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Christmas Clearance 4 x 480g Coffee Beans $49.95 + Free Express Shipping @ Manna Beans


2 Days Only (Until stocks run out)

$49.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Brazil Lavrinha
1 x 480g Colombia Popayan Reserve
2 x 480g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.

Brazil Lavrinha

Chocolate, caramel, creamy, sweet. Well balanced with citric and molasses flavours.

Processing: Fully Washed
Region: Serra do Salitre/Cerrado Minerio
Altitude: 970 masl

Colombia Popayan Reserve

Region: Popayan
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1,700 masl

Medium to bright acidity, tropical fragrance, Sweet chocolate notes and full bodied.

Lucky Dip

Can include the Caticorn Blend, Special Edition and Magical Unicorn

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Manna Beans

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  • Op, what would you recommend for Moka pot use and would you able to grind it accordingly? Happy to extra if required. Thankd

  • Bought. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Good stuff thanks, I will grab some. Any good tea deals on at the moment to add on Mr Manna?

    • EDIT: Sure, do you happen to know what tea are you after? Green or black or certain type? Or small mix of bags? If so how many and quantity etc? I'm happy to quote for some either attached to a deal or by themselves.

      PREVIOUS: Yup lots of amazing coffees(some roasted mainly for my Christmas ;) and new green bean crop that we reserve 6 months ahead to secure the high end harvests before hitting Australia as they sell before landing.

      If attaching to an order then shipping is free but as I will need to reopen roastery tomorrow to roast and ship all these orders tomorrow it will be very busy and I can't guarantee customizing orders or coffees as it would probably require individual small batch roasts.

      If you order anything on our standard website listings by midday tomorrow then I can custom roast for you tomorrow and ship free if attached to an Ozbargain deal.

      • A couple of smaller bags of Black tea please, the Indian is the one I like the sound of the most, and either of the blends you have would be nice. Feel free to scale back one of the coffee sizes to keep you within the postage weight limit.
        I have already placed my order for this deal but let me know what you can do and I will send the extra funds.

        • Please shoot through an email to [email protected] with the email address that you used to place order so that I can match to you and check if it's been shipped yet.

          I need to determine this to see whether I need to include shipping in the quote.
          Otherwise happy to do 4 x 250g mixed specialty tea variety for $39.95 delivered or 8 x 250g for $69.95

          If this suits then you can just send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes in Paypal please.
          0400 733 033

          • @mannabeans: Yeah sorry just seen this, my order shipped. I will call you on my next order about the tea if thatโ€™s ok?

  • Why no ground option? I can never get the right grind for espresso machine

    • +11

      Never buy ground. Ground coffee goes stale 30 minutes after being exposed to air. For espresso machines you need a decent conical burr grinder or hand grinder. Those spice grinder type machines are OK for plunger but no good for espresso. It is a fine science to get the correct grind level and tamp pressure but worth spending the time.

      • -1

        I guess I'm not a coffee connoisseur. I'll just stick to the Lavazza ground coffee bricks.

        • +4

          If you enjoy good coffee a good quality grinder may not be cheap but it is worth every cent (in my opinion)

        • +3

          Jump on board and try for yourself and family over Christmas may appreciate:) You have nothing to lose. You don't have to start as a proffessional barista or coffee judge. All connoisseurs have to start somewhere. In fact the first time I was introuduced to cupping and we cupped 50 x Brazilian Cup Of Excellence Coffees they all seemed the same lol. You can't develop your pallet, interest or skillset without trying different coffes and having a go. The pricepoint is about the same as Lavazza but we source more expensive fresh roasted specialty grade coffee direct from farmers so there's not much to lose ;)

          Aim for a 20-30 sec extraction if making on espresso machine. You say that yuo struggle with grind. This may be coffee machine or equipment related. Make sure coffee machine is hot(including portafilter); if extraction comes out quicker than 20 secs then make grind finer or add more coffee and if extraction comes out too slow ie over 30 sec then do the opposite(make grind courser and or
          reduce amount of coffee gradually until you get he result you are after. Hope this helps. Happy Christmas!

