • I tried to price match mobilciti for a note 9 and the note 9 available at office works are also dual Sim …dual Sim doesn't mean imports apparently

  • @rep you say 'Australian Stock' but are they Australian models or grey?

    • Aus stock bro

      • What is the model number of the S9+?

    • Bought an S8+ from them recently and it was Australian Telstra stock.

      • awesome !!! your the best mod :D

  • S8 is $490 on your website, not $480 per this post

    • sorry. its fixed

      • Thanks. Ordered

  • S9 shows $725

    • plz try now

  • Hi rep thanks for the post. Is the 12month warranty through you or through Samsung?

    • Your welcome. Its through Samsung Australia

      • Good to know!:)
        Also curious about the comment above about replacing battery w/ Samsung if it turns out to falter - personally have no experience doing this so just curious about how it works. Do I get a battery replacement within the warranty? Cheers.

        • +1

          so i had a galaxy s7 which lasted like half a day. I took it in to samsung store at highpoint vic. While i waited the battery went down from 50% to 40% in like half an hr and thats exactly what i told the staff member. he looked it up on the system and asked for an invoice. He checked in his system the manufacturing date of the device and said ya its still under 2 yr warranty so well just replace it for ya. thats it :)

  • I asked this last time but you did not respond, is the Note 8 dual sim or single sim?

    • single sim australian stock.
      we might have some dual sim though (overseas version) if your keen. Ill have to physically check the stock first

      • do they still come with the LED cover or no more?

        • yep they do

  • Their other branch in St. Kilda will match the prices shown on their website. That way you can play with the phone beforehand to check stock, any scratches, etc.

  • Any chance the 512GB microSD card promo can be applied to these….

    • +1

      No chance mate. That promo is for Samsung stores only.

  • Hello OP, keen to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that has Dual SIM option… Any chance I could get one?

  • Hi OP,

    Keen to have a Samsung Galaxy note 8 phone that has Dual - SIM. Any chance I could get one?>

    • +1

      ill chk it out tomo mate and let you know

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