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adidas Ultra Boost Parley $157.15 Shipped @ Wiggle ($137.15 for New Users)


Was browsing Wiggle following the recent Ultra Boost 4.0 deal and came across the Parley Ultra Boosts on sale as well.

The shoes are slightly different to the normal Ultra Boost as they use Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is recycled plastic waste that is intercepted from both beaches and coastal communities before it pollutes the ocean. Good deal for shoes that support a good cause

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  • +2

    $137.15 with NEWAU for "new" users :)

  • +8

    Damn if I wasn't banned from buying more shoes I'd be all over these. Great deal!

    • Agreed. Once i had more pairs of shoes than the wife, it became considerably harder to justify.

      • +2

        Easy problem to solve - buy her shoes off OzB too.

      • If it’s your money who cares what she says

        • +13

          If it’s your money who cares what she says

          You must not be married. ;)

        • +3

          As a married man I don’t need permission to buy what I want, if we can afford it I buy it as does my wife, our money is ours not hers, who cares if you have a thousand shoes, if you are hard working and faithful a partner should be happy they have you 👍

  • Great deal, really tempting but I got a black pair of 4.0 in the last wiggle deal

    • Buy another one bro

  • I swear I need to stop buying shoes, already bought 5 pairs of UB in the past month….

    • or get 2 more so you can have a different pair for each day of the week.

  • Also Solar Boost for AU$123.99 after NEWAU code (in Core Black/Grey Four colour, AU$143.99 without code).


    Apparently rated better than Ultra Boosts for running.

    • +1

      They don't look as nice though?

      • +2

        I'm actually planning to run in them…

        • +5

          No one actually runs in UB's.

    • +4

      Hahaha who runs in UB's?

  • +2

    2.45% cashrewards too…

    • CR has the code listed, but I couldn't see it on Shopback.

  • are these comfortable?

    • +1

      I am following this post. I read the reviews on the site but would like to see what oz bargainers think

      • +2

        Personally have 3 pairs of Ultra Boosts and they're easily the most comfortable shoes I own.

      • +6

        Have you walked on the cloud? Pretty much the same feeling.

      • +1

        absolutely love them for running, a spring in every step xD

    • +1

      Super Damn comfortable in the short and midterm. but after standing for a few hrs your feet do get tired. as the "sturdiness" isnt there as it chooses to cushion instead.

    • +1

      I have 6 pairs of UB (3 4.0, 1 ST, 2 Uncaged), you will be amazed by these shoes. Any of UB under $150 is a good deal. They should last you a few years.

      • what are the differences between these different versions?
        which one is the 'best' one in your opinion?

        • In terms of comfort, laceless ub is the best, otherwise 4.0 imo is the best as it is lighter than st, looks better on feet as well

  • +1

    Got one! Thanks OP!

  • Got enough runners. Need more lifestyle/casual, but good deal OP!

    • +2

      They're apparently made by Adidas same as Ultra Boosts, but just in conjunction with Ocean Parley (?) which makes use (reuse) of recycled plastics which would otherwise be polluting the oceans (supposedly).

      Honestly I don't care too much, I just expect them to perform the same. But you get a +5 to hipster cred?

      • +1

        I also like to say normally about 20-40$ more expensive then there non parley version

        • Oh OK, that makes sense they would charge extra for the hipster cred.

          I just couldn't work out why in this case they are a lot cheaper. That makes this a very good deal!

          • +1

            @JTTheMan: Its more that these are really good priced then they are normally cheaper

  • thank you, just bought one. cheers

  • The soles appear to be rubber as opposed to the foam of the Nike Epic Reacts. Are the Ultraboosts more durable?

    • Ultraboosts have continental rubber on it, so should theoretically last longer than the foam of Epic Reacts
      Continental as in the german tyre company.

      • These Parley models don't have the continental rubber sole?

        • They do

        • All do after the 1.0 ultra boost

    • Mine have been very durable. No running or heavy activity though. Almost 2 years old.

  • Is Wiggle site legit? Never heard of them and when I saw reviews online they seem to have bad reviews.

    • They are legit

    • Yeah my dad buys his bike stuff from them

    • +5

      Is Wiggle site legit?

      Very legit. They've been around for a long time. There have been quite a few bargains from them posted here over the years.

      when I saw reviews online they seem to have bad reviews.

      People tend to post reviews when they are unhappy. People who are completely satisfied with their purchase wouldn't normally look for a forum or website just to post a comment saying "I received my order, everything was as described!". So you'll tend to see many more negative comments on anything you search online.

    • +3

      Yeah they’re on TV and the kids love them!

    • +2

      Very legit.
      I've got over 30 pairs of shoes from them because of their price and range (not all for me.. I'm not a caterpillar)

    • +1

      I've never had a problem with Wiggle. Don't forget Cashrewards.

  • +1

    I wish it was all black.

  • How is sizing for this shoe? 0.5 size up? 1 size up? TTS? I'm usually a size 11, worried that I will get size wrong.

    • +2

      Believe these fit pretty much the same as UB 4.0s, so I went 0.5 up from my TTS. I think you could also go TTS if you're after a more snug fit (if it's too snug, you can just take out the insole)

  • Thanks OP. Glad to get black as the grey ones I got last time doesnt suit as much clothes. Adidas IS supposed to run true to size. For example, let's say that you wear a US size 7 in adidas which translates into a CM size of 25. If you need to find the Nike equivalent, go to the Nike size chart, and look for the CM 25 size. You'll see that it lines up with US 7.5, so an adidas US 7 equals US 7.5 in Nike

  • Bought my first UB. Thanks OP

  • How is the size of this compared to UB 3.0? Anyone knows? Thanks

    • I size up half from my 2.0.

  • I tried really, really hard not to buy these. I did not succeed. :p

    • How many pairs did u buy

  • Shows UK sizing, same as us?

    • +1

      Size guide further down the page. No, UK and US sizing are different.

      • -1

        Thanks just copped.

  • This price is great for the new users. If you like bouncy comfortable sneakers, these are for you!

  • If you have wide feet go .5 size up

  • Thanks OP - got my first ever pair of ultra boost ordered!

  • price is showing $165 now

  • Ultraboost are undersized. I need to size 0.5 up.

    • Yes, my V2 US9.5 are TTS. My V4 US9.5 are tight. The cage feels further towards the toe. Size up.

  • thanks OP bought another pair of Ultraboost they are too comfortable both for the gym and casual wear!

  • Can someone please help me? I'm confused with the sizing.
    I usually wear US 12 and my feet is 30 cm ish. But according to the chart on the Wiggle,
    US 12 is equal to 28.8 cm.

    Which one should I follow? The size in CM? or the US 12 which I usually wear?

    • TTS

      • Sorry, what does TTS mean? Thanks beforehand

        • True to Size, so buy what ever size you normally buy

        • True to Size, Parley is bit firmer than normal UB, so go TTS would be better.

  • is this shoes easy to clean esp the sole which is white..?

    • In my experience the midsole boost is very easy to clean until you accumulate some deeper damage (yellowing, scuffs that dirt get into), my main problems were cleaning out dirt out of the white shoes knit, but because these are black should be easy.

  • Thanks OP. Most sizes are out of stock now. I bought this one (CORE BLK/CORE BLK) for $148

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