      • -3

        I don't know about 30 minutes, you can really stretch it out with a vacuum sealed container. Not as good as freshly ground, but I'd take pre-ground coffee over cheap-grinder-ground coffee.

    • +5

      get a breville smart grinder next time it comes up

      • +1

        Not cheap

        • +2

          Compared to a high quality grinder it's pretty great value for home use.

        • +1

          Maybe not, but people don't seem to realise that a grinder is every bit as important as the coffee machine when it comes to pulling decent espresso shots. A good rule of thumb is to allocate 50% of your budget to the machine and 50% to the grinder. This will yield better results than a fantastic machine with an el cheapo grinder.

          The smart grinder is excellent value.

        • https://www.sunbeam.com.au/Coffee-and-Beverages/Coffee-Grind...

          This is a great grinder, they go for between $100-$150 on sale. Check Gumtree as well. If you don't care about stainless steel you can get the plastic one, it's exactly the same just with a plastic body.

      • Yep the Breville smart grinders are good. They are the cheapest I have found that will grind good enough for a decent espresso on my commercial machine. I can sell you one at $198 + shipping if that helps ;) Got a new one in a box floating around

  • +1

    Ordered. I love their coffee. Cheers.

    • Thanks another "awesome customer" Happy Christmas!

  • +1

    Purchased, thanks OP

    • Thanks ;)

  • +1

    Ordered. Really liked your last special too. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks heaps, Merry Christmas!

  • +1

    For what it's worth.

    I participated in the last special, and it was FANTASTIC. I thoroughly recommend. Fantastic quality.

    • +2

      Thanks guys, really appreciate the kind feedback :) We actually closed last Friday for 3 weeks but people obviously still need coffee lol so will roast and shipp all these orders Aus Post express tommorrow


      Happy Christmas everyone and hope you all have a fantastic break and time with family or friends

    • +1

      would like to know this too!

    • +1

      Beans should really be used within 1 month of roasting. But I buy Aldi $12 per kg beans, just look for the freshest pack they go by a 1 year 3 month best before date. Pretty fresh for supermarket beans and good taste.
      I just got 1kg of Pablo and Rusty beans for $19 delivered and they are a lot better I admit, great coffee. But for price Aldi is a good everyday bean. You can use them after 30 days but just wont be quite as strong and body will be thin.

      • where'd you find pablo at that price? that's sounds pretty good

        • +1

          There was a deal posted here the other day, surprised at the lack of upvotes because it is an amazing deal. I just enjoyed a coffee and it was great. It is a subscription plan but you can cancel any time, 50% off first 3 orders and you can opt for delivery every 4 weeks.

      • +2

        That's true for most beans but the problem with Manna Beans is they don't show you the roast date.
        I've also asked several times here on OzBargain without a reply.

        I don't know why you wouldn't label the roast date? Especially when you roast quality beans. It's a shame because I did try their special beans a few months ago and they were very good. I would just like to be aware of the roast date. Rant over.

        • +8

          All websales are roasted fresh to order as are Ozbargain sales; both of which are advertised as such on our website and deal listings. Often coffees can be roasted and shipped the same day but sometimes a few days can pass ie if you order on Friday then nothing would happen until Monday.

          To be honest all coffees actually need a period of degassing after roasting for flavours to develop fully and you'll find beans often start to perform best after 5-7 days from roasting. This can vary greatly depending on roast profile and country etc so for example a lot of my Ethiopians perform best around day 14 onwards.

          That's not to say that the coffees aren't great on day 3 also etc just showing that time to degas is actually a good thing and there are more variables involved beyond this. As we specify coffees are fresh roasted and inform our customers of the roasting logistics then I don't see the point in creating more work by dating bags when we are trying to keep cost and labour down to be able to offer these kind of cheap deals.

