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Borderlands: Game of the Year on Steam - 75% off - $7.50


Borderlands: Game of the Year edition
75% off - $7.50
Game has great reviews and for once we are on same price as U.S.
With Aus dollar looking shweet we actually score it cheaper for once. :-)

Changed link to be GOTY edition

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    Thanks. Now I don't have to wait for jb-hifi to go down from $64.

  • +6

    What is enticing is that, you get access to Duke Nukem Forever first access club. Nice co-op game + first beta access to the legendary vaporware = win!

  • Thanks, Going to grab this!

  • It's actually $5 on the US store.

    edit: nevermind, didn't read. GOTY edition is the same price.

  • Was contemplating getting this, now I'm sure of it. Cheers!

  • All DLCs are 75% off as well

    • goty comes with them all anyway

  • Will get this tonight! Mainly for DN access tho lols

  • Thanks

  • does this GOTY Addition comes with the 4 DLC for free ?

    • yes

  • "There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance."

    WHAT! It's been doing that for an hour. I don't know if this is allowed but would anyone be willing to buy it for me through their account, as a gift? I'll paypal the funds over to you first of course

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    4 packs GOTY is $22.49 ($5.63 USD each) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/901566, who is up for a group buy?

    • me

    • 2 more?

    • I'm keen, how do we do the logistics?

      • As my previous comment mentioned, there's something wrong with mine so..I'm gonna need to send the funds to one of you guys. So each person send funds over paypal (to the designated buyer) then purchase?

        Do we have to be friends on steam?

        • No need to be friend, I can give to a designated email address. We need 1 more.

        • Done for musti - yep, i'll add you and we'll play together. Waiting for theguyrules and ndenham?

        • Sorry about that - payment sent VIA NAB.

      • Paypal $5.50 AUD from paypal balance / bank account (as long I don't get paypal fee, otherwise u need to pay + fee) or bank direct deposit (needs to clear - unless you are ANZ / NAB / HSBC). I'll gift the game to you from my steam account.

        • Tell everyone to mark the transaction as a living expense (In the paypal options) that way it won't take any fees. Pretty sure you can mark it as a gift too but I always just go living expense. Waiting for the fourth! I'm trying to find someone

        • Yeah count me in, I'll bank deposit from NAB.

        • yay! ok PM me your paypal address and we'll get it going

        • PM'd.

        • Marking it as a gift is what I always do. You don't get charged a fee.

        • Sweet, got it! Thanks a lot mate. I've tried playing this before but couldn't really find anyone for co-op. Do you guys wanna add each other and play it through some time?

          My steam page if you wanna add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/musti08

          Also, count me in if there happens to be a Portal 2 group buy!

        • I get charged a fee regardless for some reason… ASDLKJSADKLSDJLK

          Apparently it will always charge you a fee if its from a Credit Card.
          I dunno whether my current computer will run it, but I might give it a go. Later though, exams now.

      • ndenham, can you enable your PM? Can't contact you with my address. I'm going ahead to purchase now since Musti + theguyrules are in.

        • sorry try again.

    • arrggg! damn… too late…

    • +4

      ALL DONE. Sold to Musti, ndenham and theguyrules. Thanks guys.

      • Pleasure doing business :D

  • Great bargain, totally worth it for the GOTY edition

  • I just purchased without fuss from AUS Store, $7.50, can't go wrong. :)


    • +plus 1
      I've been waiting for the price go down from 79.99

  • I wish i could give more than one + for this mate !!!! Great bargain !

  • wow nice!
    Cheers OP

  • edit: too late

  • anyone else interested in doing a 4-way?

    • I am mate. Not sure how it works though? I can pay via paypal or bank deposit.

    • I'm keen

    • Count me in! Paypal or Bank Deposit both fine.

  • Get the 4 pack. Which makes it $5 each

  • Do we have enough OzBargainers for a third group deal?

    • I'm keen.

      • That's halfway there. Anyone else?

    • I'm interested

      • Cool, we just need one more then.

    • Retracted

    • 15 minutes to get a 4th person on board, otherwise I'll just suck it up and pay the normal bargain price :P

    • I'm in too.

      • Awesome, sending emails now.

  • +1

    alright, I eamil pbjabba, but JTL and dwhes, you have your email system disabled.

    • Ok mate fixed it up, try again.

    • Changed! Mind giving it another shot buddy?

    • Excellence! I've Paypal'd you the dosh and my Steam ID

    • +2

      Lol, I just checked my paypal receipt and I'm sorry to announce that I ripped you all of 2c each.

      • +2

        Excellent. By the time they figure out what went wrong, you'll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent. ;)

  • What a great price.
    Never buying from EB or JB anymore.
    Now with 500GB download limit and cable broadband, theres no reason to get hard copies of the actual games.

  • +1


  • Can this be downloaded via the Bigpond/Gamesarena mirror servers ??

    • No, you have to download it from steam's servers. Although you can select which server you want(iirc theres a telstra server).

    • I'm attempting to use Freys Steam Filter to force it to download from the BP/GA servers… we shall see.

  • Good times.. Been on my wishlist for a while for a measly $30, luckily I waited even longer cos this just takes the cake!

  • How big is the download?

  • +3


  • just bought a 4 pack, nicee

  • Grabbed. Excellent deal.

  • Thanks heaps, Gambo - been waiting for this and would have missed it if you hadn't posted. Cheers.

  • Also part of this promotion is a 2K competition thingy, more here

  • Awesome deal. One of only three non-sport games I've ever clocked over 100 hours playing in singleplayer mode. Put in over 400hours on the game (including multiplayer) & still finding new content/weapons. One of the greatest games ever made. I cant believe i didn't even even bother giving it a go until more than a year after it's release.

  • +1

    Anyone want a group buy of 4? I will wait till 9:30pm to make decision. List your email address so I can communicate with you.

    • ignore this. thanks

  • Trying to get some friends to buy this with me. Will probably buy the 4-pack at midnight so i can Download the 12gigs during offpeak and then sell them to my friends or ppl on ozbargins :)

  • Hey guys,
    Great deal. Just purchased the 4 pack for me and 2 mates, so I have one copy left to gift if anyone wants it for $5. Send me a msg and I'll give you the paypal details.

    • ignore me, already bought one. cheers

    • Can I get the last one?

      • Sure, add me on steam and I'll give you the details. TheSly.

  • Anybody else to share? The game looks good~!!!

  • one of the best game!!
    can't wait for Brink to be released….

  • Any 4 packs left to buy a copy?

  • i want the 4 packs too :)

  • I'm looking for a Borderlands GOTY copy :) I have paypal.

    • let's get 2 more ppl

  • im up for the 4 pack!

    • i am going to get one, give me your email

      • i cant seem to purchase a single pack for myself.
        im looking for a goty version btw

  • those who wants to share 4 pack, please pm me or send me paypal address :)

    • pm sent

      • replied :)

        • end up buying a 4 pack?
          If you have a spare one PM me. :)

  • and ..sale is over
    next up : civilization 5 for $48 USD (40% off) which can be found cheaper elsewhere which is a downer

    • the dlc prices are ok if you already have the game.

  • +2

    Got it for my husband! Thanks for the heads up!

    • +2

      Wife of the millennium.

  • I still have 1 copy if someone wants it for $5. Send me a pm.

    • pm'ed