Flights to Los Angeles from Melbourne $909, Sydney to LAX from $919 PP Return @ Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand's Big Summer Sale

Flights Melbourne to Los Angeles from $909 per person return. Travel Period: *Economy: 20 Jan - 3 Apr, 14 Jul - 18 Sep, 3 Oct - 30 Nov 2019, return 10 Feb - 4 Apr, 23 Jul - 25 Sep, 22 Oct - 30 Nov 2019.

Flights Sydney to Los Angeles from $919 per person return. Travel Period: *Economy: 20 Jan - 3 Apr, 14 Jul - 18 Sep, 3 Oct - 30 Nov 2019, return 10 Feb - 4 Apr, 23 Jul - 25 Sep, 22 Oct - 30 Nov 2019.

Your adventure awaits in North America! Hurry Book your flights today. Fares available from 09 JAN 2019. Ends 23 JAN 2019.

Travel periods apply, refer to website for more details. Price quoted are Economy cabins. Paying for your booking with a charge, credit or debit card incurs a percentage based fee that differs by card type. Seats are limited & will not be available on all flights. Fares are available until deal ends or until sold out. Price correct as at 13 NOV 2018. New deals may be released at any time. Airfares may be extended. Standard Air New Zealand Conditions of Carriage, fare rules and Website Terms of Use apply. Refer to our website for full terms and conditions.

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    can anyone tell me is this a good deal? Is mean compare to other airline. As i've never been to US and never keep on eye of air ticket to US. shall I wait any longer?thank you :-)

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      i have seen a few comment on the magic sub $800 tickets which does seem to pop up a few times through out the year. I don't know if this sale includes school holidays or not nor do I know if this is a good price if it does cover school holidays.


        Thank you so much for your response.I had a look it's not covered whole school holiday. by the way, how long shall I go for the first trip? just have no idea at all.


          I find 10 days the perfect amount of time, it allows you to do day trips further out and explore all of LA.

          Air New Zealand is my favorite airline to fly to the USA even though there is short stop over it breaks up the flight.


          It really depends on whether you're staying only in LA, or using this as a trip to explore America in general.

          If its purely LA, then again depends on if you're a family (with kids) or just adults.

          Adults, LA only: I agree - 10 days is good
          Family, LA only: I would say 12-14 days is good "if" you enjoy/can afford theme parks

          If you plan to travel around a bit, its "how longs a piece of string". For example, due to the long haul flight, I always plan on a minimum of 21 days per trip and use that to travel.

          We fly out soon and are going to LA, New York, Orlando and Cancun over 25 days.


            @mxlmxlmxl: we have young kids so it's a family trip,we would like to go Disney Land and some big cities tours in general. any suggestion?

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              @applehuaus: Yep. Google and Wikivoyage.


              @applehuaus: You can also Open-jaw your flight e.g. Fly into LA and out of San fran or NY. You just make your own way between them. The price is the average of the 2 destinations e.g. LA = $1000 NY= $1500 Total is $1250.
              Next trip with the Family we will head into Orlando for the 'Wizardry World of Harry Potter at universal Studio.

              Air New Zealand is a fantastic service . And if you have a row of 3 seats - some of them turn into sky couches (google it). This price is also fantastic. Yes you can get some slightly better fares with Delta or Virgin (Delta doesn't include alcohol). On air NZ they also serve the New Zealand Ice Cream - YUM.


                @tnarg: thanks so much for your suggestions.but why total cost is 1250? do you mean2500? then it's away over my budget.


                  @applehuaus: No, I mean $1250. Essentially you add the New York fare and the LA fare together and divide it by 2. I used to be a travel agent - I would do these fares when clients would like to fly into one city and then travel across to somewhere and then fly out another city. These are called open Jaw. Sometimes you can do this on a cheaper fare - e.g. Into LA and out of SanFran and they are both the same fare price, so no need to take the average of each fara. They are the same distance in travel.

                  You could also fly Qantas to NY - as it passes through LA, you may entitled to a free stop over for 'x' amount of days or it might cost an additional $100 for the stopover.

                  You can do a lot with an airfare, it doesn't simply have to be a return airfare to one destination, you can play around with them and maximise the stops to see more places.

                  A great example of this is a FINN Air flight to Europe. You can do this route on one airfare e.g.
                  Sydney - Singapore - Helsinki - England then return France - Helsinki - Hong Kong - Brisbane.

                  As FINN air does not fly into Australia, they partner with multiple airlines, thus allowing you to travel through different Asian destinations. Their Hub city is Helsinki, so you must travel through it. Then there are about 10-15 different European cities you could fly into or out of.

                  I hope this gives you an insight into airline routes


    I have seen better deals (under $800 from Melbourne). This deal (and other deals also) did not cover the school holidays. Kinda sucks as this Easter we have the Easter Holidays AND ANZAC day following.

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    Air nz is awesome, and IMHO this is pretty good rate . You won’t get Qantas under this rate. Also have the option of getting an extra seat between 2 people for not much extra which is fantastic .


    Have flown AirNZ previously (Economy MEL - LAX) and can highly recommend!

    Wish they were still partnered with Virgin so I could still earn velocity points and SC