expired [PERTH] Free Travel on Transperth Services on New Year's Eve after Midnight till 6am


Just announced today:

Mon 31 Dec

New Year’s Eve – Monday 31 December 2018

Plenty of additional services across trains, buses and ferries will operate after midnight with free travel in place until 6am on January 1.

Train services

Trains will operate on a weekday timetable with additional services operating on all lines before and after midnight. Check the JourneyPlanner for more information.

Bus services

Buses will operate on a weekday timetable with additional services on selected routes before and after midnight. CATs are running to normal weekday timetable. Find out more information.

Ferry services

Ferries will operate as follows:

Departing Elizabeth Quay Jetty - 30-minute frequency between 6.30am - 7.15am and 11.00pm - 1.00am, and a 15-minute frequency between 7.15am and 11.00pm.

Departing Mends St Jetty - 30-minute frequency between 7.45am - 11.15am and 11.15pm - 1.15am, and a 15-minute frequency between 11.15am and 11.15pm.

Passengers will need to tag on with their SmartRider or purchase a ticket to travel as normal before midnight.

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    Free transport to a party after work don't mind if I do

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    Need a bargain for some fightin' lessons before new years eve if you want to take up on this one


    Isn't this on every year ?

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      Nope Transperth only offers free travel after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Last year NYE fell on a Sunday night and I had to tag on and my friend had to buy a ticket. It was chaos as the ticket machine was crowded by young, drunk and mostly indigenous kids.


    Dammit! Why cant TfNSW do this 😢

    (I know why they can't, it'd just be nice if they did.
    But then again, there is free travel on luxury coaches Trackwork buses in and out of the City every second week 😏)

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    In case anyone in Melbourne isn't aware, public transport is also free from new years eve 6pm to 6am new years day! Happy new year everyone!


    Public transport exists in Perth?


      Yes, as log as you are going toward or away from the city it is OK.

      Still much better than Sydney. Can't believe there are no trains to the Northern Beaches!


    Hope they enlisted the special forces to provide security

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    i dont often use public transport, however the last time i was on a train, a nice lady who looked like she just came back from centerlink was grinding up against one of the poles


      I took some high school students on a train as part of an excursion. A nice and seemly normal lady helped them with some challenges they'd be set. She then took me aside and suggested I take them to Little Creatures for a nice cider. I said I wasn't aware that they did non-alcoholic ciders, and she said to just get low alcohol ciders because the students were almost old enough anyway. Top advice.

      • -1 vote

        can someone tell me wtf is going on with ozbargain recently?

        "normal" comments, like the one above from puffinfresh, are getting downvoted all the time

        i guess my theory of this place being full of ozmorons is becoming a reality.

        ps: i upvoted you back.
        pps: great story!


    I'm getting old.. Tucked in bed already..


    Just got home on a train. Fun times. Actually felt safe…

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