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Netac N600S 720GB SATA3 2.5" SSD $66.99 US (~$93.42 AU), w/ Yvnne USB 3.0 Enclosure $67.99 US (~$95.92 AU) @ GeekBuying


First up is the Netac N600S SATA3 720GB TLC SSD with SLC cache. It has a read speed of ~550MB/s and a write speed of ~460MB/s. It's suitable for replacing a traditional HDD, use as a dedicated game drive or even slipped inside an enclosure for use as a portable SSD. It's using a Silicon Motion SM2258 controller that is used in other big brands including the MX500 SSD.

The SSD can be purchased on its own or with a Yvnne HD213 SATA to USB 3.0 enclosure which supports UASP and allows you to use the Netac as a portable SSD.

AU Express shipping has been temporarily discounted to ~$0.13 US with the enclosure deal.

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  • wtf this rivals the crucial MX500 deal on gb/$ but not performance ofcourse


      You would have to compare the 2 to actually see if that's the case. They're both using the same type of flash from Micron and same controller ;) Of course with Crucial not having a 720GB SSD it's not exactly a fair comparison.

      • i got the crucial for $68.5 from the last Newegg deal so this is pretty close for the gb you get.

        even better if theyre both using the same nand

      • Crucial MX500: SM2258
        Netac N600S: SM2258X (X = XT ? = possibly DRAMless ?)

        Also, the MX500 supports AES which the Netac does not, (or no indication that it does) - another possible indicator of a different controller?

        Not saying the Netac does use the SM2258XT but I'd want to see the cover pulled off a production version before I believe the specs, (having previously bought a Netac SSD).

        That said, it's cheap fast read-many storage.


          You could be right about it being the XT version. Unfortunately Silicon Motion have not yet added the N600S to their SSD Directory.

          • @Clear: Hey!

            I saw your posts throughout the forum and thought you could help me out on my GeekBuying order. GeekBuying says on their website that processing time is about 1-3 days but I bought my OnePlus 6T on 12/17 (China time) and it it still processing. The order number is 4813994. Any help would be appreciated!


            P.S. I also just sold my phone on Ebay and kinda need to get my new phone ASAP lol.


              @endmymissouri: Hey there. Do you know where it said 1-3 days as it's actually 2-7 business days.

              I'll send a message to Geek now, but you have chosen a bad time to order from China if it's urgent. Generally from Singles' Day (11/11) until after Christmas it's not unusual for the postal system to be overloaded and for delays to occur.

  • Never seen a 720 before

    • 360gb x 2

      240gb x 3

      120gb x 6

      60gb x 12

      30gb x 24

    • crucial used to do a 750gb …. they dumped it and kept 500gb and 1tb …. no manufacturer wants to make and distribute lots of sizes especially if some don’t move.

  • NANXtend Eroor Correction - Improbe the data read and write performance :D

    • +1 vote

      Gotta love it when Chinese brands try to translate to English themselves. Netac should have used Google Translate :)