          To confirm and personally give you the roast date you asked for then it will be tomorrow 21/12/2018.
          As the owner of the business I figure my word is as good here as on the coffee bag I could print a date on. Just passing on some info and don't mean to offend anyone. Prefer roasting coffee to roasting people

          • @mannabeans: I'm not asking about expert opinions on when to grind and brew beans, all I'm asking is for a simple label on the packet of beans so I know the date they have been roasted.

            Without the exact roast date I cannot take your advice on when it's best to brew the beans as I don't have the most important information.

            • @JTTheMan: The roast date is specified above(today) along with a detailed explanation that our coffees are all specialty grade and fresh roasted to order.

              I hope that this info is clear enough and that you understand our position. Thanks for the feedback though and hope you have a great Christmas ;)

          • @mannabeans: I ordered yesterday, can you give me an idea pls of how long delivery will take?

      • Yeah love aldi beans. Not my favourite but can't beat them for the price

      • I buy the aldi beans in a pinch but they honestly don't compare.
        Pablo is better but not as good as Manna.

  • +1

    Hey Op, the website says you're closed from the 15th Dec? Will we get our beans before Christmas if we ordered today?

    • I'd like to know too. Hoping they're still open given this post is during the closed period. Hoping my order will go to my parents before new years!

    • +1

      Yup we closed roastery last Friday but I will go in and we are going to roast and ship all coffee orders tomorrow. I may even go in the odd day through next couple of weeks to clear out any further stray orders over the Christmas period.

    • +1

      Roasting and Shipping express tomorrow

  • Guessing delivery is well into January but good deal nonetheless, thanks!

  • +1

    FWIW, Lazzio beans from Aldi ($12-$13/kg by Black Bag Roasters) picked up some medals in the franchise section of the Golden Bean Awards 2018

    Gold Medal - Franchise/Chain Filter Category - Lazzio Medium Roast
    Silver Medal โ€“ Franchise/Chain Milk Category โ€“ Lazzio Medium Roast
    Silver Medal โ€“ Franchise/Chain Espresso Category โ€“ Lazzio Medium Roast
    Bronze Medal - Single Origin - Lazzio โ€œColombiaโ€

    The beans probably aren't as good as smaller, speciality roasters but the cost difference is a personal decision.


  • +1

    Magical Unicorn sounds like a strain of Marijuana :D

    • Well Unicorns can have an interesting diet! How else do you think that they poop rainbows?

      I haven't had to booby trap the cookie jar yet so we might be safe ;)

  • Bought some a while back but took way too long to finish it. Don't drink enough unfortunately :(

  • Hey OP what would the roast date be on these? Would love to try the beans :)

    • Back from Christmas yesterday and roasting everyday. All coffee is fresh roasted same or next day and shipped express :) if you still need jump onboard the caffeine train choo choo!!!

  • +3

    Hi, Extremecable and others asking regarding roast date, I'm pretty sure its been answered previously in post threads for the regular deals. They roast more or less to order, such that give or take a few days the beans are roasted then packed and posted.

    Beans generally have to sit for around 5 days post roast to allow them to degas before consumption.

    I've been picking up beans from them locally at Archerfield QLD and posted through the ozbargain deals and found them to be freshly roasted hope this response has helped.

    • Thanks for the feedback and advice :) Happy Christmas!

    • Awesome, thanks for response!

    • That sounds like a lot of โ€œmore or lessโ€ involved. Iโ€™d like to know the roast date so I can know when day 5 actually is. Again I donโ€™t see why it canโ€™t be labelled?

      • +1

        I've explained why and hope that you can accept the explanation from us who are the ones that need to be able to fulfill what we offer. It would make these deals unsustainable at this price point if additional labor and processing requirements are needed to be added to the existing process. I've given you an exact date of when these coffees are roasted! Yesterday and actually right this second! I hope this is precise enough for you haha. Yesterdays were shipped express yesterday and todays will be shipped express on Monday.

