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[Refurbished] Sony WH-1000XM3 $319.20 & WH-1000XM2 $239.20 (OOS) Delivered @ Official Sony eBay Store


First time poster, saw these refurbished WH1000XM3B & WH1000XM2B as part of the PLUGIT20 ebay store sale. Seems to be pretty good prices for these headphones. Enjoy

Original PLUGIT20 20% off 57 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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    Prices of these have regularly come down to $350 on OzB.

    Is it really worth it to pay $30 less for refurbished? Anyone care to comment on Sony "manufacturer refurbished"?

    • Sony's refurbished label is applied extremely liberally. Note that the actual title of the product has "(Seconds)" meaning factory seconds. Generally it just means minor cosmetic damage to some part of the packaging. YMMV of course, but from past OzB comments and my own experience (not with the XM3s) it'll probably be basically new.

  • Only 10 of the XM3 and 3 of the XM2 available.

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    Yeah id struggle to buy sony refurbished again - Got a 55" telly a while ago, rocked up well packed, after powering up the telly had a big dark spot in the bottom left of the screen - I'd read before purchasing that they were a bit dodge but gave em a chance, and regretted it.

  • I bought a pair of MDR-ZX770BN headphones refurbished from Sony in a similar sale. The box was a little bit creased but the headphones were like brand new. I have been happily using them since March 2016 with no issues, so i jumped on these.

  • Got one thanks!

  • Are they selling them as "Seconds" due to the damage boxes? or they are actually returned item from customers?

    • It doesn’t really specify other than to say they have passed Sony’s refurbishment process

    • I bought mx3 recently for 240 off Sony ebay and it was brand new… Have bought 2 box damaged head phones from Sony… Both were brand new.

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    Just picked up the MX3 for the $329 at JB. Bought 2.

    • How can you have that price at jb hifi?

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        Just asked nicely as listed below. Told them Amazon was selling it for that. They didn't check. Nice guy. Asked about his Xmas. How busy they were. Ozbargain rapport building is half the journey.

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      Can you please share the receipt for others benefit ?

      • Just also picked up for $329 at JB. Ticket was $399. You just have to ask for it. Good luck!

        • Ask for what? Does it scan at the cheaper price?

        • Another request for the receipt. Would greatly appreciate it

        • At my JB the ticket is $499… I showed them the $299 receipt from the other day and they said it was way below their cost and they couldn't do even $350..


          • @Duplicity: Same experience here. I guess it really depends on which sales person you speak with

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            @Duplicity: I don’t think they can price match based on the price months ago.
            And, the price on jb hifi website is $399

            • @AMDneverdies: Back up to $499

              I wonder what are the chances of getting it for $329 now..

              Edit: Good guys selling for $359.10 using a discount code (expires 2 Jan 2019) and Sony selling for $399.

  • Bought the last $240 sale off eBay too, title says refurb but when I received the item it was in bnew condition. Box is sealed, no damage or crease.

    • Was it the silver one ?

      • Yes, it was the silver one.

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    No way. Amazon came down to $300 after cb! Why would you buy refurb?

    • Each to their own mate. I don't think the neg is necessary.

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    Sony were delivering brand new xm3's a month ago at this price.

  • anyone received their headphones from this deal yet? tracking says mine are due to be delivered tomorrow

  • can anyone comment on the confition of the XM3 if they did this deal? as it's back on.

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