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[Switch] Overcooked Special Edition $15.60 @ Nintendo eShop


Great price.Enjoy :)

Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players.
Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff. Sharpen your knives and dust off your chef’s whites, there isn’t mushroom for error and the steaks are high in these crazy kitchens!

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  • New to Switch. Have not played Overcooked before. What's the difference between this, Overcooked, and Overcooked 2? I'm guessing this Special Edition is in between 1 and 2?

    • The Special Edition of Overcooked 1 is just the first game with all the DLC built in.

      Overcooked 2 is the new sequel, with more recipes, a new ability/mechanic of throwing ingredients, and online multiplayer.

      If you just want one game, then Overcooked 2 is probably the one to buy, being the latest. But I would recommend getting Overcooked 1 first, and if you like it, grab Overcooked 2 when it gets cheaper.

      • would also advise getting a taste for it as cheaply as possible. It is quite a fun game, but only for a couple of hours IMO.

        it doesn't have nearly the replayability of something like Rocket League for example, which is at a similar price point.

      • It's cheap, so will get it first, then decide on Overcooked 2 as you suggested. Thanks!

        • This game was my life for like 2 weeks until I got three stars on every level including the dlc. Warning: highly addictive game.
          Though I will say overcooked is better than overcooked 2.

    • Having played both they are great local multiplayer games! There are some differences though, they are both somewhat the same in terms of overall difficulty but the sequel can get more frustrating as it has even more outrageous obstacles that requires more team coordination. It's still great though if you like the challenge, but I would definitely recommend trying the first one to start.

  • this probably includes the 2 x expansions.

  • I hear this is a great co-op game, but I have no one to play with. Any good in single player?

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    Great game but my kids suck at it unfortunately. How hard is it to bring me a f##king onion Sarah! Oh great now there's no clean plates and the stoves on fire and everyone's crying

  • If you play this game with your significant other, beware, it may cause yelling.

    Or it'll bring you closer together.

  • I personally never want to play this game again. It causes way too much stress. YMMV.

  • Terrific price for this game and it includes both expansions. Only recommended to play co-op though. But I'd very careful picking who to play the game with. It will really test your relationship with them. Don't think I've ever yelled at my partner so much. But honestly, the recipe is for onion soup don't bring me tomatoes.And why aren't there clean bowls!?

  • Thanks OP! Just bought it, great deal! Now I'll have to think about how to manage the stress of teaching the kids how to play.

  • As someone who has tried this on both Xbox and switch I would highly recommend the Xbox version (or PS4) over switch. In my experience on switch there is noticeable input lag, much longer loading screens, and the buttons are mapped differently (which is an issue if you have developed muscle memory in overcooked 1 on Xbox/PS4). Also no achievements/trophies if that is your thing. I originally purchased on switch but traded it over. Great game and price though.

    • It only seems to be an issue with Overcooked, the sequel (Overcooked 2) is actually better on Switch.

      • In my experience, it's not as bad with the sequel but it is still an inferior version to the other platforms. IMO, the only real benefit is the portability.

  • Even with 2 players this game is hard and chaotic but it's really fun all the same. You've really got to get that communication going. I imagine it'd be "easier" with 3-4 players but also way more chaotic.

  • I'll buy it and download and hope I find someone to play with

  • Good game to test if someone is a good potential significant other ;)

  • I’ve almost bought this on PS4 a couple times, just bought it on the switch.. I hope it allows multiplayer with the built in joycons.

  • What is the normal price for this game?