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Entertainment Book $40.50 (Normally $60.75-$70.88) Delivered - Physical or Digital Membership


As a past Entertainment Member we'd love your feedback. And as a special reward, if you complete a quick survey, you can renew your Membership for only $40 (normally $60-$70).

The 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Memberships are valid until 1 June 2019, and this offer is only available for a limited time, so renew now.

Estimated time to complete survey: 2 minutes


includes debit card / credit card payment processing fee: 1.25% of total order cost

Entertainment Book 30 Day Holiday Digital Membership, $30 (Members Only)

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  • +13

    If you don't want to do the survey, here is the direct link:

    • +6

      Is it worth 40 bux for 6 months? I stop buying entertainment books this year as the value has decreased quite a lot compare to the previous years (Sydney version).

      • +6

        Clearly not for you but many others do get value from the book. It's not hard to save many hundreds of dollars.

      • +3

        I used to tell people that even if you only use it to get the Wish cards for groceries and fuel at 5% off it's worth it, but I got a Suncorp bank account free that has those and Coles (amongst others) so that argument doesn't hold up.

        Although you have to wonder why a restaurant would choose to be in there (is it cause they're rubbish) I do find that getting a meal cheaper makes it feel better value than if you got the same and paid full price.

        • +2

          You can get Woolworths 5% off thru cashwards

        • +13

          Restaurant's choose to be in there because it gets more customers through the door. It's certainly not because they are rubbish. Plenty of good restaurants are in the book.

          • +4

            @Pete Gabitas: Only because they want business to boost when they aren't doing too well.

            Entertainment book does not put out any statistics - but a segment of the restaurants end up closing down whilst they are still advertising in the Entertainment book. This is why Entertainment book actually recommends people use the app version as new restaurants will sign up to replace the ones that have been closed due to bad business.

            The last time I joined about 3 or 4 years ago - I've had at least a dozen of the restaurants closed. Ones that were successful at picking up their business ends up not coming back onboard the following years since it eats into their profits.

            So make what you will out of that.

            • +5

              @bchliu: This is very misleading.

              Yes there are some new or potentially unpopular restaurants on entertainment book but the vast majority are not business's that are doing poorly or at risk of closing.

              • +1

                @samfisher5986: I'm sure there are good restaurants on there - but as I said, once they become popular, they remove themselves from Entertainment book. I remember the first time I bought in 2003-5, the selection of restaurants was excellent and had a number of tier 1 in there (eg. Quay, Prime, Kingsley etc). Struggling to find anything of that calibre in there anymore.

                • +2

                  @bchliu: Its unreasonable to expect all restaurants to stay on entertainment book.

                  Its less about becoming popular and more about getting all the entertainment book members to try it.

                  I don't know about your tier system but I find a wide range of restaurants are available.

            • +1

              @bchliu: I have had one every year for about 10 years. For us there have been restaurants come and go but a core of 10 or so very good local restaurants that have always been in there.

              We always get our moneys worth and the iOS/Androind app version is great as there is no more forgetting the voucher!

          • +1

            @Pete Gabitas: Yes, I’ve been to some very good ones, some so so where if I had paid full price I’d feel ripped off. None terrible though. Being a tightwad I’d be hesitant to go to a lot of places without the book discount.

            In a place that doesn’t have a big eating out culture I could see why restaurants would choose to be in it. For me, it means the difference between going out and staying home. Also I think they see the free meal as a loss leader and hope you’ll order more courses and drinks. Even a small profit helps pay staff and use food that would otherwise be chucked.

      • I mostly use this to buy Woolworths gift cards and Mantra hotel bookings. For me it's worth way more than $40.

        • You can get Woolworth and Wish card thru CashRewards for 5% always with spending on the EB

          • +1

            @naru6705: Hi, yes, but not the hotel bookings.

            • @Panini: is there any way to buy gift card without pay 1.25% card fee? like use bpay?

              • @RichardF89: I don't pay any fees to buy giftcards thru entertainment book.

                • @Panini: Really? I just called Entertainment Book and they said all gift card charges 1.25% fee. And no other payment option. Maybe you only buy wish card which buy through woolworth website.

            • @Panini: Which can get cheaper if you use ozbatgain or katak

      • +3

        You only really need to use 2-3 of the restaurant vouchers to recoup the cost of the book. Most people would dine out more than that a year.

        There's a few local cafes in the Melbourne book that I regularly visit so to get 30% off or BOGOF meal is an added bonus.

        • Also good to get the one month one if you travel. $30.

      • +2

        If you shop at Chemist Warehouse, the 10% off Chemist Warehouse Gift Card up to $500 (ie saves $50) is already enough to pay for the membership itself.

    • thanks - as per Go to Deal :)

  • +6

    $70 * 5 / 12 = $29.16

    Works out to be more expensive than buying them when they first come out.

    Even worst deal for $60 books.

