Free Protein Powder Samples @ Next Gen (Out of Stock) / Kulture (Out of Stock) / BlackBelt / Bioflex


Some of you may have received BlackBelt / Bioflex samples previously, I have included them here for anyone who is yet to make a request.

Next Generation Supplements Out of Stock

Kulture (2x Free Samples) Out of Stock

BlackBelt Protein

Bioflex Nutrition

I believe the Bulk Nutrients samples are also still available.

All the best for 2019 :)

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    Whey to go…

  • +3 votes

    so much marketing fluff in all the descriptions.

    • +1 vote

      I was trying to figure out what "literature based" meant and I think it means scientifically formulated and backed
      They're trying to be smart and quirky but I feel this might turn people off from it (read the descriptions in the link)

      Nevermind I was wrong,

      Literature-based discovery does not generate new knowledge through laboratory experiments, as is customary for empirical sciences. Instead it seeks to connect existing knowledge from empirical results by bringing to light relationships that are implicated and "neglected".


      • +6 votes

        What's wrong with cherry picking bits and pieces of studies until I have something that supports what I want? Oh wait …


      They buffed-up the fluff…

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    Re: BlackBelt Protein…

    off the Icelandic Coast marine waters.

    All the flavours I tried from BBP tasted more like they were sourced some sewerage waters. Easily the worst tasting of all the protein powders I have tried (and that's a lot).

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      Well they did warn you - off the Icelandic Coast marine waters.


      Yep, easily one of the worst protein brands I've tried, even the powder itself is gritty like sand and the Choc Hazelnut just smelled very strongly like acetone.


    Protein Powder Samples
    Power Point Samples



    Seems like Next Gen are onto us:

    Sorry, no more free samples are available. Our protein powders are available for purchase below.

    Never ordered a sample or anything from them before..

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    Kulture samples are out of stock too.


    I just had a look at Kulture and they sell Superfoods and meal replacement smoothies… FOR WOMEN!!

    Haha! I think I'll grab some of the others…what I am going to do with superfoods?!?


    Haven't received any yet?