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Nokia 7.1 3GB/32GB (Midnight Blue) $399.20 @ JB Hi-Fi


Currently 20% off at JB Hi-Fi.

Also available in Steel colour.


5.84" Full HD + display

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 636 mobile platform


32GB mass storage and MicroSD card slot (support up to 400 GB)

12MP + 5MP dual rear camera with ZEISS optics and 8MP front camera

3060mAh battery

Wi-Fi AC

Android Oreo 8.1

Full specifications:

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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  • Fair price for once, at 500 was far too expensive.

    For those wanting NFC, yes this is good option.

    For those that don't care, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite with band 28 around and below this price point

    • Nokia vs Xiaomi is like apples vs oranges. Nokia is light years ahead.

      • like apples vs oranges

        Strange idiom to use to compare smart phones considering one of the biggest OEM’s is actually called Apple.

        • hmm Apple is not really OEM, they are designers and retailers more so.
          Qualcomm, Samsung and intel are OEM's.

          • @ozdesi: True, but my point stands. Apple exists, making the idiom you used an odd one to compare two brands of smartphone…neither of which are Apple.

      • Lol Xiaomi are fourth largest in the world. Nokia did a shit job with optimisation of Android as reviews have found with this phone.

      • @ozdesi not sure how you come to this conclusion
        HMD that makes the NOKIA phones is only about a year old company. How many years has Xiaomi making phones?
        do NOT compared it to the original NOKIA that has been around for years totaly different company.
        I had the Nokia 8 had the black screen issue as many others and a few other issues
        got rid of it have now a redmi note 5 at $250 no issues. now looking at the mi8 lite $310 or
        the redmi note 7 arriving soon as my next phone
        and at the $400 mark look at the Poco f1 OK no NFC and no band 28 BUT SD 845 this has 3G 32G Poco has 6G 128G

        • You are correct in saying that HMD is a separate company but they also have a very close relationship with Nokia. Nokia basically dictate a lot that goes on at HMD and there are quite a few ex-Nokia executives who work there.

          • @tranter: @tranter can you name some of those ex NOKIA execs that are there now
            NOT the ones that worked for Microsoft when they had the Nokia phones
            BUT the original Nokia

            • @costas60: No I don't know names off the top of my head buy you can google if interested.

              • @tranter: @tranter you can google and tell us (all the names are on their official website if you want to look).
                They had that spiel on their website when they first started
                but they took it down when people realized they were NOT execs
                from the original nokia most worked for microsoft when they had Nokia.
                Maybe Florian and Barry French

                • @costas60: I'm not really interested in their names to be honest, I just know it to be true. For example, the founder and director of HMD Global worked at Nokia way before Microsoft came along.

                  • @tranter: @tranter Is that the one that left HMD a few months after the company started?

                    • @costas60: He is still the current director.

                      • @tranter: @tranter thought you meant this one

                        If you meant the new one read below I did mention him above
                        Florian has served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Europe at Nokia and Senior Vice President responsible for Sales and Marketing of Mobile Devices in the European region at Microsoft.

                        • @costas60: https://www.hmdglobal.com/bio/jean-francois-baril/

                          No one's saying HMD is the Nokia mobile phones of old, but there is heavy influence there, both within the company itself and the partnership arrangement with Nokia.

                          Interesting to note that Nokia and HMD head offices are located within 5km of each other just outside Helsinki.

                          HMD has only existed for a relatively short amount of time, but there is lot more to it than that.

                          • @tranter: @tranter Do you know the largest investor in HMD is Foxconn which is from Vietnam. There is NO partnership agreement with Nokia.HMD is a startup company Nokia takes a % of HMD income for the licencing of the name they have NOT invested anything in the company. If you have details of it please send a link to prove your assumptions.

                            • @costas60:

                              There is NO partnership agreement with Nokia.

                              I'm sorry that is just a silly thing to say. Says it all really.

                              I'm not here to dripfeed you information and links that can be discovered even with a cursory search.

                              I won't be making any more comments on the subject.

                              • @tranter: @tranter People back up their speculations with facts.
                                just only one link to say that Nokia and HMD are in partnership
                                Obviously you have found so much info on your cursory searches.

        • You want to compare Android One experience on Nokia with MIUI on Xiaomi? Really?

      • Seriously? Now Nokia is even a thing among Android phone brands??

  • I think 7 plus is the better option, price beat with officeworks comes down to 417.24, I think the spec is worth the extra $18

  • Where's the Cherry Red?

    • scroll up the page and see where it says 'This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018'

  • This phone looks exactly like pixel 3 xl , but much cheaper

  • +2 votes

    I'm using this right now. Got it when JB had it 15or 20% off.
    Phone is ok. Crappy thing is.. all other version except Aus gets 4gb Ram and double the storage. We Aus get the shit spec version

  • Needing a new phone , my moto g5+ has had one too many drops… Is this the best phone to get for $450 MAX BUDGET??

    Checked the old mid priced phone thread, no updates. Cheers.

    Edit , really loved the g5+ , happy to get another moto. But the android one sounds positive too.