    • +2

      And if you have some places that you've used the vouchers for? There are a few places we go to a regular basis, they have three vouchers in the book and each one saves us 50% of a ~$40 bill so just from one place we recover the book cost. We would easily make it back on buying another book at half price and I'm sure any others would as well.

    • +2

      If you got 2 BOGOF restaurants you like to eat at or want to try, you've basically got your $40 back in 2 nights /sittings. Or 1 for classy restaurants.

    • +1

      That’s only on a per month basis analysis. If u were lay ever going to use 10 vouchers then 6 or 12 months doesn’t matter as u still have the same amount of vouchers to use or sell plus the gold card

  • Is it worth it at $40?

    • +1

      I think if you had something you could use it for specifically, and you'd go to that place with or without the book, it's worth it. Last year I got a $50 discount on a fine dining restaurant which pretty much paid for the book

  • +6

    I think the food offers are getting worse by the year. The book itself is getting thicker, but missing the good place to eat, most of them are near-bankruptcy out-of-favor restaurants.

    • There's still a few vouchers in this years Melb book that closed down 2 years ago.

  • +1

    I've got heaps of value so far from it in Sydney from restaurants. Probably saved a few hundred so far

    • +1

      Please recommend good ones you've been to for Dinner.

  • +11

    With only 5 months left until these expire, these should be cheaper than this for it to be a "bargain".

  • +2

    valid until 1 June 2019 only :(

  • The book is getting less and less value and with their recent surcharge of 1.25% for buying discount gift card. I am not too sure it is now worth it.

  • If you are the person who visit contemporary restaurants often, this book would be worthy.

  • +1

    If you eat out regularly or use the coupons 5-10 times a year, you are likely to have paid off more than the cost of the book. Have had it now for 3 years and will continue to renew as I find it a lot of value

    Mind you, this deal only gets you half a year

  • +2

    These are ridiculously easy to make your money back on.

    Each restaurant discount/BOGOF is easily $15-$20+ in credit, so you'll make it back in 2-3 vouchers.

    • Yeah, we went out for dinner with some friends last year and saved the price of the book in one go.

  • My colleague lives south of the river (Perth) and I live north; we share the digital version (using 2 phones) and it works out very well.

    • I have to find a colleague LOL

    • +1

      So what if you guys wanna use it on same restaurant? I can see friendship in jeopardy here no? lol

    • Hm… I thought the app can only register on one phone only and disable the other.

      • Yes, I would also be interested to know this.

      • Pretty sure you can have 4 phones registered to one membership account.

        • -1

          Nah. I checked again and found this. Sad :(

          The Entertainment™ Digital Membership can be shared with family members in your household on up to two different devices, but only one device can actively redeem offers at any one time.
          To share your Membership, the new user will need to confirm their device is compatible by downloading the 'Entertainment Australia' App.

          • @lemonteh: It comes with 2 registered devices automatically, but if you email them you can add an extra 2 devices on (so 4 devices).
            Some bullshit story of most people only want it on 2 devices and so that's what they supply everyone initially.
            But emailing them is super easy and they are very helpful.

  • To be honest we used to use the deal every few weeks but now it's been months. With the prices increasing every year and the deals/restaurants not as good as what they used to be, we won't be getting one next year.

  • I miss the free month promo. Hopefully they will do it again

  • +4

    For some one who have never used entertainment book and uses groupon a lot, is it better value than groupon?

    • want to know as well

    • +2

      Yes it is. You can choose your restaurants and dont have to commit to buying first as you do on Groupon.

      • is there plenty of varieties? how are the deals like.. min spend with % off or more groupon like 3 course for 2 person for $XX ones?

        • Download the app or look through the website for a look at the book.

        • You can view the deals on their website, many are things such as one main course free with one purchased, or a % off the total bill.

      • +1

        …Except you have to commit to buying the book first.

        I've always preferred the flexibility of getting deals elsewhere as I need when available, rather than buying the book and trying to make something work.

  • +1

    Question of the day - were any of you guys treated "differently" at a restaurant for using an Entertainment Book voucher?

    • +4

      You don't need to tell them you are using the book until the bill comes, so no.

      • +5

        I love watching their smiles droop when I pull a voucher out at the end lol

        • +2

          Just the little things in life eh?

  • I just purchased but find it charges 1.25% for all gift card purchase. Even don't have payment option for bpay.

  • Can anyone help in clarifying if book has more offers then what i can see in red energy rewards ? I feel both are pretty much same.

    • Frequent Values, which is part of Entertainment Book and includes Red Energy Rewards, is only 20% off, whereas Entertainment Book is 25% off with more and different offers/businesses, some of which overlap - check the website/app

  • +1

    I do dislike the new Entertainment Book website. It's very flashy but I find it annoying and difficult to use. And that list of businesses that have closed down or were no longer accepting Entertainment Book vouchers is not available on this new website.

