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Works on new and existing accounts.


  1. Create an account or login to existing account at Todoist.
  2. Redeem code
  3. Cancel after 3 months.

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  • Surely Wunderlist for free all the time is better?

  • +4 votes

    This is where you redeem code: https://todoist.com/redeem

  • I like that the instructions are in the form of a to-do list.

  • I recall that you can only redeem a public code like this every 12 months now. They put that in place because people were code sharing and generating 12 months plus of free premium. Quite the extended trial :p

    P.S. I'm an existing premium user and got the original email :)

  • I thought how timely because my free trial ended yesterday. But it says I have already redeemed it. Sad.

    • i went to use this code. I had a lapsed premium account from a promo code that ended middle of last year. However, before entering the code, the premium was already working. Odd.

  • add "cancel after 3 months" to the list

    • Done. I knew there was something I was supposed to do.

    • Cancel? They don't have my payment information! I've only ever had free premium.

    • You don't need to do this as far as I can tell. I just added the code and it automatically ends.

      Your plan will end on Apr 3 2019. Renew now to keep the best of Todoist.

  • So what does the app do?

  • OMG, a paid todo list app.

    • The free version is free and has most of the features.
      I like it because you can break up lists into smaller lists, which you can't do with a calendar app.

      The paid version just adds the ability to spam yourself with reminders at times/locations.

      • Umm. Actually, I find the lack of alarms in the free version to be a painful omission. And while I like this program, I'm not prepared to cough up $50/year for it. Crazy.

    • It is paid, but it's worth it in my opinion. It has syncing and some pretty advanced grouping, tagging, and filtering features in the premium version.

  • Can anybody give their insight/opinion on Notion?

    • I have used notion.so for personal projects and as an all round CRM. Highly recommend it. The mobile app is quite nice too. Before that I used Dropbox Paper for notes. I made a list of some next-gen productivity suites if you're interested:


      • Thanks for chiming in, I am definitely interested in Notion and installed it. But it seems too hard to understand how to set it up or what is going on. Any suggestion or learning material recommendations?

        • I would start by using the templates and adding a few things at a time. For example, maybe use the personal template and start adding lists of things you need to sort or record. E.g. things you own, services you subscribe to, maybe even work or uni notes are a good start.

          There are plenty of YT videos as well where people describe their notion workflow

  • how much is it after the 3 months

  • Just ađ your todo in Gôgle calendar and everything is synced

  • I have used Todoist Premium for a couple of years now, and I think it's great. Probably the most useful app I have, because I am quite forgetful and when I get focused I forget the time. Also, it syncs nicely between the phone and web version, so it's great for keeping track of everything.

    One of the best things about it is the ability to make multiple projects, and then use filters to show only one at a time. For example, I have a work filter that shows only my work tasks, and a personal filter that shows all non-work tasks.

  • Lol what 50pa for a to do list..you guys are living some luxury lives

  • I remember reading in OzB that TickTick is a very worthy alternative, and includes some basic features like notifications you need to pay for with Todoist.

    I find this comparison useful:

    Todoist vs TickTick

  • I use lifehacker's Todo.txt file convention, stored in Dropbox. There's several free open source apps that read/manage/colour-code lifehacker's todo.txt file format on various platforms. On Android, Simpletask is such an app that has a widget and also puts the tasks onto a local Calendar based on due date.

  • I swear this thing made my life so much better :) (and I know if you look into my comment history you will probably find another rant of mine saying the same thing). I have not paid for it before but I will after this trial finishes (at least for 1 year).

    The most powerful feature is the recurring tasks, I could not find a match in any other task list I have searched. This reminds me to:
    1) call my grandma 2 times a week (only for this it is worth it, my grandma is so happy when I call
    2) to take the garbage cans out 2 times a week
    3) put fertilizer on the 1st Saturday of the month
    4) pay bills on different days

    The ease to set up recurring tasks is also great, you just write "ev mon, sat starting +15 days" and you are done :).

    You can also navigate most of the interface without the mouse and that is also a plus for me.