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20% off @ Shaver Shop via eBay


Was comparing prices online and eBay and noticed Shavershop Ebay has a further 20% off. Doesn't seem to have been posted here?

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  • Thank you OP

  • Thanks OP, got a electric shaver

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    they removed some of their products from their ebay store

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    Bummer, used 10% ebay code this morning… Good price on the blue Wa9864 212 beard trimmer($129 before 20% off). That extra 10% will haunt me though.

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      It’ll cut you, every time you shave…

      • That 10% will cut deeper than any razor could.

    • I believe these are sub $100 including delivery from Amazon

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        I did see that, but the Au plug is worth the extra $25 to me (would have only been $12 difference with 20% off)

  • If looking at sonicare toothbrush most are on sale on Amazon at better prices

  • Looking at the Panasonic 5 blade, anyone got any good suggestions for the best electric shaver? My Panasonic 3-4 blade one is shot

    • I have the Panasonic 5 blade. Brilliant.

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    Thank you so much OP. I have been eyeing the Braun Series 9 Bundle for ages! It is usually $700. For Boxing day, they reduced it to $499 in store. I decide to hold off and just live with my older dying shaver. THEN your post appeared! extra 20%. Instant purchase for $359! Get around it everyone. It has never been this price.

    • 700$$$ !are you kidding me? Shaver shop usually sells this between 399-499 , 360 is not a bad price , but I’ll be waiting lol

      • for sure! its usually 399-499 but usually its the bundle with the charge station and not the cleaner charge station. But if you get the cleaner charge station and make your own cleaner, its a pretty good win (I have used my series 5 for 12 years. It just died RIP.)

        • Any difference in the chrome and black one? They look like the same model 9290 vs 9280 but the chrome is $10 bucks more :/

          • @KBZ: Chrome or Silver? I think the Chrome are older models (I might be wrong). Probably comes down to the finish.

            • @fzncloud: Whoops silver. Yeh looks like the finish.

        • how will you make your own cleaner? rubbing alcohol with which additive? apparently regular denatured alcohol can be harmful, Braun uses SD-40.
          Any advice on the mixture you'd buy in Australia? Just a bunch of videos with US products

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            @G Wok: On behalf of fzncloud, it's isopropyl + choice essential oil like lemon or eucalyptus.

    • talk about man scaping wtf

    • what makes it worth that price tag for you?

      • Correct

  • What electric shavers are people getting? Wanna buy one as a present but don't know much about it. Price doesn't really matter as long as its good value for money.. There's seem to be a few different type of Braun Series 9000 model or are they all the same?

    • i'm looking at the panasonic 5 blade for $190, has been down to $180 on ozb in the past though.

      not sure about that $350 braun one, too much i reckon

    • They are all the same, just different finishes: Black, Silver, Gold. The other difference is how it is bundled. They either bundle with the mini charge station and travel case, or the cleaner + charge station and travel case. The Gold is just the unit I think.


        series 7 Braun looks to be the value point

        • I would agree. Coming in at around $260 on the sale. My series 5 cost a lot more back in the day.

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            @fzncloud: $100 more for the series 9 - closer & faster shave?

            Edit: lol ok upsold, going from the panasonic to the series 9 now haha i only buy shavers once every 10 yrs almost

            what sort of things will you do for maintenance to make it last longer?

            • @G Wok: Sorry I reached my new account limit so couldn't respond yesterday. Series 9 because it runs cold, perfect for sensitive skin. My series 5 heats up like a lightsaber so I rash alot if I don't ice my face or use imulsion. That was my reasoning to go up.

              For maintenance, not quite sure yet but I heard somewhere to not keep the unit charging all the time. Like a mobile phone the charge gets weak if you always have it plugged in? (If someone knows do share!)

            • @G Wok: Did you get the Silver or the Black one? I just noticed the price on the Silver went from $449 to $489 on eBay. I might to have suck it up and get the black one.

              • @shrewdster: There's literally no difference between the black and silver, besides the colour

                • @atlas: I know there isn't, but the fact they changed the price difference from $10 to $50. They have the silver one as $449 on their website but on ebay it's $489.

                  I've already ordered the black one!

      • Are US or EU versions able to be used here with just a plug convertor?

    • I was reading the Panasonic eslv65 is the best bang for buck. I'm thinking of pulling for the lv9n model. Same price as the Braun 9 series but the reviews seem to favor Panasonic but everyone seems to be buying the Braun hmmm.

      • From what I can gather, Braun for comfort and Panasonic for the closest shave. Thinking of going for the Panasonic myself as I wet shave so that should help with comfort and the Braun and cleaning station seems to be more finiky than I'd want coming from a Philips.

        Peeved that we don't get the newest Panasonic Arc5 in Australia though. They're on the 4 iteration of the Arc5 with the comfort rollers, while we've still got the first here.

        • Yeh that Braun cleaning station throws a bit of a wrench as yo usaid only cleans if the unit is DRY.

          Really? I thought the lv9n model is just the second latest model after the new lv9Q one or something that got released in europe.

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            @KBZ: A series (LV9A/LV6A), which is our LV9N/LV6N.

            B series, which had a minor material change, added low battery alarm and a few more degrees tilt. Fairly minor.

            C series, is the Q you mentioned available in Europe. The head has more planes of movement, twist and back and forth. A new smart lock that I'm guessing is capacitive or something that detects when you hold the shaver. A slight redesign to the outer foils. And an updated design to the body making it look more modern.

            D series, has an updated beard sensor. Some finish changes to the plastic models. That's all I think.

            • @TheContact: Wowser thanks for the heads up they do make it hard to tell the difference. That sucks to hear. Making me reconsider :/.

            • @TheContact: Hmm I might as well get it from Amazon if shavershop like you said has only the 1st iteration.
              For $286 aud

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                @KBZ: That's the one before the current Arc5 line with the gold comfort rollers on the head. Head tilts back and forth, and left and right, doesn't go up and down like the 9N, though tilts back and forth quite a bit more. 9N also has the metal bits on the body.

  • Thanks OP got the foot/calf massager for $79. Was $229->$99->$79
    Signed up for Ebay Plus trial to get free delivery.

    • Are they any good? Seems to be a few which you can use 20% codes off atm

      • Has good reviews everywhere..

        • They're good, but little painful for my liking haha..

  • Got the parlux hair-dryer, they don't normally go on sale too :)

  • Recommendation for a beard trimmer?

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    Can get the Philips One Blade Pro Handle w/ Adjustable Comb and Digital Display (QP6520) for $103.20 delivered.

    This is the top of the range model with battery display and higher battery capacity.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Based on which i bought one.

  • Can anyone recommend a head shaver/clippers, something that can get as close to a zero, for us bald guys here?

    Considering the Braun 9 series for a two in one. Has anyone tried using it on their head?

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      WAHL PROFESSIONAL BALDING CLIPPER its red that is closest clipper you will get otherwise oneblade pro but that not designed for head.

  • Thanks to the recommendation from Ozbargainer, my pub hair will be happy now :)

  • A bit late now and I'm not sure if people will read this, but Shaver Shop (instore) has better deals compared to online/ebay in some cases.

    The Philips 7 series is discounted by 50%, 5 series is discounted by 25%.
    I don't know of other brands, but I'm certain of those two.

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