Jeenee Mobile (Optus Network) 100GB Data for $65.00pm


I have been using Jeenee Mobile for 1 year now, uses the Optus Network, however cheaper than Optus themselves. Various plans from $9.90pm. Why would you still have a home phone.

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Jeenee Mobile
Jeenee Mobile


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    Optus is cheaper and a shit load more data.

    $60 per month for 200gig.


    • Data sharing available for services on the same account.
    • Optus Sport
    • Nat Geo
    • Music Streaming

    12 month contract.


    Vodafone. $60 for 100gig (Not a data sim)

    • Calls
    • International Calls
    • 100 gig with 1.5mps data shaping (unlimited in a sense)

      Thats only a data sim, not a mobile plan.

      Edit' oh wait, so is the jeenee one…

      I guess the only advantage to jeenee then is the not 12/1 limit.


        Both the Optus and Vodafone links listed above are at full 4G network speed, not limited to 12/1.


    Have a home phone so i can get unlimited nbn , most games these days are 50GB up

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    Why would you still have a home phone.

    To make telephone calls. What's that got to do with this Data SIM with a tiny 100GB of monthly allowance?

    PS: My home phone doesn't cost me anywhere near $60 per month LOL


    Optus is doing 80Gb for $41 at the moment.


    Agree with above comments. I currently pay $60 per month for 200 GB full speed 4G+ with Optus.


    If you get the $60 per month plan from Optus, not only that it’s cheaper, you also get 200gb data. Plus if you wanna sign up for 2-year worth of contract, you get a tablet which you can sell and potentially bringing the cost down even further.


    Just ported from jennee mammoth 30gb to optus 80gb for same price and really enjoying the 4g speed difference.

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