        The 1 day difference in roast time will make an almost insignificant difference to most to be honest

        Otherwise as explained I'm happy to put a roast date sticker on your coffee bags if bought through our standard website listing rather than these half price deals. Thios way I can perform an individual small batch roast on demand to an exact profile for you and is viable to offer the extra services you may require

        I can even print your face on the bag if you want!?

        On a serious note though we always try to help our customers when possible and when notes are left in Paypal. If ever required in the future you're always welcome to leave questions or requests in this manner when placing order and we will try to include when possible ;) Notes in Paypal work best as they are seen by packing team.

        Ozbargain names do not show up so I have no way of knowing who I'm talking to or which order from these discussion threads. You would need to contact me directly by email

        Have a great Christmas

  • +1

    Hey guys just ordered ( grant and kara). If you could skip in a Jamocha on the lucky dip that would be sweet). Also, loving the magic uniform. Once again, a big thankyou for bringing us fantastic fresh roasted beans

    • The Magic Unicorn is my favourite so far too.

    • Thanks to you guys for your support and hope you have a fantastic Christmas ;)

  • +1

    No decaf option this time around? Will wait for the next one and hope.

    Really would want 2 lucky dips and 2 decaf.

    • yeah our house can only have decaf. would be keen on a a 4 x decaf even

    • please send funds through Paypal to [email protected] which allows for notes to be left in Paypal for packing team about preferred coffee choices.

      I still have decaf left so should be fine but as we are extremely busy and working today when we technically closed last Friday. Can't promise in case packing team miss or make a mistake but should be fine if notes are left in Paypal :)

      • Thanks mate. 2 lucky dips and 2 decaf for $49.95 shipped?

      • Ok order done via PayPal for $49.95 with 2 decaf and 2 of something else. Mainly drink with milk. Thanks for your help.

      • Thanks for all the help. Ordered turned up last week with the 2 bags of decaf. Great stuff, happy new year.

  • +1

    Ordered highly recommended with lightning fast delivery in the past.

    • Thanks and appreciate you advertising our time machine for us. It runs on Unicorn power and rainbows

    • Thanks champ :) Happy Christmas

      • Jinxed myself, still havnt received my order… getting coffee withdrawals.
        Tracking shows sent on Monday.

  • Just ordered! I've seen these deals come and go and always wish I bit the bullet. All the good feedback, can't go wrong!

  • +1

    Ordered just now. Hopefully you can get it into today's roast'n'ship so you can close up for Xmas - you guys deserve a break too! Thanks!

  • How does this compare to Harris coffee beans?

  • Thanks manna beans, merry Christmas!!

    • HoHoHo Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…

  • +1

    Just put in an order - fingers crossed this can be processed and shipped today!


    • Will try my best :)

      • Here's your most recent spam from your "I am well aware of cyber security protocols" HotMail account: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rptoyc6t5bz2dc3/Yet%20more%20cluel...

        • Please either just unsubscribe using button at the bottom or just send me your email address and I'll manually do it for you and remove from our mailing list so you don't get an email next Christmas :) Thanks

          • @mannabeans: Please get back to me with the email address so that I can ensure that it is taken off our list. Your Ozbargain name D C does not give me any info to help you and stop you getting our annual Christmas email.

            Once I hear from you I will check and ensure that you are not on our mailing list. Thanks

  • +1

    Ordered mine Thursday Morning and received it this morning. Thanks.

  • Welcome, glad to hear :) Happy Christmas

  • Received this morning. Delicious as usual!

  • Received Saturday morning. Thankyou

  • Have a new deal for the new Year?
    Resorting to supermarket coffee at the moment

    • Happy New Year ;)

      I'll be listing a deal soon but in the meantime you're welcome to use the last one and I can still honour and roast for you. Otherwise there will be a similar one listed in next couple of days :)



      • I just sent through paypal, prefer Unicorn and Caticorn. Hope your offer was open to all. Happy New Year!

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