    • And that list of businesses that have closed down or were no longer accepting Entertainment Book vouchers is not available on this new website.

      https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/member-information/addi... > Updates :)

      • Yes, this is the list I was talking about! It was very useful, but it is dated 8 October and the new website doesn't seem to give access to a recent list. I rang the Entertainment Book office yesterday to enquire and they said they were aware of its omission on the new website and were working on a solution.

      • Link says page not found

    • Yes, hate the new web site. I reckon it’s so it works on phones.

      • Oh, didn't know there was a new website.

        And now when I visit I get this: "Please switch to another browser…

        This new Entertainment website doesn't work with your current browser. Please launch it from another browser such a Chrome or Firefox. Apologies for any inconvenience."

        Pretty lame.

  • +1

    2 other points for consideration.
    1) the contribution is also linked to charity
    2) there are opportunities to swap your vouchers with other entertainment book owners

  • -1

    I dont get why u would pay for this when u can get at least 50% off (without paying for the privledge) using groupon/scoopon deals or simply booking with dimi during their 50% off promotions.

    • +1

      Charity contribution is probably why people still buying entertainment book.

    • +3

      Ok so can you show me one restaurant on entertainment book right now that there is also a groupon for?

      Groupon are generally terrible restaurants using a last resort to get customers.

      For the 50% you get off, groupon takes a huge chunk, the restaurant gets very little.

      So they have to be desperate.

      • I havent found most of the restaurants on groupon to be terrible. They may use groupon for a short period of time to boost business. Even good restaurants are not always at peak capacity.

        Ill agree that the restaurants that are permanently on groupon are probably sturggling and may be of a lower standard but i dont think it applies accross the board. Also im not sure why the same argument wouldnt apply to restaurants in the entertainment book?

        Lastly, the fact that groupon restaurants are not in the entertainment book is no surprise. They probably pick one or the other, not both. Similar to why the restaurants which are 50% off on dimi are never the same restaurants that are on groupon.

        • +1

          I think you are failing to understand an important point.

          On groupon right now there is one restaurant within a 20 minute drive from my house and its one of those 24/7 groupons that aren't very good.

          On entertainment book there is probably 100.

          Trying to suggest that you can replace entertainment book with groupon is just silly.

          • +1

            @samfisher5986: Yes i failed to understand that because its something specific to you. There are dozens within a 10 minute walk of where i live let alone driving distance.

            Anyway i can see how the entertainment book could be of value to yourself and others in your situation.

            For myself theres more than enough restaurant deals available for free that i dont need to buy the entertainment book.

            • @harthagan: I was simply giving you an example.

              Groupon has very little options.

              If you want to limit yourself to groupon places then good for you, but nobody else wants to do that.

              Most people like to go to nice restaurants, which you can generally also find in entertainment book.

      • -1

        The Hyatt Perth is on Scoopon or Groupon at the moment. Nonsense to say "generally terrible restaurants". Your general statement is terrible!

        • You do realise that generally does not mean all right?

          I hope you do.

    • Because you can consistently and transparently get the same or better deals than the Dimmi offers at peak times of your choosing, rather than only between 4.30-6pm on a random Tuesday if you happen to find the offer?

  • Is the Grill'd burgers BOGOF deal still in the current entertainment book?

    • +1

      Nope. No Grill’d in the current book.

      • Thanks for letting me know.

    • They used to have 3 of these a few years ago. One of the main reasons I used to buy it

  • I’ll add this in here. I just got a targeted email offering me access to all Entertainment offers nationally for $25 until the end of June. I currently have only the Melbourne membership.

    • I’ve got this too. It says access to 15 Entertainment memberships across Australia. Does it mean you get 15 x maccas vouchers (for example)?

    • I got this too, I bought it and now have every entertainment book in australia in my app, with a ridiculous amount of 2 for 1s in all the big chains. Worth it 😊

      • @Kimkimkim: can you try if you can also buy more discount gift cards? i.e 15x per membership limit?

      • I got the offer. If I upgrade and currently have the book, do I get my current edition again in the app?

        • Nope

  • You should offer an anniversary membership - much like my membership with Costco, Spotify, Netflix; your membership should be valid for 1 year or whatever period, regardless of when you purchase it, and it can be renewed on the anniversary date. No one will buy your membership when it only has 8, 6, 5 months left to use.

    • Except with the business' you mentioned, they offer and provide their own products. Entertainment book doesn't offer the product, the participating merchants do and they have their own contract with EB.

      Considering you can easily get $40 back in one or two visits at a restaurant, I doubt they'll have trouble selling the book at $40. I have 2 already, considering buying a 3rd.

  • Any buffet or all you can eat deals for Sydney?

    • There are a few on Groupon. Not sure entertainment book.

  • Signed up as I wanted to get some David Jones gift cards only to find out they've been sold out! Wtf? They have a limit on gift cards?

    • me too and also want to know the limit. and dj gift card is only 9% off because 1.25% credit card fee

    • I can help you get some if you want.

    • You can also get DJ gift card with 10% off from AGL reward and Suncorp reward.

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