expired ½ Price Steggles Flaming Wing Nibbles 1kg $8 @ Coles


What can you say, who doesn't love wings? These are handy to have in the freezer, ready in 10mins in a airfryer and they actually taste decent.

Hot tip, for the spice lovers I dip these in Sriracha and Kewpie sauce, Heaven.

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    These are tasty but I find them way too salty.

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      I fine these slightly salty too but damn are they amazing fresh out of the air fryer with the chicken juice flowing out from each bite


        It's nice but I suffer a stomach ache afterwards cause of how spicy it is :(

        I feel like they're spicier than KFC's wicked wings, but it's also better because of it's consistantly fresh cooked with bread crumbs.

        KFC sometimes old crappy batch that's been sitting there a whole day.

        Oh and convectional oven is fine too, it's not necessary to deep or air fry for best results.
        I use to use a small oven for these until I got an air dryer.

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          These are almost tailor made for airfryers. (Or the other way?) You won't be able to get such tasty wings in 10 mins with minimal energy consumption anywhere else. Normally I will throw in some wedges n chips for a perfectly unhealthy supper!


            @truetypezk: Either way is fine, even the back of the packaging gives 'direction of use'for an oven.

            I think it's 20mins for an electric convectional oven,both ways are just as good.

            Longer, crunchier with less oil vs faster and convenience, but my air fryer is smaller so can't cook as much.

            I like the McCain beer battered chips for $2 when they're on special, throw in nandos peri peri salt and it's gg.

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          haha I picked some up today to try based on your comment "but I suffer a stomach ache afterwards cause of how spicy it is :("

          Mate, i think you better get yourself checked out, these are not that spicy at all. Just a mild hint of spice. Very nice tasting though.

          I put them on a oven tray lined with baking paper, heated up in my BBQ at about 200 degrees C for 20 minutes, turning once at 10 minutes.

          I think if you cant handle this, you are best staying away from the real good sh#t (aka real spicy food), you might need a stomach transplant if you do haha

          Thanks though OP, i didnt even know these existed. Worth $8 but no way i would buy them at full price. cheers.


    $16 for a kilo of wings???

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    Alf Stewart loves these. Flamin' wings Ailsa!

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    I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming.
    Homer Simpson


    These are amazing!

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    I had to cut myself off cause we were eating too many of these…. Time to restock the freezer


    We buy these whilst on special and stock up. At $8 per kg, it's twice as much as normal wings but you can't compare the convenience they provide. Highly recommended, these are my absolute favourite and long durations between sales. Omg, today is Tuesday, which means today is the last day! Eeks!


    Wait a minute!!!… are these boneless???

    Website says: "Warning:
    We've taken great care to remove all bones from this product, however some may be present."


    When does this special end?


    None left at Corinda Coles, but other tendies varieties like chicken wedges still available at $8.

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    Me on phone to Coles Bentleigh: "Hi, do you guys have any of the Steggles flaming wing bags on special left?".

    Coles girl: "I'll go check". 5 minutes later, "Yes, we've got heaps".

    Me at Coles 15 minutes later, to man stacking freezer shelves "Can you show me where the Steggles flaming wings are? I can't seem to find them".

    Man at Coles, "We don't stock them, never have".


    On the bright side, picked up Kewpie mayo, Kewpie wasabi mayo, Kewpie roasted sesame dressing, Sriracha and some Coles brand special burger sauce. Went home and called Coles Oakleigh and snagged the last 2 bags of wings.

    I'm looking forward to trying them and see how they compare to my smokey Weber bbq chicken wings

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    @everyone, you can ask for a price promise lock in slip from customer services. They'll give you a piece of paper guaranteeing the price for 2 or 4 weeks, for a certain number of bags. So even if something is OOS, you can still get it the next day when they restock at full price.